1. Dejfu

    Lego Mario - Floor Kingdom Story Part 2

    LEGO Super Mario 2
  2. G

    Cereal Discussion

    Hey, I've been thinking about the Monster Cereals. All I want to see is Wario on a box of Count Chocula, Mario and Princess Peach on a box of Franken Berry, Waluigi on a box of Boo Berry, and Luigi and Bowser on a box of Carmella Creeper. Wouldn't you agree with this?
  3. D

    Mario stickers and cards

    Hi fellow Mario fans. Just very recently created a new youtube channel featuring Mario merchandise video with stickers and trading cards. These Mario stickers are from the year 1993 and I have not found any information about them in the Internet. Would be happy to receive your comments and...
  4. R

    Mario Vs Bowser Stop Motion animation video

    Hey guys, check out my Mario vs Bowser Stop Motion animation.
  5. Gay Rights Luigi

    Jazari's Favorite Guys Hyperfixation Thread

    Hello! Welcome to the Official Princess Luigi Worship Thread! Kind of like the Mario fanart thread, but only the princess boys. Princess Mario is allowed too. So enjoy your time here~! Hello me from 2019, don't mind her I'm allowing more than just Princess Bros. now lollol! Well, if the...