1. Cat Rosalina

    W&L: Lucky Rod (Chose your own path)

    This game is all about decisions. You’ll have the Wario board and the Waluigi board. Two people need to chose what Wario and Waluigi do: I’ll start: Wario and Waliugi are at Wualuigi’s Taco Stand Wario: Time to get some money! There’s a new exposition on the museum: it’s called the Lucky Rod...
  2. Вlitz

    Smash Fighters DOJO!!

    Welcome to the Smash Fighters DOJO!!, a tribute to the original Smash DOJO!! and the right place to look for Smash Fighters news! IMPORTANT, VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: ANY INFO. POSTED BEFORE THIS POST HAS BECOME OBSOLETE.