1. FizzletheMovieTheatre

    Make me build a Minecraft minigame.

    Much like my other thread (don't be mad at me, mods), I need minigame ideas! Boss me around with them below, with a name, how it works, and any extra 'lil details I should add. Thanks, and God bless.
  2. THE END

    Steve movesets

    So we already know Steve’s moveset. That’s fine and all, but I found some important things missing and some that are not so important made the cut. So let’s make movesets for Steve! (and Alex [and Zombie {and Enderman}]) - First off, what I call the ’Fixed Steve’ The same Steve, but with the...
  3. THE END

    The Legend of Zelda: Minecraft Quest

    Minecraft, but with a twist! I’m planning a Zelda-themed Minecraft mod! It’s not just a texture pack; instead, I’m planning to change a lot of things. First, all textures will be replaced, new mobs will be added and the originals will be deleted (only the hostiles), Zelda BoTW weapons will be...
  4. Uniju

    minecraft games 2019

    this summer winter maybe lol new and improved minecraft me · nate · 22 · edo · the gang including all your favourite things loot hunt · new murderer maps · spleef · new murderer maps · new and exciting games · new murderer...
  5. Uniju

    Jumping Mad Dungeons - Minecraft Adventure Map.

    I have been working on this adventure map for Minecraft since 2011, just over two years ago. Due to the time it took to make this map some parts are very old and may have been broken and remade due to updates, or may appear to do things in inefficient ways. This is only partly because I'm...