super mario bros

  1. BenEmberley

    MAR10 Celebration! Bowser's Castle (Super Mario - various)

    Hey everybody! In honour of it being Mario Day (March 10), I'd like to share yet another arrangement of mine for you to enjoy, a Symphonic Arrangement of various Bowser Koopa's Castle themes all thrown in together for one epic piece!!
  2. J

    What is your personal favorite episode of "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!"?

    Mine is "The Great BMX Race", what about yours?
  3. J

    My idea with music from Mario games which is making a quiz in multiple choice format for what game this music is originally from

    Since later Mario games have cover versions or arrangements of music originally from earlier Mario games, this gave me an idea to make a quiz called "What Mario game was this music originally from" with the questions being in multiple choice format. I will use the word "ORIGINALLY" in all caps...
  4. J

    Did the original arcade version of Mario Bros (1983) ever have the underground theme as heard in Super Mario Bros (1985)?

    I knew the Game Boy Advance remake of Mario Bros had this underground theme, but I am not sure about the original 1983 arcade version of Mario Bros.
  5. J

    TV show episodes where I heard the coin sound effect from the Super Mario franchise

    In fact, some TV show episodes I watched, specifically on Nickelodeon and/or Nicktoons had the coin sound effect from the Super Mario franchise. These episodes were "Present Tense" from The Loud House and "Guess Who's Shopping For Dinner" from The Casagrandes.
  6. BenEmberley

    The Mushroom Kingdom National Anthem (Super Mario Bros completion music)

    Hey everybody! Here's an orchestral arrangement I did of the music which plays at the end of Super Mario Bros and SMB: Lost Levels. I think it would make a brilliant National Anthem for the Mushroom Kingdom!
  7. V

    I've made a portuguese version of Super Mario Bros (NES)

    hi, i'm a brazzilian Mario fan and i've always wanna play Mario's games in my mother language, so i did it!!!!