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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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show me what you can't post 🏖️👙👆💦💦💦

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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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show me what you can't post 🏖️👙👆💦💦💦


i need to stop

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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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ToroKoko – Rideable Minecart High School 8th Book, First Part
Anton click this for a song by Muse!!!

Track 1
A Big Exam Before Summer Vacation?! First Side

I quietly yawned. The bus as usual wasn't very crowded by the time I got on after school, and I took advantage of that and stretched out on the bench at the very back. "Uuueee... I'm exhausted...". I heard my phone buzz and glanced at the text message my mother sent me. "...Out of ginger, huh?". I stretched my arms, deciding to get off at the next stop where I knew there was a convenience store. I stepped out into the rain and walked in the door.

"Welcome! Is there anything I can help you with today?!". The cashier's enthusiastic voice seemed familiar and I glanced over.

"...S-Subaru-chan?!". She glanced around a bit, ruffling her hair. "Ehe...". She looked over her shoulder into the back room "...Ehe, can you cover for me a minute? I-I've gotta use the restroom". I saw a boy who looked about Subaru's age put down a stack of boxes and walk over as Subaru dashed around the counter and pulled me into an aisle.

"Ehehe... So, yeah, I ended up taking a part-time job, Umeko-chan". She grinned and ruffled her hair again. "I thought since it's in Akaiwa not many people from our school would recognize me. And I thought this store wasn't that close to where you live...". Before I could think of anything to say, she bowed her head, clasping her hands and going on talking. "Aah, just don't tell anyone on the student council or any of the teachers, please, Umeko-chan?! I need to be able to depend on you as a comrade! And it's totally unfair how you can only get an exception if it's to help out a family business like Ran-chan does!". By this point I was at a loss for words.

"Uuueeee... O-Ok, Subaru-chan? S-Since I know this is something important to you...". I thought about how it was less than a week before exams, and wondered what Yasuko would think about Subaru doing this instead of focusing on studying even though it's against the school regulations.

"Ehehe, that's a relief!". She giggled. "Well, uh, I'll let you get back to your shopping then, ok?!". She walked back towards the counter, and I was left feeling a little disoriented and tried to remember what I was here for. She popped her head back around the aisle, flashing a thumbs up. "Oh, did you know, the pork cutlet sandwiches we carry are incredible! You've gotta buy one!".

"...Uuee, i-it was ginger, right?", I mumbled to myself, looking around the shelves.

I closed my lunchbox and set it down next to me, leaning back against the shady tree I was sitting under. "It's nice we can at least eat lunch together even if club activities are on hold until exams are over, Subaru-chan... Uuee, I guess Yasuko-chan and Ran-chan were too busy to today, huh?". Subaru finished off her pork cutlet sandwich. "Ehe, yeah. Aaagh, I guess I should be paying more attention, huh?". I sighed. "Uuee... I've been having trouble too. It's really tiring". I paused.

"By the way... H-Have you told Yasuko-chan about you working a part-time job, Subaru-chan? Because...-". She cut me off. "Yeah. Ehe, as long as I keep up on studying and do well on my exams she seemed alright with it, believe it or not! Ehehe, it's been hard work to keep up with both though". The bell rang.

"UUUEEEE?! I-I'm gonna be late getting back!". I jumped up, almost forgetting my empty lunchbox. I turned around to grab it, but felt myself trip over a tree root. I went tumbling into Subaru who'd just stood up, knocking her over and falling on top of her.

"S-Sorry Subaru-chan! A-Are you ok?!". I opened my eyes. "Yeah, I think so... Ehe, your hands though, Umeko-chan...". As I got off her I noticed I had, at some point while falling over, planted my hands on her chest. I blushed and jumped backwards. "Uuueeee...! I-I'm sorry, S-Subaru-chan...".

"Ehehe, I don't really mind". She stood up and ruffled her hair. "And it was an accident anyway, so!". She dusted off her uniform and walked towards the school building. "Ehe, you have class right?".

"Uuueeeee... Y-Yeah, I've gotta get going too..."

"⟨ How are you doing Umeko-chan? You seemed exhausted today ⟩". I read Shiori's text message to myself. "Uuueeee...". I laid my head down on my desk. "I feel like I can't figure this out at all and it's the night before exams...". I sighed. ⟨ Tired. Having trouble with English ⟩, I texted back. As soon as I put my phone down to try and get back to work it buzzed again. "Oh, Ringo-chan is on this thread too?". I looked at her reply.

⟨ I watch anime with English subtitles sometimes to help learn it. Even with shipping it's cheaper to buy anime from America, but sometimes there are country locks you need to get around and you don't get as many extras... ⟩. I stared blankly at the screen. "Uuee, w-what? I-Is that supposed to help me somehow?".

⟨ You never change, huh? ⟩, I saw Shiori shoot back. I giggled a bit and went back to staring at my textbook. I was already having trouble remembering the stuff Yasuko helped me with when we went to the beach. Checking the time, I reluctantly closed the book and decided to get some sleep. I slipped into bed.

"It's no use stressing over it, huh?".

"Uuueeee... I told myself I wouldn't stress out but I still didn't sleep very well". I yawned as we walked on to the school grounds. "How do you manage to not get stressed or exhausted, Shiori-chan?". She shrugged. "Ah, well... I can't really explain it I guess? If I've studied I just always feel confident I'll remember the answers". Ringo sighed. "Not all of us can be like you, Shiorin". Shiori rolled her eyes. "Anyone can study, you just choose to watch anime and play video games instead."

"That's a low blow, Shiorin! What's that new game you were saving up for a new PC just because you wanted to play it, *v*rw*tch or something?!". Shiori straightened her glasses, looking a little annoyed. "The point is I don't just blow off studying to play all night though or watch weird late night shows."

"Yo, Umeko-chan!". I turned around and saw Subaru running up. "Good morni-". I stopped. "W-What are you wearing, Subaru-chan? I-Is that even allowed?". She had a headband on, decorated with a rising sun and the word 'pass'. She ruffled her hair, grinning. "Ehe, isn't it obvious? Oh, hey Kusanagi-san, Yutani-san!".

"Oh, good morning...", Shiori replied half-heartedly, seemingly trying to ignore Subaru. "Hey, Hashibami-san! Oh, I heard you went to the beach, right? Uhuhu, I hope you treated our Umechii gently if you kno-Ugkhaaa, cmon Shiorin!".

"Ah, I'm just going to be going now with this girl", Shiori cut Ringo off, grabbing her arm and pulling her away. "Nice seeing you I guess, Hashibami-san!". She waved and ran off, dragging Ringo with her. "...Ehehe, yeah, ok, Kusanagi-san?". Subaru looked a little confused.

I noticed someone walking over, a short girl with her light brown done up in two buns and a red disciplinary committee armband. "Hey, Subaru Hashibami!". She stood in front of Subaru, glaring at her and jabbing her finger in her face. "Regulations clearly state students may not wear headgear at school! Remove it or be punished!".

Subaru blinked a few times. "...Doesn't it just say hats? Ehe, who are you actually? Are you in junior high here?". Subaru had clearly pushed some button for the girl, who now looked furious. "W-W-What?! I'm a high school student you know!". She pulled her armband off and shoved it in Subaru's face. "Ruri Mugino, disciplinary committee!". Subaru tried to just walk off, but Mugino held her arms out in front of her.

"Now now, t-this is probably just a misunderstanding, Ruri-chan, right?". A boy about my age came over and tried to calm Mugino down. He turned to Subaru. "Oh, uh, any head coverings are against regulations, so if you could take the headband off that would be helpful. I'm sorry if there was any trouble though". He did the same thing Subaru does with ruffling her apologetically. "Oh, I'm with the student council, so..."

"Eeeeeh, you're just gonna leave it like that, Kazu-kun?! Disrespecting the rules is the same as disrespecting Tomoko-senpai! Aagh, fine, whatever!". Her and the boy walked away, but she didn't seem to have calmed down much, sticking her tongue out at Subaru and baring her fang tooth before she turned around to leave. Subaru reluctantly took off her headband and stuffed it in her bag.

"...Ehe, we both need to get going, huh?". Looking in her bag she seemed to remember something.

"Oh, yeah, I brought a ton of k*t-k*ts, Umeko-chan! Want some?!".

Track 2
A Big Exam Before Summer Vacation?! Second Side

I yawned and collapsed in my chair. "Uueee... I can finally sleep easily again". I stretched my arms and managed to sit up. "I got a way better score on my English test than I thought... Uuee, I actually managed to remember the stuff you taught me, Yasuko-chan. Your English is really good, huh?". She put her book down and smiled. "I'm glad it helped, Umeko-san. Ah, I mean, I can't take credit for that though since I grew up with my mother speaking it". I felt kind of silly that I hadn't thought of that. "Uueee... Right."

"Good afternoon Yasu-chan, Umeko-chan". I looked over my shoulder as Ran walked in to the clubroom. "Hey, Ran-chan... Subaru-chan isn't with you?". She sat down and shrugged. "Machine was out of the tea she likes. She went looking for another one". It was hard to tell but Ran seemed a little gloomier even than usual.

"Is anything the matter, Ran-san?". I guess Yasuko can actually tell since she's known her since they were kids. Ran looked like she didn't really want to get in to it. "...I still passed, but, I didn't do as well on the math test as I thought."

Yasuko looked a bit worried. "Oh, I hope I didn't do a bad job explaining it... Subaru-san did seem to be having trouble when we studied together, so maybe...". Ran looked off to the side a bit. "N-No; it's not your fault at all, Yasu-chan. Y-You were a big help...". Ran took her lunchbox out of her bag, and just then the door flew open and Subaru came barging in.

"Aaagh! Can you believe it?! I went to three vending machines before I finally found the good oolong tea! Did everyone start drinking this all of a sudden?!". She flopped down in a chair, opening her can of tea and taking her lunch out of her bag. "Uueee... Y-You're having those pork cutlet sandwiches again?". I took out my own lunchbox. "Eeeh, why wouldn't I? They're cheap and taste great, and they're pretty filling too!". The four of us started eating. "I almost ran into that Mugino girl again too! Aaagh, she really ticked me off this morning!".

"Mugino?", Yasuko asked. I swallowed my bite of egg. "She was a girl on the disciplinary committee who saw Subaru-chan wearing a headband when we walked in this morning...". Yasuko chuckled. "Hey, don't laugh, Yasu-chan! Eeeh, whatever, anyway!". She ate the last of her sandwich. "We should try and get a lot done on the rail in the last week before vacation... Oh, hey, were you still going to Hokkaido this summer, Umeko-chan?! If you are be sure to bring back souvenirs!".

She put her finger to her chin, thinking. "Ehe, some crabs would be nice! Aagh, I couldn't cook them though I guess...". She snapped her fingers, still going on and not letting me get a word in edgewise. "Ehe, would you come over and make crab hot pot for me if she does, Ran-chan?!". Ran blushed a bit. "Ah; sure I guess". I sighed.

"Uueee... H-How would I bring crabs back as a souvenir? B-Besides, actually, my parents decided to go in the winter instead". I closed my empty lunchbox. "Eeeh, that's too bad. Are you doing anything else then?". I shook my head. "Nothing much I guess... I'll probably go to the festival". Subaru snapped her fingers again. "Oh, if Yasu-chan's ok with it, you could come with us!".

I tilted my head. "...Uuee? Y-You mean to America with Yasuko-chan? I mean I've only known all of you for three months... I couldn't afford a ticket either and I don't know what my parents would think...". Subaru pouted. "Aaaah... Oh...", her eyes lit up. "Ehehe, wait, Yasu-chan, you said your family there have a farm right?! And that they have a minecart track they use?!". Yasuko nodded. "Ah, that's right..."

"Ehehehe... In that case...", she jumped up, standing with one foot on her chair and another on the table. "Alright, we're gonna make it a club trip! And since it's a club trip, we can spare some club funds for Umeko-chan's ticket!". She sat back down, ruffling her hair. "Ehe, if Yasu-chan says it's ok, I mean...". Yasuko chuckled a little. "Ah, I wouldn't mind, although I'll need to ask my uncle. My cousin was really excited about meeting you, so I'm sure she'd love to meet Umeko-san as well. And we should be able to cover it in the budget."

"W-When are you going anyway?", I asked. "The sixth next month, right Yasu-chan?!". Yasuko nodded at Subaru and I sighed. "Uuee... That's pretty short notice too...". Ran smirked a bit. "Ah; do you even have a passport, Umeko-chaaan?".

"Y-Yeah, of course I do... I guess I've only been overseas once though...". I sighed again. "I-Is it really ok with you, Yasuko-chan?". She nodded at me. "Yes, it's fine... Ah, also I wouldn't want to go up against Subaru-san when she gets her heart set on something". Subaru pouted again. "Eeeh, what's that mean, Yaaaasuuuu-chaaaan?".

