1. King Chicken

    Mega Man Roleplay

    This is a roleplay where you are Mega Man characters! Any character from all Mega Man media is allowed! Lets start. Mega Man: This is the end for you Wily!
  2. King Chicken


    Pixar has been bringing the most well known and emotional animated movies and shorts since 1995. Talk all about it!
  3. King Chicken

    Anyone remember Mixels?

    They were LEGO sets/TV series that ran from 2014 to 2017. Anyone remember these guys?
  4. King Chicken

    MightyMario’s Old Roleplay

    This is a roleplay based on video games, movies, and TV characters crossing over! (NO CAR WASH CHARACTERS) MOD EDIT: Banned users User Reason The Crowned Boo Continuous godmodding, despite being told to stop.