1. MagicalEnbySarah

    Character heights

    If Mario was 4'8 without his hat, then Peach would be 5'7-ish without heels, a crown, and the extra volume in her hair. This is going off the widely cited Mario statue and Balloon World measurements, but comparing them to New Donkers gives more likely measurements of 3'8" and 4'5". With these...
  2. G

    Cereal Discussion

    Hey, I've been thinking about the Monster Cereals. All I want to see is Wario on a box of Count Chocula, Mario and Princess Peach on a box of Franken Berry, Waluigi on a box of Boo Berry, and Luigi and Bowser on a box of Carmella Creeper. Wouldn't you agree with this?
  3. A

    🍑 "Peaches Parody" - Half 3D / Half 2D animation with Bowser

    Hi! I made this half 3D, half 2D animation for Cartoon Beef! I was curious what everyone thinks :)
  4. R

    Mario Vs Bowser Stop Motion animation video

    Hey guys, check out my Mario vs Bowser Stop Motion animation.