"W-Well... I'll ask my parents if it'd be ok...". I stood up, slipping my lunchbox into my school bag and putting it over my shoulder. "M-Maybe it'd help if they'd met you at least". I paused. "H-How about tomorrow?". Subaru grinned. "Alright then, Umeko-chan!".

Track 3
A First Impression?!

"Ume-chan, when were your friends going to be over?". I finished putting some clothing away. "I-In a few minutes, mom!". Finished cleaning, I walked out of my room and down the stairs just as the doorbell rang, and opened the door to see Subaru, Ran, and Yasuko standing outside. "Yo, Umeko-chan!".

"Hey Subaru-chan, Yasuko-chan, Ran-chan... Oh, come in...". The three of them walked in, taking off their shoes and putting on slippers. "Uuee... J-Just don't say anything weird please, Ran-chan, Subaru-chan". Ran shrugged and Subaru pouted. "Yeeeeaaaaah."

"Hey, when have I ever said anything weird, Umeko-chan?!". I sighed. "S-Sometimes you say weird stuff too... W-Whatever, do any of you want some tea?". Subaru ruffled her hair. "Ah, yes please, Umeko-san", Yasuko replied. Ran and Subaru nodded in agreement. "Yeah, thanks for offering Umeko-chan!". I turned towards the kitchen.

"These are them, Ume-chan?". My mother walked into the hallway from another room. "Oh, Yeah... This is Subaru Hashibami-chan, Yasuko Matsuoka-chan, Ran Kimura-chan". She bowed. "It's nice to meet you! I'm Ume-chan's mother... Oh, please, you can sit down in the living room". The three of them bowed. "Oh, right, the tea! Uuee...". I went to kitchen and put water on, listening to the three of them and my mother talking in the other room.

"Ah, I hope we're not imposing...", Yasuko said. I got a tray and five cups down from the cupboard. "No, no, you're fine! Oh, you girls and Ume-chan are in the minecart club, huh?".

"Yep! I'm the club president. Ehe, Yasu-chan handles a lot of stuff for me though...". I poured powdered tea into each cup. "So you maintain the carts and run them and everything? I was in a carpentry club in high school and not many girls were into crafting back then, so I'm glad you girls are interested."

I poured the water, taking a deep breath and carrying the tray in. "Especially if you got Ume-chan into it! Aaaah, she never showed much interest in carpentry growing up... She's really matured even since she started high school!".

"Uueee...", I put the tray down on the table in the living room and sat down, blushing a bit. "D-Don't say stuff like that and embarrass me, mom...". She chuckled. "Sorry, sorry!". She picked up her teacup. "Oh, Yasuko-chan, you helped Ume-chan out with her English test, huh? She mentioned how good you are at it". Yasuko took a sip of tea. "Oh, it's nothing really... My mother is a native speaker so it's not like I'm especially talented with languages."

"Oh, you're half-Japanese then?". Yasuko nodded. "You're so refined! Is your mother English?". Yasuko looked a bit thrown off. "Ah, she's American... I was going to be staying with family there actually". My mother lowered her teacup. "Eeh?".

"Hey, it's not to fair to stereotype you know!". Subaru wiggled her finger and I sighed. "S-Subaru-chan... D-Didn't you say once Yasuko-chan should be brasher since she's half American...?". She grinned, ruffling her hair and looking off to the side. "Aah, did I say that? Ehehe...". Yasuko and my mother laughed.

"Heeey, Umeko-chaaan", I glanced over to see Ran looking through a cabinet in the TV stand. "You don't have many videogames? What were we gonna play?". I sighed again. "Uueee... H-How about cards? W-We could play go fish or something...". She looked at me blankly. "Fiiiiine, Umeko-chan."

I gathered up the deck of cards and slipped them back in the box. Subaru, Ran, and Yasuko had already gone home, leaving me anxious about my mother's impressions of them after seeing Subaru and Ran's usual behavior. I sighed, putting the cards away and moving on to gathering the teacups onto the tray, when my mother walked back into the living room.

"So-", we both started. "Uuee, you go first...". She giggled. "Alright". We both sat down. "I mean it when I say you've gotten more confident in yourself, Ume-chan, and I can tell your friends are people you'll be able to rely on. Oh, plus they seem pretty fun!". She gave me a thumbs up. "So I'm ok with you going with them!". I blinked.

"R-Really? I-I figured you'd think they were weird...". She lowered her glasses a little. "Eeh, well, they're certainly a bit weird too, but, yeah, really". I smiled. "Thank you! I promise I won't let you down!...". I sighed. "Uuee... Maybe that's kind of weird to say about this...".

Track 4
An Overseas Club Trip?!

The bell sounded and I slipped my textbook into my school bag, standing up and stretching my arms. "Hey, Umeko-chan, want to walk with me and Ringo-chan?". I turned my head. "Oh, ok Shiori-chan!". The three of us started walking out to the gate. "You know, how is the rail you guys were building coming along?", Shiori asked. "We've gotten more done than I thought we would in a month. Uuee... It's weird to think we're done for the semester already. It feels like it was yesterday that we started here."

Shiori shrugged. "Time feels faster as you get older, huh?". Ringo rolled her eyes. "Who cares?! It's summer, it's summer! Uhuhu... I can finally watch all the anime and read all the manga I want in peace for a whole month!". Shiori just looked at her blankly. "You do realize we still have homework over the summer vacation, right Ringo-chan?".

"Shioriiinnnnn... Don't be such a buzzkill!".

"I'm just saying...". She giggled a little. "Ah, whatever. Not like I'm not going to try and enjoy the summer too."

"Uhu, even our Shiorin cuts loose sometimes, huh?". Shiori furrowed her brow. "Don't push your luck while I'm feeling like being nice to you". Ringo laughed. "Soooorry. Oh, you were picking up your new laptop today right? Make sure you tell me if that game you were talking about is any good, Shiorin!". She nodded. "Ah, sure". We passed the school gates.

"So, you're really going to America with your club next month Umeko-chan?". I nodded. "Y-Yeah, Shiori-chan. Uuee, I'm starting to get nervous about it...". I sighed. "Oh, where in America are you going?".

"Uhh... Oregon. My mother was excited, since I guess there was a drama that was really big when she was a kid that they filmed there". I ruffled my hair. "Uuee, I don't know much about it though... I've never been to America before."

"Huh, didn't you go to Hawaii when we were in junior high, Umeko-chan?". I tilted my head. "Y-Yeah...?". I remembered something and blushed a bit. "Uuueeee... Oh, yeah, Hawaii is part of America isn't it?". We came to an intersection. "Ah, me and Ringo-chan were both going to Midorimachi. You want to do anything, Umeko-chan?".

"We were probably going to stop somewhere and eat!", Ringo added. I smiled and nodded. "Yeah, sure!".

"Flight 68 to Portland is now boarding at Gate 15...".

I hurried down the terminal corridor to keep up with Subaru, holding on to my small carry-on bag. We finally made it to our gate and I was able to stop and catch my breath. "D-Did we have to run so fast...?". Ran glanced at her phone. "Boarding is almost over". I sighed. "I guess that's a yes... Uuee, Narita is so far away."

Yasuko caught up with us. "Ah, sorry... I thought we'd have more time to spare than this". Subaru sighed and wiggled her finger at her. "Aaaah, Yasu-chan, we almost missed the plane because you refused to run!". She giggled a little. "Oh, in that case we should really get moving, shouldn't we?". The four of us walked into the jet bridge, the gate agent checking our boarding passes.

My heart was practically racing as I stuffed my bag in the overhead compartment and settled in to a seat by the window. "Uuee... I'm kinda nervous...". Subaru took the seat next to me. "Ehe, I'm just excited! Oh, it's nice how it's just two seats next to each other here, huh?!". I shrugged. "I guess?".

I took a deep breath as the plane started to move, slowly turning onto the runway. I peered out the window at the engine as it got louder and we started accelerating. "Ehehe, this is the fun part!", Subaru glanced at me. "Eeh, you're a bit pale, Umeko-chan... Oh, are you afraid of flying?".

"W-Who wouldn't be?", I stammered. Subaru grinned. "Cmon, don't worry about it! It's gonna be fine!".

"Aaactually", Ran interjected from the seat behind me. "Taking off is the most dangerous part, Subaru-chan, Umeko-chaaan". Even without looking at her I could just see the smirk that she gets when she says weird stuff. I shivered. Subaru ruffled her hair. "Ehehe...".

Soon enough we'd climbed into the clear sky, with nothing but the blue ocean under us outside of my window.

"Hey, Umeko-chan, Umeko-chan!", I felt someone shaking me. I rubbed my eyes and yawned, shifting around in my seat and pulling my blanket closer. "Uueee... Gimme a few more minutes, Subaru-chan...". I pulled the blanket over my head, hoping to block out the loud hum from outside. "Eeeh? Cmon, Umeko-chan! Wake up!". Subaru sighed.

"Hyaa!", she first pulled the blanket off me, then reached over me and opened something, letting light stream in. My eyes shot open and I started taking in my surroundings. "...Uuee?!". I looked out the window at the clouds and blue water below. "Oh, right... Uuueeee...".

"Eeh, 'oh, right' what?". I sighed. "I-I was remembering we were on a plane... Uuee, I'm always pretty disoriented when I wake up...". Subaru giggled. "Ehe, you slept pretty soundly for being afraid of flying, Umeko-chan... Oh, it's almost breakfast time!". I rubbed my eyes again, digging a menu out of the seat pocket.

"I guess there's not really a choice for breakfast, huh?". I slipped it back into pocket. "D-Do you know when we're going to land, Subaru-chan?".

"Oh, lemme see!". She clicked around on the touch screen in front of her. "Only about an hour left now! Ehe, I'm pretty excited!". I leaned back in my seat. "Me too, I guess...".

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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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ToroKoko – Rideable Minecart High School 8th Book, Second Part
I should play Oregon Trail on this online emulator – Culture shock edition!

Track 5
Welcome to Oregon?!

The four of us descended the escalator toward the baggage claim area. "Uueee... It took forever to get through customs...". I sighed. "Maybe it would've gone faster if my English was better...". We got to the conveyor belt, and Subaru, Ran, and Yasuko quickly retrieved their checked bags. I waited patiently as the bags went around and around.

"...I-I haven't seen it yet".

"Ah, you know you can check online if you go to the airline website", Yasuko replied. I got my phone out and typed it in, managing to find the bag status page and enter my info, and waited as it slowly loaded.

"...U-Unknown?". My heart sank. "A-All my clothes were in that bag! N-Now what am I going to wear when we get to Oregon?!". I slumped down next to the conveyor belt. "Ah; I'm pretty sure we're already in Oregon, Umeko-chaaan". I looked up at Ran with tears in my eyes. "H-How is that supposed to h-help...?". She looked like she genuinely felt a bit bad. "I guess not, yeah...". Yasuko put her arm around me. "It's going to be fine, Umeko-san. You didn't have any valuables in that bag, right?". I nodded.

Subaru snapped her fingers. "Ehe, if worst comes to worst you can wear some of my clothes! We're about the same height, so they should fit, huh?!". She put her finger to her chin. "Oh, I guess you'd need to buy bras and panties somewhere, especially since you're a bit bustier than me... Ehehe, it'd be weird to share those". I blushed. "Y-You think?".

She nodded. "Yeah, that'd be a bit much, right?! Ehe, especially since we aren't in like, that kind of a relationship!". Uuueeee, m-maybe I just can't do sarcasm... I looked at Ran's blank face and wondered what she must be thinking about. Uuee, I guess she'd be interested in Subaru's pa- I stopped myself, blushing even more. Uueee, why is it I keep thinking of stuff like that sometimes?!

"Umeko-san, are you feeling a-", I cut Yasuko off. "N-Nothing, nothing!". I stood up, rubbing my eyes a bit. "...Ah, uh, anyway, we did have some time for shopping and sightseeing downtown."

"Oh, great, Yasu-chan! Ehe, didn't you say we were gonna take the light rail?!", Subaru flashed a peace sign. "Alright then, let's get going, girls!".

"Ehe, I think I'm gonna get this one, Umeko-chan!". I looked at the shirt Subaru was holding up, a black T-shirt with yellow writing on it in English. "Uuee... 'Keep Portland Weird'? W-What's that about? I think I saw it somewhere else too."

"Oh, Yasu-chan was talking about that! It's a slogan about celebrating unique local culture I think. Oh, Umeko-chan, aren't you getting anything?!". I held up my shopping bags. "I think I bought enough clothes already at the other store, so...".

