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    BBQ Turtle's Art Thread

    Just thought I'd throw in a quick update as I made some art for the community gallery in the 'Shroom, I'm sure plenty of you have seen it already, but if not, go and check out this month's issue of the 'Shroom in general, and here is the art in question anyway. And while I'm here, here's just...
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    Mario Awards Scribble Deathmatch - Round 1 (Submissions) - Let's-a-Go! - Items/Obstacles

    Username: BBQ Turtle Timezone: BST (I think?) Colour: (Can I pick this out later please? I need some time to find out what art supplies I have that work and an approximate hexcode for them.) I think I'll go for highlighter yellow (Approximately #E5FF00).
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    BBQ Turtle's Art Thread

    Alright then, I think that's a suitably long amount of time since I last remembered to post art here. :P Here's some long overdue stuff for Blitz, Mija and Bob Craples.
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    The Mario & Sonic Clean-up Thread

    Sorry, I thought I had already replied to this. I'd been checking the errors as you'd been going along, and yeah, your corrections are all fine, looks like it was just an error copying on my behalf. Thanks for all of your help! :)
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    The Mario & Sonic Clean-up Thread

    Of course it is, it'd be really helpful actually! Translations aren't really something I can do, so any help you can give is great. :)
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    The Mario & Sonic Clean-up Thread

    I saw you getting started on that this morning, thank you very much! I've gone over everything you've brought up here (and I checked the fun facts as well in case I'd slipped up there), and I've cleared up the mistakes on Synchronised Swimming (Team) and The Secret of the Fog as well as removing...
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    BBQ Turtle's Art Thread

    Yeah, I can do, though it'll be quite a wait as I am really, really busy at the moment.
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    post any random Mario thought on your mind

    Funnily enough, I found a shop still selling Super Mario Bros. Game & Watches today.
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    tpg awards sign up post now GO

    Ooh, starting early this year! Yes please, I think you know my character by now but let me know if you'd like something specific. :)
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    BBQ Turtle's Art Thread

    Well, several months later, here's the one of Chroma Key that Long John Spaghetti asked for. Sorry it's been quite so delayed, unfortunately you managed to ask at the same time as a bunch of other stuff came up and I've only recently been able to clear up most of the backlog. Also, here's a few...
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    The Mario & Sonic Clean-up Thread

    Thanks for the help- that was a really quick check you did! So I've taken a look, Archery (Team), Badminton (Doubles) and Tennis (Singles) were mistakes on my part copying from my spreadsheet, and Beach Volleyball, A Rainbow In Fog, To the Ruins!, The Life of a Minion and The Secret of the Fog...
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    The Mario & Sonic Clean-up Thread

    Just a really quick update here, as I didn't really get up to much over December as expected, and I'm having to put off Sochi article creation again for now. But I have made some new progress, as I've now cleaned up and rolled out most of the category stuff, and the other day I was thinking...
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    Marioboards Secret Santa VIII:

    Can I sign up please? I don't have steam or anything like that so I'd prefer some artwork or something along those lines, and my main interests are Mario (duh, but specifically the main female characters) and classic Disney stuff.
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    Latest on Super Nintendo World

    So, in case anyone hasn't noticed, a bit more stuff has recently been announced/revealed- mainly some looks inside Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge, but there's a couple of shots and videos of the land itself too. Here's a couple of videos and a Tweet I saw about it:
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    Mister Wu is now an administrator!

    Congratulations on the well-deserved promotion!