Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa

An American adult male retro gamer Super Mario and Spyro the Dragon fan that will literally play anything and has a passion for gaming, especially Spyro and the Super Mario and Sonic franchises. Also loves all the old DIC Entertainment Mario and Sonic-related media like Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros. Super Show and Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 although didn't get into any of that until I was already an adult retro gamer (unlike most of the fanbase), just like with Spyro, which I also didn't get into until later. Will play literally anything, whether aimed at kids or adults, and even if it is a bad game because I love playing games just for the sake of playing them and will just enjoy the experience of playing with anything. Gaming has been my passion ever since I first got a Game Boy Advance SP for my birthday when I was 10, and you could say I've been a gamer almost my entire life, especially since in the years before that, I played educational computer games from the age of 3. Won't reveal anything about my religious or political views; that has no place here, and who seriously cares anyway. Has a PS2, a Wii and a Nintendo 64 at home and just got some games for my PS2 for Christmas. Currently in online college and almost done with getting my degree; have just two years to go! Going to do some volunteer work this summer to get experience for my upcoming job. My other interests besides video games include making Spyro fangames with RPG Maker MV. I also have a Red Belt in Taekwondo. As far as which I think is better (Playstation or Nintendo) I'd say Nintendo.
Bowser's Airship