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  1. Mr. Krupp

    Shadow Prince 19 From On Earth
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  2. SuperRaffinaUltimate

    Farewell, the legendary dragon 17 From Tokyo, Japan
  3. Glowsquid

    Shine Sprite 26
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  4. Yoshi the SSM

    The Manager of Default Red for Paint 24 From Why should I answer this?
  5. Reko Yabusame

    I love theming after games I have never played! 28
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  6. Gordon the Big Engine

    "Fastest and best, I pull the Express!" 16 From the Island of Sodor
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  7. porplemontage

    Forum Administrator 30 From New Jersey
  8. zelen !!

    actual spore creature 18 From creature stage
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  9. TheFlameChomp

  10. Shy Guy on Wheels

    i hate video games. 16 From England
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  11. Sweetie Belle

    It's not chaos, you dodo! 18 From United Kingdom
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