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    Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

    OK, thank you!
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    I've been here for years (over 11, in fact), but don't post an awful lot. My sole interest is...

    I've been here for years (over 11, in fact), but don't post an awful lot. My sole interest is Mario, and I'll usually become more active, in the Marioverse, when new games are out and being reviewed, and with Super Mario Maker 2 and 3DWorld/Bowser's Fury being abuzz now (and me recently getting...
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    Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

    There's no collected star/stamp list anywhere? (Which shows every level, and what you've collected. I know I've seen that on previous games). It seems you can only see what you've collected from going on to the world map, and moving to every level one at a time.
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    Mario pictures

    Some more screenshots from the various "Fuji Mario" style mods: Closeup of Bowser: Zachabossaloler Plays version based off of SMB3 engine: KaizoDan version: Lassikko "Super Mario Megamix" (3G3-MJK-4WF): best remake of SMB2 on officlal SMM2:
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    Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

    Cool they're finally porting 3DW! I now hope to eventually get a Switch just for that one!
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    Super Mario 3D All-Stars

    I've loved the idea of 3D Mario ever since the late 80's, when they converted arcade franchises like PacMan to 3D (PAcmania), and added 3D style graphics to the Space Invaders, Asteroids and Galaga series (Majestic 12, Blasteroids, Galaga88). It would be several years before a 3D Mario...
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    Mario pictures

    Here now is where the “Fuji Mario” modder has added later characters to the SMB2 style, like SMM2.
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    Super Mario Maker 2

    For those who don't like the sad looking "angry" sun of the SMBU style, apparently, a glitch is that if you overlay a bunch of them (he uses 20), then you'll get a more realistic looking "sun", though it wont have a face; it looks more like an intense ray coming at you...
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    Super Mario Maker 2

    I've long wondered if some of the sound effects are from Ed, Edd & Eddy. Particularly the first two listed here: the firstone sounds like Eddy saying "Help Me!" which I remember from multiple occasions on the show, and the...
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    The motherlode of unreleased Mario content

    Anything from that Mario 128 project we for a long time thought was going to become a game?
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    Super Mario Maker 2

    This is exactly what they should have done: If a mod could do it, then why not Nintendo? Love what they did with the flagpole and exit mask, and that all Boos are now Phantos, and they used the original "Doki Doki Panic" version with the less menacing face, for when...
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    Super Mario Maker 2

    Here's a report on how the latest update is doing in online play. Watching the "Endless" Challenges and "Multiplayer" on YT, it seems there is a heavy emphasis on the newest 3 game styles (W, U and 3DL), and when SMB1 is used, they still overwhelmingly favor the Link mushroom. SMB2 is actually...
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    What was the first Mario game you ever played?

    Arcade version ("VS Super Mario Bros."; took another year before we got an NES). (This, if you're not counting the original Donkey Kong).
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    What is your favorite episode of the DIC cartoons?

    King Scoopa Koopa was funny.
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    If you had the choice to make the next Mario game, what would it be?

    "Super MArio Bros. 'BAck to Basics' 3D" A 3D game based on the original, like SMG2's "Supermassive Galaxy", but in regular size. (It would have original sound effects, more block-based ground features, and focus on original enemies). Water levels could look something like the ones in the Galaxy...