"Huh? This is totally different, Umeko-chan! These are souvenirs!". Subaru sighed and then jabbed her finger in my face. "Ok, if you aren't gonna pick something out I'll find something for you!". She went back to looking through the shelves and racks. "Uuee... O-Ok, I guess...". I saw Ran and Yasuko walk over. "D-Did you get anything, Ran-chan?". She held up a shirt with a raindrop pattern and colorful 'Oregon' writing.

"Alright, let's see how this looks!". From behind, Subaru put a hat on my head. "...Uuee?!". She stepped in front of me. "Ehe, it looks cute on you! It goes pretty well with those clothes. Oh, oh, there's a mirror over here!". She took my hand and dragged me in front of it. Subaru had picked out a sunhat with a white brim and pink top, decorated with butterfly shapes.

"Y-Yeah, I guess it's pretty cute, Subaru-chan...". I took it off, handing it back to her, and we started walking towards the checkout. Something caught my eye on one of the shelves, a striped blanket in muted red and green tones. I ran my hand over it. "Aaah... This feels so soft... Uuee, Subaru-chan, c-could you carry one of these for a minute?". I handed her one of my bags and picked up the blanket, and we continued to the counter.

After Ran and Subaru had finished checking out I walked up and the cashier checked the tag, placing the blanket in yet another plastic bag. "That comes to 169 dollars". I mentally multiplied that by one hundred and fumbled through my wallet for the card. Uuee, t-that's kind of a lot... "Y-Yes". I swiped it and entered the code, not fully expecting it to work, but it seemed to. "Here's your receipt; Have a nice day!". I took the receipt and my bag. "T-Thank you."

I rejoined the others in front of the store and we started walking, heading across the mall and up the stairs to street level. "Uuee... I dunno what I'd be doing without you helping me with my English, Yasuko-chan... And even then I've messed up a few times". Yasuko chuckled. "Ah, don't worry about it too much. You've been doing fine."

We exited onto the street corner to find a slight drizzle had started while we were inside. "Eeh, it's raining? Yasu-chan, I thought you said it was always sunny in the summer here?!". She chuckled again. "It wouldn't be the real Pacific Northwest experience without some rain". Subaru pouted. "Aaagh, Ran-chan, buying that shirt cursed us, didn't it?!". Ran giggled a little.

We followed Yasuko, crossing the street and walking down the tree-lined sidewalk, past an old building she identified as the courthouse. We hurried across another street onto a brick-paved square, and Subaru pointed at something off to the side. "Ehe, look, there's a statue over there! Cmon!". We followed her up the steps to find a sculpture of a businessman holding an umbrella. "Ehehe, that's perfect!". Subaru stood under the umbrella and held out her phone, snapping a picture.

"We should get going soon", Yasuko said, slipping her phone into her pocket. "My uncle was going to pick us up and he said he was just crossing the bridge now". We followed her to the end of the square and stood under a tree where it was a little dryer. A few minutes later a bearded man walked up, waving. "Hello, Yasuko!".

"Ah, it's nice to see you again!", she replied, waving back. "Oh", she turned back to us. "This is my uncle Mark."

"This is Subaru, Ran, and Umeko", she introduced us in English. He turned to us. "Hello". Subaru put out her hand and he bowed slightly. Yasuko chuckled and Subaru ruffled her hair. He shook her hand, and I bowed in return. "Sorry", he said in Japanese again before continuing in English. "I don't know much Japanese. Do you speak English well?".

"Oh, yes, I know some!", Subaru replied enthusiastically. Ran nodded. "Uuee... L-Little bit". He said something to Yasuko that I didn't quite catch. "He parked a little ways from here", she explained. "Shall we?". The three of us followed Yasuko and her uncle down the street and across another intersection to his car. He opened the back and we loaded in our shopping bags and luggage, and I climbed into the spacious back seat, ending up in the middle between Subaru and Ran.

"Hey, how far is it, Yasu-chan?!", Subaru asked. Yasuko looked back at us from the front seat. "Ah, it's about three hours from here". Subaru grinned. "Ehe, I can hardly wait!".

Track 6
A Visit In The Countryside?!

Subaru opened the car door as we came to a stop, jumping out, and I followed her, stretching my arms and looking around. The landscape had gone from wooded mountains to a flat expanse of wheat fields, and we'd arrived at a farmhouse with a large garage off to the side, some minecart rails running from it.

"Aaaagh, it's so hot...". Subaru sighed. "Yasu-chaaan, why'd you tell us to bring warm jackets too when it's this hot...?".

"Even in the summer it can get quite cold at night", Yasuko answered, putting on a pair of sunglasses. Subaru looked unimpressed and half-heartedly jabbed her finger in Yasuko's face. "Aaaah, stop just trying to look cool here with those sunglasses!". Yasuko chuckled.

"Hey, Yasu!". A girl ran up to us from the garage. She looked about Yasuko's age, with short blonde hair and a cowboy hat. She hugged Yasuko briefly. "How was your flight?".

"It was fine. Ah, I'd like you to meet Subaru, Ran, and Umeko". She bowed, a little clumsily. "Hello! My name is Cassidy. I'm Yasu's cousin, yeah!", she introduced herself in somewhat stilted Japanese. I bowed. "Y-You speak Japanese?".

"A little bit! Yasu started teaching me when we were kids, yeah, and I take some lessons". She looked over at the car. "Oh, wow, you guys must have a lot of luggage. Let me help with that; I'll show you to the guest rooms!".

"You did a lot of shopping, huh Umeko?". I put my shopping bags down on the floor next to the bed and sighed. "Uuee... My bag got lost on the flight here...". Subaru set her bag down by the window. "Oh, I'll get a spare mattress to lay out. Sorry we only have two spare rooms". We walked out of the bedroom and Cassidy closed the door behind us. "Oh, uh, Thank you, Kyashi-... Kashiji... Kyaji-... Uuueeee, S-Sorry...". She broke out laughing and Subaru giggled a little. "Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to laugh!".

I ruffled my hair a bit. "It's fine, yeah, just call me something shorter I guess, I don't really care much!". Uueee, I already felt kind of uncomfortable just using her first name. I sighed. "O-Ok... C-Can I call you Cassie-san then...?". She shrugged. "Yeah, sure! Anyway, dinner is going to be soon, yeah."

Subaru snapped her fingers. "Ehe, in that case I'm gonna call you Cassie-chan from now on!". We followed Cassidy downstairs. "Oh, what's for dinner, Cassie-chan?!".

"My dad is making fajitas, yeah". I tilted my head. "...'Fajita'? W-What's that...?". She put her finger to her chin. "It's like, yeah, beef and vegetables all cooked together and you put it on a tortilla. Whatever, you'll see! It's good stuff, yeah!". We walked into the kitchen, where Yasuko's uncle was cooking at the stove.

"Ehe, it smells good! Aaah, so hungry...!". Cassidy laughed and slapped her on the back. "You seem like my kind of girl, Subaru!". She ruffled her hair. "Ehehe...". Someone stepped into the doorway from the next room. "Oh, Cassidy, I already set the table since you were busy helping Yasuko's friends."

"'Kay, mom!". She looked over her shoulder. "This is my mom Kim, yeah". I bowed, and Subaru just waved.

"Did Yasu already introduce them to you?". Kim shook her head. "Ok, this is Subaru and Umeko! Uh, I think Yasu was still helping Ran with her stuff."

"Ah, is it about dinner time?". I turned around to see Yasuko and Ran come downstairs. "I'd be more than happy to help with anything". Cassidy rolled her eyes. "Come on Yasu, you're our guest!". Yasuko chuckled. "Ah, if you insist...". Her uncle laughed, turning the stove off and picking up the skillet. "You're really just like Erica you know, Yasuko."

"Erica?". Me and Subaru followed the others into the next room. "Oh, he must mean Yasuko's mom!", Subaru answered. We sat down and I started putting food on my place, taking a piece of flatbread and going to take some meat and vegetables. Uueee, t-there's so many bell peppers... I hesitantly put some on my plate.

"Hey, you ok Umeko?", Cassidy asked. I felt embarrassed. "Y-Yes". Yasuko chuckled a little. "Ah, many children in Japan dislike green peppers". Cassidy nodded along as she went on. "I believe there was an American movie recently where they changed broccoli to green peppers in Japan". Ran shrugged. "I love them."

Uuee, everyone always thinks I'm childish. I-I'm definitely going to eat them then! I wrapped up the bread and picked it up like I saw Cassidy and Yasuko doing and took a bite. Even if I didn't like the peppers it wasn't bad. "It tastes good."

"Thank you. I'm glad you like it", Yasuko's uncle replied. "Oh, what is this?!", Subaru pointed at a bowl of diced vegetables. "Pico de gallo", Kim answered her. "I make it with habaneros, so it's quite spicy". Subaru liberally spread some on her food. "Oh, excellent! Thank you!". I couldn't quite follow along with what Cassidy and Yasuko were talking about in English and just finished my dinner quietly. Cassidy started clearing away the dishes and leftovers, and Yasuko stood up.

"Ah, really I insist, Cassidy". Cassidy shrugged. "Yasu, Yasu, Yasu... Do you ever relax?!". She laughed. "Not as much as I should, I suppose". I felt awkward not doing anything to help, but didn't want to try to insist either. The two of them quickly cleared the table. "Alright, now that that's done", Cassidy walked back into the dining room. "Hey, you girls wanna go somewhere?!".

"Oh, yes, that sounds fun!", Subaru responded. Ran shrugged. "Ookaaaay".

"W-Where do you want to go Cassie-san?", I asked. "There's a place with an awesome view!". We followed Cassidy outside, and I started wondering how we were going to get there if her parents weren't coming. We came to the garage and she lifted the door open. Inside were some shelves, a few minecarts on a track off to the side, and a kind of old looking car. She took a keychain out of her jeans pocket and it dawned on me.

"Y-You have a car, Cassie-san?". She looked back at me, a little quizzically. "Yes...?". She opened the car door and moved the seat forward. "You are about Yasuko-chan's age, r-right?". She glanced back. "Yeah, just a few months older. I turned 17 a week ago."

"Wow, that is so cool!", Subaru replied. Ran knelt down, inspecting the grill and hood. "What year?".

"It's an '85". Cassidy smiled. "I bought it when I was 14 and started fixing it up, so I've actually been working on it since before I could drive it". She took some sort of panel out of the roof and stuck it behind the back seats. "You three are pretty small, yeah, so you should all fit in the back!". Yasuko opened the door on the other side and her and Ran got in, while I climbed in to the back seat with Subaru climbing after me. Cassidy moved the driver's seat back and got in.

"Share a seatbelt with someone Umeko, I don't want to get stopped". I scooted over a bit to the left, uncomfortably close to Subaru, and she unbuckled her belt and stretched it over both of our laps. I blushed a bit, noticing Ran glaring at me with a blank expression. "Uuee...". Cassidy turned the key and the engine started with a roar. Subaru's eyes lit up. "Wow! You do not see cars like this much in Japan!".

"A-Are you interested in cars too, Subaru-chan?". She ruffled her hair. "Ehe, maybe not as much as trains or minecarts, but what mechanical otaku wouldn't love a sound like that?!". Cassidy put her foot down and we roared out of the garage and down the gravel driveway to a side road, and soon to highway. After only a few minutes, we took a tight turn, screaming along a spiraling road up a hill, and with nothing else to hold on to, I threw my arms around Subaru. "Uuee...! I-Isn't this too fast?!".

We finally came to a stop near the top of the hill. "Ehe... Y-You feeling ok, Umeko-chan?". I noticed Subaru was blushing a bit too and released her, looking down at my feet. "Uuueeee... Y-Yeah...". The five of us got out and walked up the steps to the viewpoint. My eyes went wide as I looked out over the town below in the early evening light, a few of the mountains in the distance still capped with snow. "Uuee... I-It's pretty...!".

Ran brushed by and glanced at me. "You shouldn't do anything funny with Subaru-chan even if you're sharing a room, remember, Umeko-chaaan?".

"...Uuee? W-What do you mean 'funny'?". She smirked. "Noooothing."

Track 7
A Summer Vacation Mission?!

"Uuee... T-There's so much food...". Subaru grinned, piling eggs, bacon, and French toast onto her plate. "Ehe, yeah isn't it great?! This is a real classic American breakfast, huh?!". I sighed and put some scrambled eggs and a piece of toast on my plate. Yasuko and Cassidy took a lot too... I saw Ran walk in and sit down, rubbing her eyes. She took some food and just sort of stared at me. "G-Good morning, Ran-chan...".

"Syrup?". I ruffled my hair and passed it to her. I guess she wasn't staring because she thought I did something wrong then... "Oh!", Cassidy put down her silverware. "Me and Yasu were going to the shooting range later yeah, interested?". I tilted my head. "S-Shooting Range...? L-Like for guns...?". Cassidy nodded.

