1. Bugzzy

    Super Mario RPG mafia (sign ups because I am bored)

    Oh no! Smithy and his troops have taken over the Mushroom kingdom! Only Bowser and his troops can stop him! Can they do it? There are three factions: the Troops, the Weapons, and the Independents. The Troops must eliminate all the Weapons, the Weapons must remove enough Troops to overpower...
  2. Kirbyo

    Spaceship Scuffle (Possible 2022 mafia game I may host in the future)

    I've never done anything like this, but I'll try. This "mafia" based game will have (hopefully) more than 10 players. Two of them will be impostors, a doctor, and possibly a detective if the game gets enough players. Your goal is to figure out who the impostors are. Impostors can choose who to...