hurt and heal

  1. Kirbyo

    kirby enemies (hurt and heal)

    you have 2 points each turn. you can hurt 2, heal 2, or hurt 1 and heal 1. good luck! Waddle Dee [20] Waddle Doo [20] Broom Hatter [20] Cappy [20] Blade Knight [20] Burning Leo [20] Blatzy [20] Squishy [20] Knuckle Joe [20] Scarfy [20] Barbar [20] Beetley [20] Gordo [20] Coner [20] Batamon [20]...
  2. mistery juice

    Hurt and Heal: Harry Potter Cast

    You can hurt 2 and heal 2, but you can’t hurt and heal in a single post: Daniel Radcliffe [50] Emma Watson [50] Rupert Grint [50] Tom Felton [50] Matthew Lewis [50] Bonnie Wright [50] Alan Rickman [50] Evanna Lynch [50] Maggie Smith [50] Helena Bonham [50] Oliver Phelps [50] David Thewlis [50]...
  3. Uniju

    Hurt and Heal: Overwatch heroes [EXCITING NEW RULES!!!!]

    have you ever run a hurt and heal game and found yourself frustrated by players healing one of the items to a ludicrously high number like 748? and even when you add in a reasonable heal limit like 50, players simply brigade a few characters up to that limit and then watch the thread so that no...