"Uuee... N-No thank you...". Ran raised her hand and Subaru giggled. "Ehehe, maybe you aren't just the ojousama character we thought, huh, Yasu-chan?!".

"Ah, I suppose I enjoy doing it when I visit, but it isn't quite a hobby of mine". She glanced over at Cassidy and then back to us, with a serious expression on her face. "Anyway, I don't think I could invite anyone in good conscience, especially since it would be without anyone else's permission. I apologize, Ran-san."

Subaru sighed. "Aaah, yeah, I guess it's kinda dangerous, huh? I'm imagining Umeko-chan trying it... Ehe, sorry...". I ruffled my hair again. "Uuee... No, I-I was thinking that'd be bad too". Ran looked a little bit disappointed. "Y-You really wanted to try, Ran-chan?". She shrugged. "Sounds fun, doesn't it, Umeko-chan?".

"Uuee? I-It doesn't really to me, but...". Subaru finished off her mountain of French toast. "Oh, Cassie-chan, do you work on the minecarts too?!".

"Yep! Oh yeah, Yasu mentioned you girls are super into that stuff". Subaru grinned and ruffled her hair a little. "It'll be exciting to see a real working minecart system up close! Are we gonna today?!". Cassidy shook her head. "Not today, but I am going to be working all this week, yeah!".

I yawned, leaning against an empty minecart on a siding next to the garage. "Uueee... It's early...". Cassidy poured oil from a gas can into the furnace cart. "There is a lot of work to do during harvest, yeah, so it's good to start early yeah!". Ran knelt down and intently looked at the gauges on the side of the furnace.

"Oh, so you still use furnace minecarts?!", Subaru asked. Cassidy hung the empty can on the side of the cart. "Yep. Buying oil is cheaper than it would be to electrify the rail. Oh, could you help me check the couplers?". I stretched my arms and yawned again, and the four of us walked up and down the line of carts making sure they were all connected properly.

"Good morning!". I looked and saw Yasuko walking over, holding a thermos. "Ah, sorry I wasn't here in time to help". Cassidy waved at her. "That's ok, Yasu! Alright, everyone get on, I'm gonna move them!". I climbed over the side of the last minecart, and Yasuko set her thermos down and climbed in from the other side. Subaru and Ran clambered into a cart at the front, while Cassidy stood on the running board of the furnace cart and looked back.

"All clear!". She released the brake lever and lit the furnace, and the line of carts slowly got moving. I yawned and leaned back against the wall of the cart. "Ah, Umeko-san, would you like some coffee?". Yasuko offered me the thermos. "Huh? Oh, I dunno... I don't really drink it. Uuee, I guess it's ok with milk and sugar...". She put her finger to her chin. "I prefer it black. Ah, that's what I brought, so...".

"Oh. N-No thank you then, I'm fine...". I looked out over the wheat field along the rail, a blanket of light yellow stretching into the distance. "Uuee, there's a lot!". Yasuko chuckled. I felt Cassidy push the brakes and we slowed to a stop. Me and Yasuko climbed over the side.

"Ok, we're gonna load the carts with grain and take it down to the silo!", Cassidy shouted from the other end of the train. She waved a harvester alongside, and a chute swung out over one of the carts, filling it and then moving down the line, filling them one by one. Yasuko's uncle opened the cab door and climbed down. "Good morning girls!".

He glanced at the thermos in Yasuko's hand. "Oh, mind if I take some of that Yasuko?". She shook her head, opening it. "Oh, no, not at all." He unscrewed his thermos and Yasuko poured some in the top for him. She closed it back up and took a sip. "Hey, is it all loaded yet?!", Cassidy called down. He laughed. "Yeah, you're good to go, Cassidy!". Me and Yasuko waved to him and walked up to the one empty cart left, that Subaru and Ran had been sitting in, and climbed in. "I-It's a little tight...".

Cassidy jumped in after us. "Hey, how about you try running it, Subaru?!". Subaru grinned. "Oh, I would love to do it!". She leapt down and climbed up on the running board. "Alright, release brake". Subaru pushed the brake lever back and checked that the reverser handle was in forward. "Throttle!". She carefully pushed the throttle lever forward and we started moving again. "Brake!", Cassidy called out as we approached a switch onto a siding by a grain silo, and Subaru pulled the lever and brought the cart to a halt.

Cassidy, Yasuko, and Ran climbed out of the cart and Cassidy threw the switch lever. Yasuko looked over her shoulder at me. "Ah, you should probably get out now, Umeko-san". I climbed over the side and hopped down to the ground. "M-Maybe this is a silly question but... How do you get all the wheat out?". Ran pointed at a railing running along the siding. "The carts can tip. That guide rail pushes them up."

"Ok, go slowly!", Cassidy instructed Subaru. She released the brakes and moved the throttle forward. As each cart went by, a guide wheel ran up the rail, tipping the cart body up and dropping grain onto a conveyor belt. "O-Oh, I see how it works! That's neat". Subaru set the brakes again and walked over. "Ehe, that was fun, Cassie-chan! Alright, what's next?!".

I finished packing my clothes and zipped up my new duffel bag. I laid down on the bed. "Uuee... It's hard to believe it's been six days already Subaru-chan". She sat up on the mattress on the floor. "Ehe, yeah, even though I'm exhausted it felt like it just went by so quickly!". I giggled. "I-It's weird to just work on minecarts and help farm vegetables for a vacation, huh?".

Subaru sighed and pointed her finger in my face. "That's where you're wrong, Umeko-chan! This wasn't just a vacation, it was a serious mission to learn more about minecarts in their natural habitat!". I blinked a few times. "...Uuee?". She flopped back down. "Ehehe, I guess saying it like that it sounds dumb, yeah. But still!". Someone knocked on the bedroom door and I sat up.

Cassidy opened it and stepped in. Subaru sat up. "Yo, Cassie-chan!".

"Hey!", she leaned against the wall. "It was fun meeting you girls, yeah! It was cool to meet someone else so interested in machines". Subaru grinned. "Oh, yes, it was fun for me too!". I nodded "Y-Yes". Cassidy glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand. "Oh, is it this late already, yeah? You have a long drive to Portland in the morning". She walked out and turned toward Yasuko and Ran's guest room. "Goodnight!". She closed the door behind her.

Subaru flipped the lightswitch and laid back down, throwing a blanket over herself. "Aaah, I can't wait to be back home though!". I nodded. "Me too... Uuee, I-I felt kinda homesick sometimes...". Subaru sat up. "That isn't anything to be embarrassed about, Umeko-chan! Ehe, traveling is fun but I feel the same way too". I giggled a little again. "I don't know if that makes me feel any better, but thanks, Subaru-chan."
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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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when are they going to the mall to get some authentic food court japanese and auntie anne's

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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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Sadly the next morning they just woke up early to get to Portland for a 12:30 pm departure back to Tokyo.

Originally there was a restaurant scene planned but they were going to go to a wacky ass hipster local Oregon place I found out about while researching Portland tourism called Voodoo Doughnuts, famous for their donuts topped with cereal and crushed up pills (not joking) and a dick shaped donut with cream filling in the balls. This was cut for time and also because I think Ran really might buy a cock and balls donut and possibly be suggestive with it with her weird ass sense of humor and that would be a bit too much.

I'm also glad I cut it because by the time I finished writing I found out that they for some reason decided to continue the series of celebrity memorial donuts that they apparently do with a Charles Manson one before backpedalling hard and adding "Not celebrating. Villains die too." to their tweet.

Honestly I think the fakest seeming stuff I've put in or thought about putting in a story has been real. Like, speedrunning Super Mario 64 with DDR pads for a controller is real too.


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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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trick question go get some pretzels

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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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ToroKoko – Rideable Minecart High School 9th Book
You will come to regret this -Poison Potato

Track 1
A Festival, And The End Of Summer?!

"O-Ok, this should do it...!". I pulled the ends of the sash for my pink yukata. "Uuee... I think for once I got it right on my own". I looked in the mirror, putting my hair up a bit to one side as best I could and slipping in a hairpin. "This looks nice."

"Hey, Ume-chan, Shiori and Ringo are here!", I heard my mother call up. "'Kay!". I skipped downstairs to the door, slipping my sandals on and grabbing a blanket as I went, and opened it. "Yo, Umechii!".

"Good evening Ringo-chan, Shiori-chan". I stepped outside and we started walking. "Uhuhu... So, you got us souvenirs, right Umechii?!". I sighed. "I-I forgot to give them to you yesterday huh? I got some chocolate hazelnuts... O-Oh, if you want to meet back up at my house after the festival I'll give them to you". We started walking again, reaching the bus stop and getting on.

"Uuee... I-It's crowded". We found somewhere to stand for the uneventful bus ride to Shin Ojimachi, and it wasn't long before we got to our stop, stepping off in Midorimachi. I stretched my arms, almost dropping my blanket, and Ringo took a deep breath. "Uhuuu, finally we can breathe again, Umechii!". I giggled. "Oh, Shiori-chan, you know where the shrine is, r-right? Because I kinda...". She sighed. "Yeah. Geeze, sometimes you're hopeless, you know". I pouted. "Uuueeee... Y-Yeah, I do know...!".

Shiori laughed uneasily and adjusted her glasses. "...Ah, sorry. D-Don't cry, ok?". Ringo giggled. "Uuuuhuu, you're heartless, Shiorin! Saying such a thing to a girl like Umechii...!". Shiori delivered a chop to her head. "Sometimes I'm tempted to make you cry on purpose". We started walking, coming to the long stairway up a hill to the shrine and making our way to the top. "We should find somewhere for the blanket first."

"Umeko-chan!". I turned around to see Subaru, Yasuko, Ran and a younger girl. "Hey Subaru-chan", I looked back at Shiori and Ringo. "Oh, I don't think you've met Yasuko-chan or Ran-chan in person have you?". Shiori adjusted her glasses again, closing her eyes and furrowing her brow. "I believe I've met Kimura-san". I tilted my head. "Uuee? Did y-", I remembered something. "Oooooh... R-Right."

"Huh, what's that about, Shiorin?", Ringo asked, but Shiori just ignored her. Yasuko bowed. "Good evening. I'm Yasuko Matsuoka. Nice to meet you". Ran shrugged. "Ran Kimura". Ringo bowed. "Ringo Yutani! Nice to meet you guys!".

"Ok! We should-", the other girl bowed and cut Subaru off. "I'm Shuko Hashibami; Subaru's my older sister. Pleased to meet you". Subaru frowned. "Ehe, yeah... She insisted on coming... Anyway, we've gotta save a spot for watching fireworks! We can sit together, right?!". We started walking again, and I noticed Subaru seemed to be inspecting my hair. "Ehehe, a plum blossom hairpin, huh?! I love it!". I giggled. "Thanks". We soon found a spot on the hillside, unfolding our blankets.

"This is a unique pattern", Shiori commented as she helped me spread it out. "Oh, I got this in America... Yasuko-chan said it's an old Spanish pattern I think?". Subaru leapt up, finished laying out their blanket. "Alright! Now it's time for food and games! Cmon, cmon!". The seven of us started walking towards the festival market.

"Oh, Shuko-chan, how old are you? Uuee, i-if you don't mind me asking...".

"Fourteen", she answered. "You're going to be starting high school then, right? Are you thinking of applying to Shin Ojimachi?".

"Maybe, or maybe I'll apply to Akaiwa or Midorimachi."

"Oh, so you might be my underclassman next year!". Something else occured to me. "W-Wait, that means I-I'm going to need to be a role model for the first year students?!". I sighed. "Uuueee...". Subaru put her finger to her chin. "Hey, actually, what made you girls wanna go to Shin Ojimachi when there's a school in Akaiwa?".

"I wasn't impressed with the clubs there when I went to the open house, especially the redstone club", Shiori answered. Ringo giggled a little. "Uhuhu... Akaiwa's blazers are ok, but girls in sailor fuku really do it for me!". Shiori glared at her, pulling her ear. "Do you ever think of anything besides stuff like that?".

Ringo sighed. "Shioriiiinnn...". She smiled, putting her hands behind her head. "I guess my other reason was I wanted to keep going to school with Umechii and Shiorin. Getting to see them in those uniforms is just a great bonus!". Shiori rolled her eyes, and I hoped I could get away with not speaking up.

"Ok, so what about you, Umeko-chan?!". I looked off to the side. "Uuee... I-It's embarrassing though...".

"Actually", Shiori added. "You never told me or Ringo-chan why either. Weren't you applying to Akaiwa?". I gulped. "I a-actually kinda flunked the entrance exam for Akaiwa, b-but the application period for Shin Ojimachi ran longer and I managed to take that exam and pass...".

Subaru sheepishly ruffled her hair. "Ehehe... Oh, oh, look! Grilled squid! It's just not a festival without grilled squid!". She ran up to the stall and looked over her shoulder. "Hey, do you girls want any?!", she yelled back. Ran and I raised our hands, and she slapped down 600 yen and came back with three skewers, handing two to us. "Ok, what's up next?!".

