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    Mario Kart Tour

    It's not first day Nintendo looks stupid when they come to decisions about roster expansion, especially the female characters. I understand Peachette is a better version of Pink Gold Peach when it comes to model recycling, but killing appearances of Birdo and Dixie just seems unwise. Especially...
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    Isn't Toadsworth kinda not so worthy recently?

    I mean, I know Toadette is the new god of the Mario franchise, but I don't feel Toadsworth is put in the best use as a pure supporting character. I don't expect him to be a player outside baseball games, but it feels like he is not even anything else now. In recent rpgs, spinoffs or mainline...
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    Thought Fourth Princess?

    Remember Sprixie Princesses? Creating characters just to follow certain pattern with no meaningful purpose is just a waste of time, especially when we know Mario main cast is very saturated for now and it would be more meaningful to spend time on existed characters that lack back story...
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    Would you like future fighters to represent unused "game genres"?

    "No, not another ordinary swordman!!" This is a typical retarded opinion how some of the Smash fans don't like the next character being from the same category of game franchise that already exists in Smash bros game lineup. So, what if Nintendo try to focus on the game genres that haven't been...
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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Oh wait > Reggie: Characters you will not expect in Smash will be the DLC I respect the result but I feel Reggie pretty much eats his words.
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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I don't really put Banjo in my wishlist, but am honestly happy for his inclusion Considering his chance has been really obscure since Microsoft so far has not been donig more plans for Banjo series. (yes, while I'm happy with Banjo in Smash, the fact Banjo has not been receiving major spotlights...
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    Luigi's Mansion 3

    I'm not sure if deconfirming Daisy and Waluigi by giving colorful Luigis coplay online is a good news. I understand Gooigi's reason to exist, but still.
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    A Mario game without the other 5 main characters and Koopa Troop?

    To shorten the whole canon topic (sorry not able to follow up), the biggest problem is that not everyone can buy every single RPG disk, and they're mostly indepedent in each title. Mario series is targeted at all ages, opposite to Metroid. Such as, they don't want a kid to buy the newest Paper...
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    A Mario game without the other 5 main characters and Koopa Troop?

    Functionally that can be an opinion, just like Nabbit's role pretty much could had been for Waluigi. But I wouldn't reject new characters since a franchise needs to open room for more possibility, and new characters are part of that.
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    A Mario game without the other 5 main characters and Koopa Troop?

    While Nintendo seems to slightly changes and try to push abit more characters these days, I still think likely they would stay in their comfort zone that allows multi playable characters in Super Mario bros titles & Mario the sole player in featured 3D titles. For story I don't think they would...
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    Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

    Like said Olympics is not like an occasion for introducing entirely new playable character, it's almost same as plant piranha in Smash bros. Unless certain case like King KRool and Pauline who were rarely seen in sport games but are arguably major enough to be here. Just making Vector match...
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    Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

    Main reason I don't care too much probably is that the Olympics series roster strangely insists on not doing big changes. The fact some characters have been just referees or subject exclusives for more than a decade really displease their fans.
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    Do you think Petey Piranha is actually robbed?

    Well for Toad, by the words you mean he would just be fine as Peach's move, so this would not be a good example. Overall I understand your point that we cannot really judge plant piranha as a character as significant as others in this game. In my opinion, especially considering he is a free DLC...
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    Do you think Petey Piranha is actually robbed?

    I kinda thought this topic is too trivial to be own thread and wanted to post in a general opinion thread, but still decides to post here and see how you guys think. Of course this topic is related to Plant Piranha, the very first Mario fighter in smash bros as a very generic species, even not...
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    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    I guess this is not a very popular opinion as well: I don't like Daisy's look. :daisy: No offense, I like Daisy's character and personality of course. But I can relate to some of her haters opinion: she, in early time, was pretty much just Peach's 2P color skin. Despite her look gets more...