1. G

    Cereal Discussion

    Hey, I've been thinking about the Monster Cereals. All I want to see is Wario on a box of Count Chocula, Mario and Princess Peach on a box of Franken Berry, Waluigi on a box of Boo Berry, and Luigi and Bowser on a box of Carmella Creeper. Wouldn't you agree with this?
  2. gbfrnda

    Needlefelting a wario character

    I did the same Wario character needlefelt for like the fifth time. The short sleeves were a mistake.
  3. gbfrnda

    WarioWare website in neocities

    If you haven't known, I have created a WarioWare website in neocites. It has more than 40 pages to pick from. Please check out if you can. You can also dress up Crygor, Penny, and Mona. And for those who have a website, there's a fanlisting for WarioWare itself inside.