Donkey Kong Country Reloaded [Hack]



I'm scraps69 and I'm new here. I've been involved in a small collaborative hacking project for at least a year now to edit Donkey Kong Country (zsnes rom) and make it more entertaining then the original game.

The thread / main page for this project is

The current version .IPS (v0.26) can be downloaded here:

So far 16 levels have been edited. The first world has a modest amount of edits (as it's meant to be generally easier). The second and third world have extensive edits. The fourth world only has one level that has been extensively edited. And the factory world has three levels that have been extensively edited.

Here are some youtube videos if you don't trust me ;) -- snow barrel -- forest frenzy -- millstone mayhem --- vulture culture --- blackout basement --- Oil Drum Alley (before it was in DKC Reloaded)



PS: If you are interested in helping out then please respond to the thread here:

PPS: Feedback is also appreciated ;)