1. Yoshi the SSM

    Lost in Space: Galactic Mafia - Gateway/Lounge Thread (Game is Over)

    Lost in Space: Galactic Mafia Co-hosted by Yoshi the Space Station Manager and InsaneBlathers Welcome to Space Mafia! We're your hosts for this game, Yoshi the SSM and InsaneBlathers. We'll be taking a trip to the Comet Observatory for this murder mystery. This game of mafia can be played by...
  2. Goombuigi

    Toad Brigade Mafia (2021) - Game Thread (Endgame: The Destruction of Kamek's Curse)

    Welcome to the Toad Brigade Mafia game thread. This is where the actual game will begin. Rules will be posted below for convenience, but they are the same as in the lounge thread. Gameplay 1. Day and Night phases will last 48 hours, though that can be changed if needed. 2. Each phase will begin...
  3. Goombuigi

    Toad Brigade Mafia (2021) - Lounge Thread

    "Ready for adventure!" Captain Toad gestured for the rest of the Toad Brigade to follow him. They did so in unison, taking their backpacks and marching off into the horizon. Little did they know that Wingo and his cronies would interrupt their quest, and the group could be torn apart...
  4. Kirbyo

    Spaceship Scuffle (Possible 2022 mafia game I may host in the future)

    I've never done anything like this, but I'll try. This "mafia" based game will have (hopefully) more than 10 players. Two of them will be impostors, a doctor, and possibly a detective if the game gets enough players. Your goal is to figure out who the impostors are. Impostors can choose who to...
  5. YoshiFlutterJump

    Super Mario Boards Mafia 2020 - Sign-ups/Lounge (game finished)

    So, gonna take a stab at reviving this. There hasn't been a mafia game hosted on these boards in years, with many users citing them as "troublesome to host". Never fear, because YFJ is taking on this burden himself. This isn't intended to be a very big mafia game, and I'm going to keep this...
  6. Uniju

    uniju mafia iii

    smasher is taking too long so im making a mafia to play in-between sign up here :mario: 1. turb :luigi: 2. lily :dk2: 3. marty :wario: 4. turb :peach: 5. perch 6. whoever the fuck 7. several 8. pikmin xii