smash fighters

  1. Mario Fan

    Smash Mains.

    Exactly what it says on the can. Tell me your Smash mains. (Optional: Best Alts and Sub-Mains) 64: I haven't played 64 Melee: 1: Young Link (Blue Link) 2: Roy (The Golden Boy) 3: (I didn't have a third main) Brawl: 1: Meta Knight (I liked his black alt) 2: King Dedede (The King doesn't need...
  2. THE END

    Smash Fighters [Beta Test]

    You can get familiar with the game before it releases. The beta test will be open from November 20 to December 17. You’ll have to tell me if you want to have a match to arrange it. Rules: 1. Fights will be done through PMs. (Otherwise the thread will be full of fights) 2. Players must knock out...
  3. THE END

    Imagine your OCs as Smash Characters

    So, here you can post how do you think your OCs would be like in Smash. Character balances, moveset, etc. You choose it! Now you can post how YOUR characters would be in Smash!