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    Count to 1,000,000

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    What Pokemon you hate the most?

    nope were still in 4th
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    What Pokemon you hate the most?

    3rd generation had 10 legends 4th generation had 15 legends
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    If you were a mod for a day...

    if i were a mod for a day, i would be a mod for a day
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    kirby challenges

    i have created some annoyingly annoying challenges and i want to see if anyone can beat them. 1. kirby's dreamland 1 vitality run (u get X continues where X = i don't know yet :P fo now it is Infinate) 2. KSSU True Arena No ability run (no partners allowed) 3. KSSU True Arena Copy Run Rules...
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    What Pokemon you hate the most?

    o: penguins are amazing anyway, all legends past 2nd gen, they stuffed way too many in -_-
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    Most Abnoxious video game boss ever

    Andross from Star Fox Adventure no matter how many times i kill teh hands, it just goes back to the other face
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    Most fun boss

    too many names that start with X
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    10 or more
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    Best Brawl KOs

    somewhat. . .i guess. . .
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    Most fun boss

    cackletta's ghost was hard and long, but fun
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    Your best characters in SSBB.

    A. I have flown around hyrule as snake (i failed at the sudden death against jigglypuff xD) B. Main: Ness, Shiek, Diddy, Marth Subs: DK, Ganon C. i still need to think of a "C"
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    Best Brawl KOs

    Basicly what happened, i meteor smashed a person so close to the edge, that it considered them to grab on. But, they were going so fast, they fell off the edge, rolled alond the side of the stage, and died dead center of the map
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    The Official Kirby Thread

    the only way they could ruin the game would be to combine 3 abilities
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    The Official SBR-B Brawl Tier List v2.0

    tiers are ok as long as u abbide by these two rules Rattatat sucks Charizard rules