yoshi the yoshifan

  1. Cat Rosalina

    My mystery

    Hey everyone, do you want to solve this mystery? Ok, I’ll give you a clue. Wait- I’m typing. Done: If nothing is there, I’m not there, either. You walk in, and I appear. Find my treasure, This is my clue, at 7:50 PM, search in the dark. Me, You, My Treasure, My Mystery, Your World
  2. Cat Rosalina

    Yoshter’s art and stuff

    Ok, I’m posting my creations here. Expect comic strips, strange pixel arts, artworks, maybe stories (only if it wins the poll up there).
  3. Cat Rosalina

    Counting but with ______

    So, let’s get to it. We count to 100, but every time it ends, a new gimmick is introduced. I mean, I post 100. I choose the next gimmick, let’s say... IMAGES! Everyone uses images of the numbers to count to 100. The last person to post before the counting ends, in this case, 100, chooses the...
  4. Cat Rosalina

    Peach’s Cooking Show

    Rules: Peach can’t lose her job If you want to be interviewed/invited by Peach, you need to name your character “chef”. Example: Shy Guy - Chef Shy Guy/Shy Guy the Chef. No swearing No godmodding If you want to share a thought, use dashed Have fun!