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    The official name change log

    User Sgt Jack V has changed their username to The Nate.
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    Look at it! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

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    How do you like the new forums?

    I hate it. Granted, I have a large distaste for modern website designs and redesigns in general.
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    New forum check-in

    I'm Nate, and Jesus Christ, at least give me an option to make the background grey.
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    How would DIC handle other games?

    I actually did once think of a fourth season for Captain N. It would explain plotholes like how Kevin's mother never noticed him and Duke were missing (copies of them were put in their places a la The Last Starfighter) and Kevin's gamepad belt and Zapper would've been upgraded into a Super...
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    How would DIC handle other games?

    Screams in sheer horror at the thought of Koopa Jr.
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    Dr. Mario World

    I'm livid at how they can't even get names of the viruses right. Red is Fever, Blue is Chill, Yellow is Weird, WRITE THAT DOWN, NINTENDO. EDIT: Ah shit, looks like I lied to myself. They were only called by those names in the comic adaptation and I thought those were official. Curse you, Valiant!
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    Mario pictures

    By that logic, Luigi on the flyers for the Arcade version of Mario Bros. is not the same Luigi as the one we see today because he barely looks the same.
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    Anybody Heard of Warioware?

    Er, did you mean software or hardware?
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    Mario Flash Games

    Dan Dare, anyone?
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    Things you didn't notice before in Mario games

    Yeah, somehow it didn't strike them that Jump Up Superstar would work much better for the credits, especially since the song was used a lot in advertising.
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    DIC almost made a Metroid cartoon...

    Same guy just posted Rad Racer concept art on his Twitter. @hour_mario
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    DIC almost made a Metroid cartoon...

    Not to mention that the manual intentionally called her a male cyborg, even in the Japanese version.
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    DIC almost made a Metroid cartoon...

    Granted, that was because TAOSMB3 was in production before SMB3's official US release and the Koopalings didn't actually have names in Japan at that time.