1. BoredRabbit

    Imagine a Wallace & Gromit RPG that plays like the Mario & Luigi series

    It's been in my mind forever but I finally got the art done! I've been wanting to think about a Wallace & Gromit RPG concept that takes elements from AlphaDream's Mario & Luigi series. Can't wait to hear your thoughts and ideas on a Wallace & Gromit RPG concept as I've been brainstorming this...
  2. BoredRabbit

    Many Mario & Luigi crossover tales that are silly and wacky!

    Hi there! I'm BoredRabbit. I'm a Twitter artist who has a passion for character design. Since Dream Team was my first Mario & Luigi game, I had these Mario & Luigi RPG ideas that are wacky and silly to pull off when I wanted to intimate the Mario & Luigi art style by passion as they're one of my...