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    a BACKWARDS SMB1 WR attempt?!

    These speedrunners are defying the law of whatever Physics video games has.
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Yup, good for Disney for reinstating him.
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    What Movies Have You Seen Recently?

    Same here. Saw Captain Marvel last week and was definitely a good movie, in my opinion. If you ask me, it's almost at the same level as Thor: Ragnarok, and definitely better than the first two Thor movies.
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    Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

    I'm actually hoping for the same, man. By the way, newbie here as well. Aside from being a gamer, I'm also a critter-lovin' guy. I live with my Pomeranian, Denny. Whenever I'm outdoors, I usually walk my dog in the park, though as a precaution, I'd fit him with one of those dog shock collars...