super mario land

  1. J

    Songs or music played in the Luigi's Mansion stage in the Super Smash Bros series

    In fact, not only the Luigi's Mansion theme, but also arrangements of music originally from Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario Land can be played in the Luigi's Mansion stage for the Super Smash Bros series including Wii U and Ultimate.
  2. BenEmberley

    Orchestral Arrangement: Birabuto Bacchanale (Super Mario Land)

    Hi everybody! I'm new to these forums, so I'd like to share with you something I've made: This is a video of a brand new Orchestral Arrangement of some music from Birabuto Kingdom (World 1) from Super Mario Land. It contains the dungeon and overworld music, and is written in the style of...
  3. Lens of Truth

    Bite-Sized: Super Mario World

    This is a short look at Super Mario Land for the Game Boy and its DX mod by toruzz. The first ever handheld Mario game, it's known for its unique locales and novel shmup stages, thanks to a different team headed by Gunpei Yokoi handling development. Once you get past the steeper than normal...