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone who looked familiar in line for grilled chicken as we walked, and looked over. "Hinagiku-chan?". She glanced over as the vendor handed her two skewers. "Oh my, is that you, Umeko-chan?". Me and the others stopped and she walked toward us, handing a skewer to another girl who followed her. "...Maitake-san?".

Maitake raised her hand. "Yes. Fuyumi Maitake". She turned toward Shiori and Ringo, bowing. W-Wait, what's with her hairpin?. "Ummm...", I started. "M-Maitake-san, is that a UFO hairpin...?". She stared at me blankly for a moment. "Of course."

"What's up Hina-chan?!", Subaru asked. "Hey, do you and Fuyumi-chan know each other from somewhere?!". We got moving again. "Ah, actually, we're neighbors!", Hinagiku replied. Maitake stopped, walking over to a stall, and Subaru glanced over. "Oh! Goldfish scooping! Another classic!".

I looked in the water. "T-They're not moving...?".

Subaru walked up. "Oh! I think they're using toy goldfish now, so it's more humane!". She handed over 100 yen and with a bit of fishing scooped up one of the toys, flashing a peace sign. "Cmon, you've gotta try Umeko-chan!". I shook my head. "I-I'm no good at festival games...". Maitake was still staring at the fish tank. "Were you playing, Fuyumi-chan?", Hinagiku asked. She nodded and handed a coin to the vendor. She promptly broke her net.

"Too bad; would you like to go again?". Maitake hesitantly gave him two more coins. "Thank you very much!". She tried again, only for the net to break a second time, the vendor handing her a third net. She knelt down, calmly surveying the the fish for a few seconds before scooping for one. She finally got a fish in the net, but once again it snapped.

I finished off my squid. Uuee, s-she might be worse than I am at scooping real goldfish... Maitake stepped away from the stand, still expressionless but I imagined she must be feeling dejected. "Oh, I've always enjoyed these games!", Hinagiku said, stepping up. She paid and took her net and bowl. "Wish me luck". She reached in, swishing the net. "Uueee, t-two fish in one scoop...?!". She quickly nabbed a half dozen before the net tore.

"Oh my gosh, I figured I'd be rusty not having played this since last year's festival". She grabbed one out of the bowl, handing it to Maitake. "You should take one, Fuyumi-chan". Maitake cupped her hands and took it. She nodded and it looked like she blushed a little.

Ringo leaned forward as we walked. "Uhu, those two make a nice couple, huh?!". Shiori sighed.

"Stop being so meddlesome, Ringo-chan."

"Alright!", Subaru shouted. "Next is shooting! Ehe, they've got a lot of anime figures, huh?! That's unusual". She slapped a 500 yen coin down on the table. "I guess Yasuko-chan would be good at this, huh?", I mused. Ringo tilted her head. "You think so? She doesn't seem like that type".

Subaru took a few shots but missed each time. "Aaagh!", she slammed her fist down on the table. "Watch me, I'm gonna hit one of those N*nd* Petites if it's the last thing I do!". She took her last two shots, finally hitting something with the cork. The vendor handed her the box and she flashed a thumbs up. "Ehe, I'll take it!". She stepped away. "Aaah, I can't wait to see what's inside though!". She tore it open. "Oh, it's... Uh, that girl?". Ringo leaned over. "Rin Hoshizora?". Subaru shrugged. "Yeah, that sounds right."

"Ah, I suppose I will play". Yasuko stepped up, as did Shiori. "Uhu, win this one Shiorin! You can do it it!", Ringo cheered. They both paid and picked up the cork guns. Shiori glanced over at Yasuko and straightened her glasses. The two of them started shooting, both of them hitting prizes with pinpoint accuracy until Shiori missed her last shot.

"...Y-You weren't kidding, Umechii", Ringo said, looking astonished, while Subaru pouted. The vendor handed over the prizes, a few boxes of cookies and a stuffed animal for Yasuko. "Eeeh, Yasu-chan, you didn't even aim for the N*nd*s!". Yasuko chuckled. "Those aren't really my kind of thing."

Ringo leaned over to look at Shiori's armful of prizes, four of those little figures Subaru wanted. "Uhuhu, are these nothing but L*ve L*ve figures Shiorin?!". Shiori blushed. "I-I was just focusing on shooting. I couldn't care less what show they're from". Ringo grinned. "Uhu, so this is Shiorin's guilty pleasure, huh?!". Ran poked her head in. "Ah, no, one of these is K*nC*ll*". She smirked and Shiori glared at her.

I saw Shuko turn to walk away and look over her shoulder at Subaru. "Oneechan, buy me takoyaki". Subaru turned around. "Aagh, Shuko-... Ehe, actually I wanna eat takoyaki now too...!". I started to follow her, but someone crossed her path and she stopped.

The girl glanced over her shoulder and turned around. "We meet again, Subaru Hashibami!". She grinned, baring her fang. M-Mugino?. Subaru looked annoyed. "Hey, what's your deal?!". Above the trees I saw the first few fireworks go off in the night sky. "Huh?! All I did was greet you, Subaru Hashibami. You upset?!". The boy with her walked between the two of them.

"Now now, l-let's not get out of hand". Mugino grumbled and he ruffled his hair. "Ah, I guess I didn't introduce myself that other time", he bowed. "Kazunari Urita, student council vice president". He waved and pushed Mugino along as he walked off. "S-Sorry if Ruri-chan was bothering you again."

Subaru sighed. "Aaah, of all the people to run into...". She giggled. "Ehe, whatever! We should get that takoyaki and watch the fireworks". She flashed a peace sign. "Ok, cmon girls!".

Track 2
A Big Crisis For The Club?!

I opened the door to see Yasuko and Ran chatting and some papers and a laptop spread out on the table. "Good afternoon, Umeko-san", Yasuko greeted me.

"Good afternoon. It's nice to finally be back in the clubroom, huh? Even if it means having classes and everything again...". She chuckled. "Yes, it is. Ah, maybe you know something about this; isn't there a shooting range in Akaiwa?". I sat down, a little taken aback. "Uuee, w-where did that come from?".

"Ah, I suppose that's a fair question", she answered. "Me and Yasu-chan were talking about that the other day", Ran added. I shrugged. "I wouldn't know about something like that at all". She closed the computer. "I guess that isn't something you're very interested in, is it?". I shook my head.

"Oh, what sort of paperwork are you doing, Yasuko-chan?". She straightened some papers. "We need to get in the report of any club activities and expenditures for July and over the summer vacation filed with the student council by Saturday". I tilted my head. "Shouldn't Subaru-chan be here for that since she's the president?". Yasuko chuckled a little again. "Subaru-san has plenty of strong suits, but doing paperwork isn't one of them."

I couldn't help but giggle a bit when I thought about it. Something else occured to me. "Where is she, actually?".

"Busy with her part-time job", Ran replied, closing the manga she'd been reading and turning to me. "So I'm not going to go easy on you today, Umeko-chaaan". I giggled again. I feel like I'm starting to get her, kinda, even if her jokes are still weird. I leaned back in my chair. Yasuko and Ran went back to what they were doing and I glanced at the time and my text messages.

"A-Anything interesting happen lately?", I tried to break the silence. "Besides studying and Ran-san's birthday I haven't done much since the festival", Yasuko answered. I sat up straight. "I-It was Ran-chan's birthday...?". Uuee, I guess maybe she still doesn't feel close enough to tell me or something. Ran shrugged. "The 19th. I don't think it's that big a deal."

Something seemed weird to me but I couldn't think of what. "When is yours Yasuko-chan?", I asked. "Oh, it's December 23rd."

"Mine's March 10th". I realized what was weird. "W-Wait, so that means Ran-chan is the oldest?". She nodded. "Ah, I guess you might not expect that."

"Really?", Ran, asked. She smirked a bit. "Just having big boobs doesn't make you more mature, Yasu-chaaan". Yasuko rolled her eyes. Uuee, t-this again?

"I-I was wondering something actually; are we using powered carts like we saw at Cassie-san's house?". Ran glanced over. "We'll install power rails eventually. Cheaper than buying fuel and it's faster."

"Ah, with powered rails it's easier to control them automatically too", Yasuko added. "Oh, I see". I leaned back again. The room was quiet enough that I started to focus on the sound of the clock ticking. "Uuee... It's kind of boring without Subaru-chan, huh?".

"Yeeeaahhh", Ran responded. I sighed. "I guess I'll leave early today."

"Umeko-chan, Umeko-chan! Bad news!". I looked at the door to see Subaru, looking out of breath for once. I closed my bag and stood up. "Uuee... W-What is it?". I walked over and followed her out of the classroom and down the hallways. "For some reason the student council wanted to talk to us! That can't be anything good, right?! Especially since it was that Mugino girl who came and told me!". We came to a door, and I noticed Mugino leaning up against the wall next to it, seeming like she was trying to look cool.

"You're not getting out of trouble this time, Subaru Hashibami!". She turned and looked at us with her usual tooth-bared smile, and Subaru glared at her. "Aaagh, what's your deal with me all the time anyway, shrimp?!". Mugino looked about ready to explode, but Subaru ignored her, opening the door and walking in.

"Uuee... H-Hey Mugino-san...". She glared back at me and huffed. I followed Subaru in, taking a seat next to her, and Mugino hurried in and took her seat on one side of the table to our right, across from Urita. Across from us was another girl, with long black hair and her hands steepled in front of her mouth. I guess she's student council president Wakagi?

Subaru grinned sheepishly and ruffled her hair. "Ehe... So what is this about?".

"A few things, Hashibami-san", Wakagi picked up a piece of paper. "I understand you're building a new minecart rail between the school and Akaiwa town?". Subaru nodded. "Yeah! It's gonna be the longest at any school in the country! Ehe, well, except for Hokkaido actually."

Wakagi continued. "Also, you spent 126,000 yen from the club budget on a plane ticket to America for Takenaka-san?". Subaru looked uneasy. "Ehe, yeah... Hey though, it was a club trip to study minecarts in practical use!". I glanced over at Mugino, who had a bit of a smug look on her face. "And your club has only four members?". Subaru nodded again. She seemed to be thinking the same thing I was thinking now. Wakagi put down the paper and crossed her arms. Subaru gulped.

"Given that your membership has been consistently low and is presently only four students, and your managment of your club budget, the student council has decided that after this semester's midterm exams the minecart club will be dissolved."

Subaru stood up. "But... But...!". She slammed her hand down on the table. She was almost crying. "Why...?! Why won't you do anything to save the school?! Why don't you even care about it?!". Mugino jumped out of her seat, looking mad. "Hey, you don't get to talk to Tomoko-senpai like that!". Urita stood up as well. "Now now, we can talk about this calmly, right everyone? Let's just sit down, ok?". Mugino reluctantly sat back down, followed by Urita. Subaru didn't budge.

"What do you mean by that, Hashibami-san?". She pointed her finger in Wakagi's face. "I heard you say the school was closing next year! And that it wasn't much of a loss to you!". Wakagi brushed her hair over her shoulder. "It's an old school without much money and it's out of the way for many students.". She clasped her hands again. "I can't do anything about that, so I'd rather work to make student life better for as long as the school remains open. Besides, the administration hasn't made any decision. The school certainly won't close before all current students graduate."

Wakagi stood up and walked away. "I'm sorry, Hashibami-san. For what it's worth, the student council will make another evaluation next month before making our final decision". Subaru sat back down, looking crushed.

Urita ruffled his hair. "I know this is upsetting, but like Wakagi-senpai said, the club will only be dissolved based on our next evaluation. If you can find a fifth member we'd definitely reconsider". Mugino pouted a bit and shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah, maybe."

"Ah, by the way", Urita added. "I guess you wanted to build part of your rail in Akaiwa?". Subaru nodded. "If Wakagi-senpai is open to it, I think the student council could go to the administration to see about getting permission from Akaiwa town". Mugino stood up again. "Huh?! Seriously, Kazu-kun?!". She turned to us. "No offense but I bet that's not gonna happen!". Urita stood up and ruffled his hair again. "Ah, well, anyway, good luck Hashibami-san."

Track 3
A Transfer Student In Class 1-1?! First Side

I tried to stifle a yawn as I walked into the classroom and took my seat by the window, gazing out. "Uuee... What are we gonna do now?".

"Morning Umechii!". I looked over at the door. "Good morning Ringo-chan, Shiori-chan...". Ringo hopped up and sat on my desk. "Good morning", Shiori replied. "You're here early, huh? You usually aren't here before me or Ringo-chan". I yawned again. "Uuee... I didn't sleep great...". Shiori adjusted her glasses. "Oh, that's not like you. Are you feeling alright?".

