ko a character

  1. Emo Furcorn

    KO a Character (Johto Edition!)

    Same rules as last round. Bold and strikeout a Pokémon to eliminate them. If they’re eliminated, they can’t win. hooh boy.
  2. Cynder

    KO a character: MLP: FiM episodes (Seasons 8 and 9)

    School Daze: Part 1 School Daze: Part 2 The Maud Couple Fake It 'Til You Make It Grannies Gone Wild Surf and/or Turf Horse Play The Parent Map Non-Compete Clause The Break Up Break Down Molt Down Marks for Effort The Mean 6 A Matter of Principals The Hearth's Warming Club Friendship University...
  3. Cynder

    KO a character: Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episodes

    Note: 1.The pilot, Kirby 3D, and Fight for the Foxbox are not included in this list. The pilot is just a concept for the show, Kirby 3D is debatable on whether it is canon or not, and Fight for the Foxbox was a not canon promotion for the network KRABY was airing on in the US. This promotion...