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  1. Varian

    Royal Science Nerd 15 From North Carolina, US
  2. Lord Bowser

    Super High School Level Bowser 20 From California
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  3. Yoshi the SSM

    I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki. 23 From Why should I answer this?
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  4. Hanamaru Kunikida

    "It's the future, zura!" 21 From Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan
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  5. Smasher

    Smasher 25 From Location 23
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    how about a rousing game of pool From crossfire
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  7. Lady

    CEO of Lesbians 23 From Florida
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  8. Nostalgia Critic

    I remember it so you don't have too 15 From England
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  9. Count Bleck With Claws

    Star Spirit 25 From Dr. Mario-kun
  10. porplemontage

    Forum Administrator 29 From New Jersey
  11. Glowsquid

    Shine Sprite 25
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