super smash bros

  1. Вlitz

    Create your own Super Smash Bros. game!

    Title, Fighters, Roster, Modes, everything! Make a post with everything you’d like from your own Smash game! You can also post your ideas for Smash Bros. remakes Rules: 1. Don’t be offensive with anyone. 2. If you’re posting a remake, first write the name of the original name. 3. Everything...
  2. Вlitz

    How to Smash

    69 fighters. (Nice.) 69 episodes. (Nice.) Every week I’ll post a new episode! You have two days to vote, and I’ll give you four options per episode. (So yeah Mach Speed Mayhem but Smash) Also no DLCs will be included. (Sorry) Also, PLEASE understand that Yoshi and Ice Climbers won’t be so...
  3. Вlitz

    Smash ALL-STARS!!

    A Super Smash Bros. comic series which will be posted here on MarioBoards. More info. soon.
  4. Вlitz

    World of the Spirits

    (You had it coming, why wouldn’t I start a Smash RP?) Welcome to the World of the Spirits! Rules: 1. No godmodding. 2. You can add your dream Smash Bros. characters. 3. Don’t kill/revive other people’s characters without permission. 4. Don’t make characters OP. 5. Since this is Smash, fighting...
  5. Вlitz

    Play Smash with a Steve main (Arena info. on page 1)

    Play matches with me! I’ll usually use Mario, DK, and Mii Brawler, who are my mains. (Mainly Mii Brawler)