I leaned back in my chair. "I'm kinda worried about some club stuff I guess... W-We might get shut down...". Ringo blinked. "Eeeeehhhhh?!", she shouted, leaning in to my face. "Why's that, Umechii?!".

"Uuee... We only have four members right now, and I guess the student council was upset about the club budget...". I sighed. "I-I'm sure Subaru-chan will think of something, so I'm gonna try not to worry too much."

"Well, if you say so...", Ringo stood up and I laid my head down on my desk. "Uhuu, anyway, I wonder what that transfer student is gonna be like?!". I looked up again. "Transfer student...?".

"You didn't hear about that, Umechii?! I think they were supposed to be starting at the beginning of the semester but there was some sorta hold-up", Ringo answered, heading to her desk. "Weren't they transferring from a school overseas?", Shiori asked. Her and Ringo took their seats as the last few students filtered in.

Our homeroom teacher walked in and cleared her throat. "Before we start I'd like to introduce a student who will be joining us today". She turned to look at the door and a girl, with her dark brown hair tied up in a very long ponytail, stepped in.

She took a piece of chalk and wrote out her name in kanji before scrawing hiragana alongside it. She bowed. "My name's Naoka Katsura. Nice to meet y'all!". Kansai dialect? "Thank you, Katsura-kun; you can take the open seat in the back row. If you'd take attendance now Kusanagi-kun...". Shiori stood up and Katsura walked back and took her seat diagonally behind me, one seat over. Another uneventful few hours of classes before finally lunchtime came.

I opened up my lunchbox as I listened to a little bit of Katsura's conversation with the group of students who'd gathered to talk to her. "Where'd you go to school before you transferred?".

"I went to a girls' school in Korea since I started junior high; my dad had to move there for work", she answered. "Eeh, was that tough?!". I took a bite of omurice. I think I'm getting better at cracking the eggs lately... "A little, but it wasn't that bad. The languages are actually kinda similar, so I guess it just came naturally for me somehow."

"Are you from Osaka originally?", another girl asked. "Guess y'all can tell pretty easily, huh?". I took another bite and absentmindedly fiddled with my pencil. "Were you in any clubs? What sorta stuff are you interested in?".

"Maybe it's weird but I've always been interested in things like how machines work... I did taekwondo a little too". My pencil slipped out of my hand and fell on the floor. "Uuueee...", I turned around in my chair and leaned over to pick it up. "Hey, you're Umeko Takenaka-san right?". I grabbed the pencil and looked up at Katsura. I nodded. "Y-Yeah."

"I guess we're kinda neighbors, huh?". I ruffled my hair. "Uuee, yeah."

Subaru slumped down on the table as I took a seat. "Aaaagh! What are we gonna do, guys?! How can we find a new club member in the middle of the second semester?!". She banged her fist on the table. "That Mugino girl is ruining my life!". She lifted her head. "I had a dream she interrogated me over katsudon and found out about my part-time job last night! Aaaah, if she's watching to see me slip up I'm just gonna have to quit...!". Ran seemed gloomier than usual and even Yasuko looked a bit down.

"Ah, that's probably for the better anyway", Yasuko replied. "Eheee, I guess I don't need the extra money anymore, but...". She sighed. Ran flipped through her book. "How much have you been spending on gachas, Subaru-chan?". Subaru ruffled her hair. "Ehe, it isn't that much. Aaah, don't make fun of me like Yasu-chan does, Ran-chan!". She sighed and turned to me. "Hey, anything interesting going on, Umeko-chan?".

"Nothing really. Oh, I guess a girl transferred into my class, so...".

Subaru seemed to cheer up a bit. "Oh, cool! What's she like? Did you talk to her much?". She put her finger to her chin. "Meeting a transfer student is a turning point a lot of the time, huh?! Did she say anything to you like-", she lowered her voice. "'Do you value your life like it is? Do you love your friends and family? Then never change who you are, Umeko Takenaka!'?! Or tell you she's an esper sent by a secret organization to monitor someone in this school?!".

Ran giggled quietly. "Uuueeee... W-What are you talking about...? I mean, there was nothing like that at all...", I responded Yasuko chuckled. "Ah, most normal people might not know your anime jokes, Subaru-san". Subaru ruffled her hair again. "Ehe, it's not like either of those shows is obscure really."

"I-I do watch some anime sometimes I guess, l-like D*r**mon...". Subaru snapped her fingers, seemingly not noticing what I said. "Oh! I know what we're gonna do!".  She leapt out of her seat and jabbed her finger in my face. "Alright, Umeko-chan! Your mission is to recruit this girl to join the club!" ...Uuee?
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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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Really wasn't sure if I wanted to post this; it's depressing and I'm not sure it's very good. Haven't been doing too well lately so I ended up writing down a random sad story that I'd thought of last year. Madoka spoilers I guess.

Serenity Prayer

She slung her battered saber over her shoulder and turned to go, her clothes a little frayed. She looked back at the red-haired girl on her knees, her head lowered and her right hand grasping her upright spear with a tight but quivering grip. "It's time for me to go, Kyouko-chan."

Kyouko looked up, wiping tears from her eyes with her left hand. Angrily, she tossed her spear aside and reached out, struggling to try and stand but failing to. "W-What the hell are you talking about, Sayaka...?! Go where...?! L-Listen to me, stupid...!". She coughed, unable to keep up her harsh expression, and gazed up teary eyed at Sayaka

Sayaka wiped a tear from her eye and turned around, a sad smile on her face. "I can't stay in this world, ok?". She dropped her saber on the ground with a clang and stepped over to Kyouko, kneeling. "I have no regrets, you know...".

"S-Stupid Sayaka...", Kyouko whispered. "You said you didn't regret making a contract too... Dummy...". Sayaka patted her head. "Yeah... I was so stupid, huh?". She stood up. "What was that prayer you said once? 'Give me courage to change the things I can... Serenity to accept the things I cannot, and wisdom to know the difference'? I've been thinking about that...". She wiped away another tear. "I've always been so stubborn."

Kyouko shivered, reaching out and grabbing Sayaka's cape. "...Sayaka! Sayaka...!". She gulped, raising her head again. "You CAN change this! You don't... Have to go...". Sayaka shook her head. "It has to be this way, Kyouko-chan... Otherwise my wish for Kyousuke wouldn't...".

"...Sayaka!", Kyouko cried. "Just listen... To... Me... Just once... Ok, Sayaka?!". Tears streamed down her face. "C-Can't you be selfish for once in your life and do something for yourself...?!". She looked to the side a little. "...Or if you can't, do something for me...?!". She swallowed hard and took a deep breath. "He left you, didn't he?! He won't ever love you like... Like...", her voice lowered. "Like I do, Sayaka...". Sayaka blinked. "...I couldn't hear you, Kyouko-chan. S-Sorry."

She looked straight ahead at Sayaka. "I love you, ok...?!", she shouted. "Even though you're such a dummy and even though we fought so much I love you, Sayaka!". Sayaka blinked and softly giggled a little. She knelt down again. "I wish you had told me sooner. I could have been fine with that, loving another girl... Maybe if things were different it could have worked out...".

"It took me so long to realize...", Kyouko whispered. She tried to smile, making a pained face. "I'm a dummy too". Sayaka stood back up. "...If you stay we could see if-". Sayaka cut her off. "I've made up my mind, Kyouko-chan. I'm sorry, but...". Her tears welled up and she turned away again, waving over her shoulder as she walked away. "I guess I'm leaving with one regret after all..."

"SAYAKA!", Kyouko cried out. She broke down completely, sobbing. "Sayaka...! Sayaka...!". She collapsed, laying on the ground. "I guess that's just like you...", she sniffled, managing to smile a little and closing her eyes. "Even in the end you were an idiot, Sayaka...". When she finally awoke again, she was alone.

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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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ToroKoko – Rideable Minecart High School 10th Book
Now with more Nabber bait!

Track 1
A Transfer Student In Class 1-1?! Second Side

"Hey, want to go somewhere on the way home?". I stuffed my textbooks into my bag and looked over at Shiori. "I can't today; it's my turn to help clean again. Uuee, sorry...". She shook her head. "No, it's fine. See you tomorrow, Umeko-chan!". I nodded. "Yeah. Want to do something Saturday or Sunday then?". She wiped off her glasses with a tissue and put them back on. "I have cram school on Saturday but Sunday would be nice. It feels like the three of us haven't gone out and had lunch somewhere in ages."

Shiori waved and walked off and I went to the closet to get a broom, only to see Katsura there with another girl. "Oh... I forgot you had cleaning duty today, Katsura-san". She handed me a broom. "Hey, Takenaka-san!". I took it. "Thank you...".

The three of us got to work moving the desks and chairs and sweeping the floor. Uuee, I-I guess I should try asking her, right...? "H-Hey Katsura-san...". She glanced at me from the blackboard she'd just finished clearing. "Yeah?".

"Uuee... Umm, have you thought about what club you're going to join?"

"Uh, a little bit". I took a deep breath and stepped forward. "W-Would you consider joi- Uuee!", I felt my foot catch on something and let go of the broom, putting my ams out and trying to steady myself. I slipped, realizing I'd managed to step on the broom's brush, and fell flat on my face.

"A-Are you okay, Takenaka-san?", Katsura asked with a bit of a blank expression. "K-Kind of...", I answered, stumbling to my feet. "A-Anyway", I gulped. "P-Please join the minecart club, we're poor!". Uuee...? I tried to make sense of what I'd just said and Katsura just looked at me, confused. "Uuee, o-or something like that, o-ok?".

"...Huh? You sure you're ok?". I nodded, ruffling my hair. "Y-Yeah, I'm ok, really, Katsura-san. I-I'm just going to finish cleaning now...!". I got back to sweeping. Uuee, I guess I'm not going to be able to make a good first impression...

"Uh, I heard we had a minecart club. I guess I'll consider it". I almost dropped my broom turning around to look at her again. "Uuee, really?! Oh, I-I mean, it's just that we really need members or we might get shut down so...". I finished sweeping and put my broom back, turning to Katsura again and bowing. "So, umm, I'm just grateful you'll consider it is all!". I left the room in a little bit of a hurry. I'm kinda acting like Subaru now huh? Uuueee, and Katsura must think I'm such an idiot now...!

The next two and a half days passed by uneventfully as we worked on the rail and I tried not to bother Katsura after my clumsy attempt to invite her to join the club. I sighed, opening my lunchbox and popping a piece of octopus sausage in my mouth. "Uuee... It's Saturday already and Katsura-san hasn't said anything yet...". I saw Shiori stand up and walk over to me. "Ah, Umeko-chan, I'm leaving."

"You aren't having any lunch...?". She slung her bag over her shoulder. "I should get going. I'll just get a burger on the way".

"Oh, right, I forgot you had cram school today. See you tomorrow then, Shiori-chan". She nodded and walked out of the classroom, and I went back to eating, happening to notice Katsura quietly eating her lunch. I took a deep breath and turned around in my chair. "K-Katsura-san...?". She took a bite of a tempura shrimp and looked up. "Yeah?".

"Uuee, uummm, I was just wondering if you thought any more about what club you wanted to join". She swallowed the last bite of shrimp. "Oh, I looked at the flyers... Your club doesn't seem to have one up though."

"Oh, we, don't...? Uuee...". She put down her chopsticks and looked at me blankly. "By the way, are you a dummy?". I blinked. "Uuee?". Wait, this is exactly what I was afraid of isn't it?! Uueee... "Because you were acting weird the other day". I sighed. "Oh, yeah... I guess I'm kind of shy and awkward... But I had to ask since you did say you were interested in machines, and since the club is so important to my friends...". I fidgeted a bit in my chair. "Well, I'll come and check out your club since you didn't have a flyer, I guess", she responded.

"R-Really?!". Katsura looked off to the side a bit. "B-Because you're being kinda pitiful about it, dummy". I-I guess I'll take it. I closed up my empty lunchbox and put it in my bag, standing up. "T-Thank you, Katsura-san. Oh, I'm going to the clubroom now, so...".

She stood up. "I'm busy today so I'll go on Monday", she stopped in the doorway and looked back at me. "Don't trip and hurt yourself, bless your heart". Uuee? She left, and I headed to the clubroom, smiling as I opened the door to see the same gloomy scene that had become usual lately, with Subaru slumped down on the table, Ran reading in the corner, and Yasuko looking concerned.

"Aaaagh, we're running out of time...!", Subaru grumbled, sitting up. "Oh, hey Umeko-chan...", she perked up. "Hey, is something up? You look like you're in a good mood, huh?! Cmon, tell me...!". I giggled. "Oh, yeah, there is. I talked to Katsura-san again today and she said she would come check out the club!". Subaru grinned, jumping out of her seat, hugging me and spinning around. "I knew you could do it! We're saved, Umeko-chan!". She let go of me and I dizzily sat down and leaned my head back in the chair.

