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    Favorite Animal Crossing villager

    My favorite is Peanut because she was one of the first villagers to be in my GameCube town, then again in City Folk and New Leaf (never really played Wild World). That kind of luck is crazy and she happens to be someone with a good design and personality. Favorite special NPC is K.K. Slider...
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    My mother has passed away

    I'm sorry that this happened, please take all the time you need to heal
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    [IMG] EDIT: This joke doesn't work as well on the front page.

    EDIT: This joke doesn't work as well on the front page.
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    Kirby Air Ride Time Attack Tournament Finale - Congratulations, Meta Knight!

    Here's all my times with the vehicles. I didn't try very hard on the last round because I would have won no matter my time, but everything else I optimized best I could. For the most part it's fairly versatile. My rule of thumb throughout the tourney was to get a lower time than the lowest...
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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament - CONGRATULATIONS TURBOO AND SATELLITE LOVERS!

    Sorry for all the delays! Without further ado, this tournament is now concluded! Here are the current standings! Solo: Team: CONGRATULATIONS TO @Linhardt von Hevring and Satellite Lovers (@Roserade & @Coffee) for winning the Solo and Team tourneys, respectively. Thank you all for participating!
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    YFJ's Tips & Tricks - The Great 150!

    Chocolate Island 2 from Super Mario World. I think that an in-depth analysis of the mechanics in that stage would be informative and pretty great. It's probably one of the most unique levels in Mario's arsenal.
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    Mario Kart 7 Time Trials Tournament - Final Results!

    Congrats Crackin for winning! You deserved it! GGs all
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    Issue 150 - User Word Search (SIGN-UPS)

    METAKNIGHT please, thanks!
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    I tried to buy the CD from but I was met with disappointment instead.
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    Ahem! Today I'm going to tell you the story of the Favorite Classic Games. A long time ago, a big bustling game company thrived. It was one that produced some of the greatest games of all time. And it was said they were prosperous. But one day, tragedy loomed. A catastrophic event struck the...
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    Hey everyone! For Favorite Costume, we originally were going to do a fancy cosplay of all of the best outfits in Mario Odyssey, but instead just drew ourselves cosplaying to save those sweet coins. We came up with the idea to give you lovely people a collage filled with a mish-mash of random...
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    Hey everyone! I wanted to make a video for this presentation, one that was a countdown basically. I also wanted to stay in the under 5-minute range, so I have for you all the Top 2 Worst 2D Mario Levels. Please enjoy! results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably Shy Guy on Wheels is up...
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    Mario Kart 7 Time Trials Tournament - Final Results!

    Good luck to you too crackin, this tourney has been fun and honestly I didn't expect to make it this far