1. The Owl Trio

    Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

    Let me just go right ahead and say it: This is better than Mario Kart. Anyway, discuss the game and share moments and funny things about it. I downloaded this game for the Game Trials on Switch, and I freaking love this game so much.
  2. Polterpup

    KO a Character: CTR: NF

    Notes: no skins, Characters that have 2 versions will not have their second version on the list. Crash Dr. Neo Cortex Tiny Coco N. Gin Dingodile Polar Pura Penta Penguin Ripper Roo Papu Papu Komodo Joe Pinstripe Fake Crash Nitros Oxide N. Tropy Crunch Krunck Nash Small Norm Big Norm Geary N...