Yasuko cleared her throat. "Ah, let's not be too excited when she hasn't joined yet, Subaru-san. After all, she didn't get back to Umeko-san for a few days". I sat up straight. "Uuee, actually she said she couldn't find any flyers for the minecart club on the bulletin board...". Subaru looked off to the side and ruffled her hair. "Ehehe, i-is that so?". She hung her head and put her hands together above her head. "I'm really really sorry guys, I totally forgot to make that flyer this spring!".

She looked up, a little teary. "Aaagh, maybe we wouldn't be in such a mess if I had! This is a disaster! Another disaster!". Ran put her book down and stood up, walking over and sitting down next to Subaru. "Subaru-chan... Uh; try to cheer up...". I giggled a little at that coming from Ran, and she glanced at me with her usual blank expression. "Ah, Subaru-san hasn't been taking this well", Yasuko interjected. I nodded. "Y-Yeah."

Subaru slammed her hand down on the table. "Ok! Next week we've got two big missions!". She stood up. "One, we've gotta make a good impression on Katsura-san! Two, ehe, we've gotta make flyers! Especially since the cultural festival is gonna be here before we know it and there's gonna be a ton of possible students coming and getting their first taste of Shin Ojimachi!". She ruffled her hair. "Ehehe, I guess I'll take care of designing a flyer since I was the one who messed up in the first place, though."

Track 2
A Chance Encounter?!

"Did you ever decide where you wanted to go, Shiori-chan?". She shrugged her shoulders as we walked. "Like I said, I'd be fine with pretty much anything. Ah, when was the last time we did karaoke together, though?". I tried to remember. "It must've been around new year's, right, Ringo-chan?".

"Yeah, think so", Ringo answered. She sighed. "Uhuuu, Shiorin, you know I'm a terrible singer". Shiori laughed. "Oh yeah. ActualIy I kinda forgot, mercifully."

"Shioriiiinnnn...!". Shiori rolled her eyes. "You admitted you're terrible". Ringo sighed again. "It's just different when someone else says it!". I sighed. "Uueee... I-I don't really feel like singing either". Shiori adjusted her glasses. "Alright. You have a taste for anything then, Ringo-chan?". We stopped and waited for the crosswalk. "Yeah, I could go for some ramen. It got kinda chilly today after all". I nodded. "Oh, yeah, you're right; ramen does sound good then. Uuee, the weather this year has been really weird...".

We crossed the street and kept walking. "I know, right? It was so hot this spring and now it's already getting chilly when it's almost still summer". Shiori took her phone out of her pocket. "I guess climate change is becoming a serious problem, huh? Anyway, do you know the ramen shops around here Ringo-chan?".

"I think there's one right by here that I've heard good things about", Ringo answered. She pointed across the street. "Oh yeah, that one!". I tilted my head a little reading the sign. Kimuraya? Oh, right, I remember. We crossed the street and walked in to the mostly empty shop under the red curtains over the doorway.

"Welcoooome", I heard a familiar monotone voice say. I looked and saw Ran standing behind the counter, looking bored and wearing a white bandana and apron. "Oh; Umeko-chan", she added. "So this is your family's place, huh Kimura-san?", Ringo responded. Ran nodded and I noticed Shiori uneasily adjust her glasses. "Good afternoon, Ran-chan... Oh, Ringo-chan, Shiori-chan, do you want to sit at the bar or one of the tables?".

"It's gotta be the bar since you're friends with the Kimura-san, right Umechii?!", Ringo replied. Shiori fidgeted with her glasses again. "I-I think I'd prefer a table actually."

"I'm fine with either so...", I trailed off as Ringo sat down at the counter. "You're always so shy, Shiorin! Uhu, no wonder you've never had a boyfriend huh?". I took a seat and Shiori reluctantly sat down on the opposite side of me from Ringo. "What makes you think I'm even interested in that?", Shiori asked, seeming annoyed. "Uhuhu, you don't really talk about it so I don't know which way you swing". Ringo grinned and leaned over me to look at Shiori. "You into girls then?".

Shiori sighed and put her hand over her face. "That's not how I meant it, you know". I-I can't tell if she facepalmed just because she's annoyed or because she's blushing a little... "You gonna order?", Ran asked. "Uuee, y-yeah, sorry". She shrugged. "Ah; it's fine, we aren't busy."

"Hey Umechii, what's good here?", Ringo asked. "I haven't actually been here, Ringo-chan... Oh, I guess Ran-chan made her family recipe miso ramen for us when we went to the beach though and that was good". I ruffled my hair a little. "So I'll have that, I guess". Ringo raised her hand. "Me too! Make that three miso ramen!". Shiori glared over at her. "Hey, don't order for me too!".

Ringo giggled and put her hands behind her head. "Fiiiiine, Shiorin. What do you wanna get?". Shiori looked up at the menu board for a while and then turned her head away a little. "...Fine, I'll have a miso ramen."

"Alriiight, three miso ramen; that's 760 yen a bowl."

"Are you the only one here, Ran-chan?", I asked. "Parents are taking a break and my brother's out; it's slow this time on weekends". She dumped noodles in three bowls of broth and topped them with pork, egg, and bean sprouts. "You have a brother...?". She nodded, walking around the counter with the tray and setting down our bowls.

"Oh, by the way Umeko-chan, how are things at your club lately?", Shiori asked, pulling her chopsticks apart. "Are you still having trouble?".

"W-Well, we might be able to get a fifth member since Katsura-san is going to check out the club tomorrow. The student council vice president said if we got another member they'd reconsider shutting the club down". Ringo finished slurping up some noodles. "That's good news, Umechii! I'll be rooting for you!".

"Thanks, Ringo-chan". I took a sip of broth. "It's delicious, Ran-chan!". Shiori took a bite of pork. "Ah, yeah, it's really good."

"Thaaaanks; ah, want some water or anything?". I nodded. "Yeah, thank you". Ringo's hand went up. "Yeah, I'll take some water too!".

"Ah, sure", Shiori added. Ran poured three glasses and stepped around the counter again, handing them to us. "Actually, how about your club Ringo-chan?", Shiori asked.

"I've been wanting to draw a yuri doujin but most of the girls in the doujinshi club are more into yaoi; I'm into both though so it's not a big deal. I guess mostly we've been drawing T**ken R*nbu art lately."

"...You aren't drawing anything inappropriate are you?", Shiori asked, staring across at Ringo. She grinned. "Uhu, if I think it's appropriate to draw it doesn't that make it appropriate?!". Shiori sighed. "Forget I asked."

"Ah; you draw, Yutani-san?", Ringo asked. She nodded. "Yeah! Oh, you're in to anime and manga, right? You ever been to Comiket before?". Ran shook her head. "Our club is going to Winter Comiket; you and Hashibami-san want to come? If we get in it's gonna be my first time participating as a circle actually, but we'll be going either way!", she leaned over me again. "You too Umechii, Shiorin!".

"That could be fun", Ran answered. "Uuee... D-Didn't you say Comiket is pretty scary though, Ringo-chan...?", I asked. "Yeah, think I'll pass", Shiori added. Ringo sighed. "Uhuuu, it'd be fun though, guys!".

Ran leaned over the counter, whispering to Shiori just loud enough I could hear her. "By the way, you get a Nico from those L*ve L*ve blind boxes, Kusanagi-saaaan?". Shiori's face went a little red again as Ran smirked and stood up. "W-What?! That was a month ago, and w-why would you even care anyway?!".

Ringo drank the last of her broth and put her bowl down. "Hey, what'd she say to you Shiorin?!", she leaned over me yet again. "Cmon, tell me!"

"I-I absolutely won't!", Shiori shouted back. I sighed. "Uuueee... I-I'm still trying to eat, Ringo-chan, Shiori-chan...".

Track 3
A Tour Of The Minecart Club?!

"Hey, Takenaka-san? Takenaka-san?". Someone poked my cheek. "Hey, dummy-san". I snapped to it. "Uuee?! W-Was I spacing out?! S-Shiori-chan, Ringo-chan?!". I saw Shiori putting her textbooks in her bag. "Yeah, you were spacing out". I sighed and looked at Katsura standing next to my desk, leaning down to my eye level with her arms crossed and looking annoyed. "Uuee, sorry, Katsura-san". I ruffled my hair a little. "Y-You don't have to call me a dummy though, do you?".

"You were spacing out like you're a dummy". I clumsily stuffed my books and homework papers in my bag and stood up. "S-Sorry". I sighed and slung the bag over my shoulder. "I'm going to the clubroom now, Katsura-san, so...".

"That's why I was trying to get your attention in the first place."

"Oh, right...". She followed me down the hallways to the clubroom door. Uuee, I wonder what Subaru-chan would do to try and make a good impression on Katsura-san... I took a deep breath as I opened the door. "Good afternoon...".

"Oh, hey, Umeko-chan!", Subaru shouted, sitting at the table in front of a laptop. She jumped out of her chair. "Oh, this must be Katsura-san?!". Katsura bowed. "I'm Naoka Katsura; good afternoon y'all". Subaru bowed and Yasuko stood up. "Subaru Hashibami! This is Yasuko Matsuoka-chan!". Yasuko bowed. "It's nice to meet you in person, Katsura-san."

"And this is Ran Kimura-chan! And you know Umeko-chan of course!". Ran turned in her chair, putting down a glossy technical book, and gave a sort of bow. "Good eveniiiing". She quickly got back to reading. "Ah; how's your flyer coming, Subaru-chan?". Subaru ruffled her hair. "Ehe, I'm not exactly a great graphic designer... But I think it's coming along ok!". She flopped back down in her chair. "Geeze, this software is hard to learn though!". She bolted up again, shouting. "...Wait though, we've got more important things to do!". She turned to face me and Katsura and dramatically cleared her throat.

"Welcome to Shin Ojimachi High School Minecart Club, Katsura-san! As a club we are dedicated to furthering the understanding and appreciation of minecarts through study and hands-on experiences, and by doing so enrich the high school experience and contribute to economic, social, and intellectual well being of our world". Uuee, it's basically the same goofy speech she gave me, huh... "In short, we're a club for anyone who loves minecarts!", she flashed a peace sign.

Katsura looked a little confused. Uuee, I bet she thinks Subaru is a dummy too. "...Sorry, but, what sort of things do you do with minecarts to do all that?". Subaru slumped a bit. She stood up straight and ruffled her hair again. "Ehe, well, we're building a minecart track to Akaiwa and we built a minecart this Spring! Oh, we've got another minecart that we're gonna restore some time! I guess we do just fun stuff together too, like going to the beach and going to Oregon."

She sat back down. "What about you though Katsura-san? Are you interested in minecarts at all?". Katsura and me sat down and she hesitantly nodded. "Uh, a little bit. I've always been interested in machines and I have a relative I've met a few times who worked with them."

"Oh, cool! What sort of work?!", Subaru asked excitedly.

"He maintained minecarts in a coal mine...", Katsura answered, seeming a tiny bit nervous. Yasuko quietly cleared her throat. "Ah, with apologies to Subaru-san, she can be quite a handful, Katsura-san", she said. Subaru grinned sheepishly and ruffled her hair again. "Ehe, I can't really dispute that". I giggled a little and Yasuko went on. "So if it seems overwhelming to you I understand, but I don't want you to get the impression we aren't a serious club". She smiled. "Please consider it carefully."

Subaru sighed. "Aaaah, you're better at this than me, Yasu-chan". She turned to look at Katsura again. "Anyway, we'd be really glad to have you!". I nodded. "Yeah! I'm glad you took the time to consider joining even after I acted like a dummy, so...". Subaru giggled and snapped her fingers. "Ehehe, I bet you're just excited to have an underclassman here, Umeko-chan!", she pointed her finger at Katsura. "Ok, if you join I'm going to make sure you call her Umeko-senpai!".

I sighed. "Uuee... C-Can someone really be an underclassman when they're in the same class?". I thought of something. "Oh, you should come and see our minecarts and everything Katsura-san". She perked up a bit and finally looked like she was interested in what we were saying. "Yeah, I'd like to before I decide anything."

"Oh, that's a good idea, Umeko-chan", Subaru said, jumping out of her chair. "We could go down now if you want even, Katsura-san!". Ran closed her book and stood up while Yasuko finished putting some papers away in a folder. Katsura bowed a bit. "I-I'd like to if y'all don't mind."

We followed Subaru out of the room, downstairs, and out the door behind the school. "It's just past here", she said as we walked under the trees to the clearing with our shed and rail. I felt a little weird somehow, like someone was following us. Uuee, there can't be anyone, right? Who would even want to follow us?

