fan concept

  1. Speedymcfly

    Making a Mario Movie Franchise

    Hello there, I like many others love Mario and I also love Movies, However I don't trust Illumination with Mario from what we've been hearing from it. So, what would it look like if I was in charge of it? Well it's in a pretty lengthy Google Doc, spanning over 40 Pages but i really, really want...
  2. CameronL365

    My Dream Mario Kart

    The title pretty much says it all. I'm just gonna list whatever ideas come to mind as to what I want to see in a new Mario Kart installment. More than likely, I'll be updating this page after it's created, so be sure to check back sometime. General Stuff: This game would be designed to cater...
  3. bosanimation

    The Plumber - Legend of Mario (Super Mario the Movie - OFFICIAL FAKE TRAILER)

    So I animated and edited a "epic movie trailer" of what super mario could've looked like if "disney" were to take it over (like anything else) and gave it a gritty reboot. Feedback welcome, both good and bad, I want to evolve for my feature videos :)