"We've gotten this place cleaned up a lot since I joined the club, huh?", I said as Subaru and Ran opened the shed doors and we walked in. "Ah, we really have made a lot of progress since spring", Yasuko replied. "It's easy to lose track". Katsura's eyes lit up looking at the minecart. "Y'all made this? It's really good."

"Yeah! Well me and Ran-chan mainly, and Umeko-chan helped out too". She knelt down, examining it. I ruffled my hair a little. "Uuehe... Mainly I just packed sand for casting". She stepped over to the rusty cart in the corner of the shed. "I-Is this a Russian Vk64?". She looked closer. "Oh, or maybe not...?".

"Close actually; a Vk71", Ran answered. "Oh, you knew that Katsura-san?! That's cool!", Subaru shouted. Katsura smiled a little awkwardly. "Oh, uh, I guess! My cousin worked in Sakhalin, so...". She stood up and stretched her arms. "Thanks for showing me this stuff."

"No problem!", Subaru answered. She put her finger to her chin. "Oh, they're Russian? Hey actually, does that mean you could get us design drawings so we could restore it faithfully?!". Katsura got a little nervous. "My father's family is Korean actually, but...", she answered quietly. We walked out of the shed and Katsura looked over at the trees next to it. "A-Anyway, anyone get a weird feeling earlier?!".

"Actually I did feel kinda like someone was following or watching us...", I said. Subaru stared intently. She pointed her finger at a tree. "Oh, yeah, there is someone there!". The girl standing behind the tree realized she'd been spotted and darted out, and Katsura took a fighting stance. "What are you doing following us?!". She started to kick, and my eyes went wide seeing the one following us had been Mugino. "Uuee, stop! S-She's on the student council...!".

Katsura stopped, but Mugino had already jumped back a bit, and the dark sunglasses she was wearing fell off her face. Subaru pointed her finger at her. "Hey, what are you doing here Mugino?!". She pouted. "W-We keep on eye on all the clubs!", she jabbed her finger at us. "A-Anyway, what's the meaning of trying to attack a member of the disciplinary committe, Subaru Hashibami?!".

"Hey, what do I have to do with this?!", Subaru pouted. "Huh, isn't this girl with you, Subaru Hashibami?!". Subaru grinned sheepishly and ruffled her hair, looking off to the side. "Ehe, well, sorta... Hey, we didn't do anything wrong though!". The two of them glared at eachother and Katsura looked dumbfounded about the whole thing. "Uuueee... C-C-Calm down guys...!", I shouted. Yasuko stood between the two of them. "My my...".

Mugino pouted. "Fine", she stomped off, before stopping and quickly walking back to pick up her sunglasses, dust them off, and put them back on. "T-This is exactly why I need to keep an eye on you though!". She ran off and I sighed. "Uuee... S-She really looks like a suspicious person with those sunglasses on though."

"Ah; I was kinda hoping for a fight", Ran smirked. Subaru giggled and I sighed again. "Uuueeee...".

Shiori opened the front door and we stepped into the entryway of her house, slipping off our shoes and not bothering to put on slippers. "Uuee, I hope I'm not imposing too much...", I said. Shiori shrugged, pulling off her kneesocks and tossing them in a laundry hamper. "It's fine. I don't know why you and Ringo-chan felt the need to come over just because it's my birthday though. Ah, want some tea?".

"Oh, I'll make it. I mean, it's your birthday and I'm kind of imposing anyway...". She sighed. "Aagh, you're embarrasing me. It's not like I'm a kid anymore". I giggled a little and she walked in to the kitchen. "Whatever, you just want a soda or something if you feel like you're imposing Umeko-chan?".

"Sure, that's fine", I answered, sitting down in the living room. She came back with two bottles and handed me one. "Actually, where was Ringo-chan today?", I asked as Shiori sat down. She sighed. "She decided she had to go to Akiba to some shop that had a midnight launch for P*rs*na 5, and she tells me 'uhuhu, just say I'm sick at school! I'll feel sick anyway after playing all night!'". She opened her juice and chugged it. "She just always acts so irresponsibly."

I took a sip of ramune. "Uuee, I'm surprised you didn't say anything about that in homeroom". Shiori seemed to blush a bit. "I-It's not like Ringo-chan is my responsibility". I felt my phone buzz. "I wonder if that's her now". I pulled it out and checked my messages. "Oh, it's from Subaru-chan."

I smiled reading it and Shiori glanced over at me. "What'd she say?". I typed a quick reply and put my phone away. "She said Katsura-san is going to join our club!".

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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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Unlocked the side story for Rin's KiraKira Sensation Rare card and couldn't resist writing a story after she talked about going stargazing with Maki.

Shooting Star

"Oi, Rin", Maki had said that afternoon as they left practice. "Want to go somewhere tonight? I-I mean--", she twirled a strand of her hair. "--don't take this in some weird way, Hanayo just asked me to do something for you ok?!".

"...Eh, Kayochin did, nya?". Rin slung her bag over her shoulder. "Sure, Maki-chan!".

Rin shuffled her feet as she walked up the stone path on the hillside, trailing behind Maki, and shivered a little as a gust of wind blew through the trees behind her. Maki stopped, unrolling a blanket and laying it down on a grassy spot. Rin finally caught up, plopping down on the blanket. "It's not like you not to just run up", Maki said, sitting down and opening her bag. She took out a thermos, pouring it into a mug and handing it to Rin. "Cocoa?".

Rin smiled. "Mmm, sure, Maki-chan!". She took the cup and drank a sip as Maki poured some for herself and closed the thermos up. "Hey, you never told me what you wanted to do, Maki-chan? Hey, wasn't Kayochin coming?". Maki shook her head. "Hanayo told me when you were freaking out over failing your English midterm this afternoon--", she took a sip of cocoa. "--that you've always liked to look at the stars when you were having trouble."

The two of them looked up at the clear autumn sky over the city. "I'm the same way. It always inspires me when I look up at the sky and see the stars shining". Maki smiled a little, just gazing up for a minute or two. "You better make sure you pass the make-up exam though."

Rin smiled, setting her half-empty cup down on the blanket. "Mhm! I definitely will with Maki-chan's help, nya!". She threw her arms around Maki. "Hey, be more careful or I'll spill my cocoa!". Rin let go, but stayed sitting close to Maki and leaning on her. Maki sighed, looking away. "Seriously, Rin...".

"Hey, hey, do you know any of the names of the constellations and stuff, Maki-chan?!".

"Huh, don't you?". Rin giggled. "Haha, I like looking at the stars but I don't really know much about them. Could you try and teach me that, too?!". Maki sighed again, but smiled a little. "Fine", she pointed up. "To start with, that bright one is called Polaris."

"Oh, that's the one that never seems to move, nya!". Maki nodded. "It's almost directly in line with the Earth's axis, so as Earth turns it looks like the other stars spin around it". She traced her finger. "And this group of stars around it is Ursa Minor... You must have known a little bit about these ones, right?". Rin suddenly pointed up as a shooting star flashed across the sky. "Maki-chan look, look!". She closed her eyes as it passed by and opened them again.

"...What'd you wish for, Maki-chan?", she asked.

"What? I don't get why I would", Maki answered. "It's just a silly superstition". Rin pouted and took another sip of cocoa. "You're no fun sometimes, Maki-chan!". She giggled. "...I wished that me and you and Kayochin could be friends together forever nya!".

"What kind of wish is that when it's something that's up to us anyway? I mean--", Maki looked off to the side, even though in the dark, Rin couldn't see her face go a tiny bit red. "--I'm not going to stop being friends with you either, so...".

"Mmm, thanks Maki-chan, nyaaaa...". Rin leaned on her and started quietly snoring. "...Huh?". Maki shook her a bit. "I'm not going to carry you back home, you know!". Rin came too, sitting up a bit unsteadily and rubbing her eyes. Maki looked up at the stars and couldn't help but smile.


While I'm posting I'll put these scenes I wrote trying to get a feel for a character here too.

[Untitled DnD related thing]

The small boat bobbed gently up and down on the water as it sailed, a cool spring breeze blowing over the sails and the evening sun low in the sky ahead. The shoreline of the cape rose to their left and the city of Athkatla behind them. Granya held the tiller, her father, Ronan, keeping it steady with one hand, the other holding the mainsail taught with a rope. "Are you ready?", he asked. Granya nodded, her expression a mix of excitement and apprehension. "Mhm!". She took a deep breath and concentrated. Ronan slowly removed his hand from the tiller and eased up on the rope. "Port helm!".

Granya's eyes lit up, and she pushed it left, the boat lurching rightward. "A little too fast; ease up just a bit!". She pulled it back slightly and they smoothly turned, sails flapping as the boat crossed the eye of the wind. Ronan knelt, ducking his head as the boom swung around and they completed a ninety-degree turn. He pulled the sail in, and Granya eased up on the ruddar until the sail stopped flapping, letting it rest. She beamed, her mouth agape. "I did it, I did it!".

Ronan smiled at her. "You did well. I was older than you are the first time I helmed a boat if I recall". He tousled her hair. "You'll make a great sailor some day, Granya."

"Are you sailing again soon, daddy?", she beamed up at him. "Yes; to Snowdown in about a week's time."

Granya looked at him pleadingly. "Can I come with you? I really want to sail on a big ship too!". He laughed. "Not yet, not yet. But when you're a little older, I promise. Now--", he loosened up on the sails. "--Let's try tacking back, and then we'll turn and run downwind to port before the wind turns. We promised your mother we'd be on land early enough to help her prepare dinner after all."

She grinned, giving a loose salute before taking hold of the tiller with both hands. "Aye aye!".

Grinning and with fire in my eyes, I skipped backwards, leaning to and fro to dodge the thrusts of the wooden sword. My sparring partner Egil, our ship's Illuskan captain, changed tactics, swinging it instead. I barely ducked it in time, hitting the ship's deck and rolling out of the way. Glancing what I thought was an opening, I jabbed with my own singlestick, stopping short an inch from his neck. I blinked, hearing some scattered applause from the handful of other hands watching our duel, and got on my feet.

"That's the first time you've got the better of me, Granya. You've taken to swordfighting quite well since I've been teaching you". Egil dropped his weapon. "You'd really never touched a sword before you joined this crew?". I shook my head. "Nope! I wasn't a circus girl either". He threw his head back and laughed. "Well, you'd have done well as a performer with how quick you are on your feet."

I shook my head. "Maybe as an acrobat, but I can't sing worth *bleep*". I dropped my sword and cracked a grin. "A'ight captain, your bet was if I could best you in a year, all my drinks next port call would come out of your share from the voyage."

Egil laughed again. "Old smuggler *bleep* or not, I'm a man of my word... All goes well tonight we'll make Waterdeep by tomorrow evening."

As if on cue, a gust of wind blew across our deck, knocking around our practice weapons. I shivered, pulling my cloak closer, still not used to the cold seasons in these parts. I grabbed the swords and turned my head up at the gray sky.

"The storm's coming in sooner than I'd like", Egil remarked, looking up at the darkening clouds. I felt a drop of rain on my head. "Reef topsails!", he bellowed out, and the crew starting scrambling. I tossed the swords to Egil and started scurrying up the rigging myself.

I yawned, leaning on the railing and looking out over the ocean, the full moon reflected on the calm sea. Not even half way through my night watch and I'm already exhausted and my mind is wandering. I'm not usually much of an introspective one. It's been a little over a year now since I joined up with this crew. The excitement I wanted, I've certainly gotten, but...

'It's no great crime if we happen to place some cargo in a hidden compartment. It's just extra space after all!', Egil had explained his view on things, around the time I'd signed on and his ship's less-than-legal activities had been brought up. 'And if we happen to misremember some of our cargo, say, when a customs inspector asks, an honest mistake! All sailors are drunkards, after all!', he'd added, grinning and chuckling, over a mug of ale, of course. I suppose so. Hell, I'd probably cheat on taxes.

It gave me pause though. My father had always strived to be an upstanding man as a sailor, as a merchant, as a father and husband, and I don't like to think about how he would see this line of work. But it was hard not to think about it, almost alone as we sailed for Baldur's Gate. More than half way home.

"I want a *bleep*ing beeeeeer...!". I sighed, holding up the small stone amulet on a cord around my neck, a crescent moon shape carved on its face. I glanced up at the moon, closing my eyes and muttering some half-hearted thanks to Selûne. I smiled a little. "Smooth seas at least."


Minecart High School book 11 ETA: idk lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sayaka Magica chapter 2 ETA: you probably forgot that story existed; I didn't forget but that doesn't mean I've like, worked on it

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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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Nico Nico Noir

–Detective Nico's Trouble Busters and the Case of the Akiba Miracle Maid–

It was the last days of July, sunny and stiflingly hot as I sat in my office. Actually, it was the Idol Research Club at Otonokizaka High School, but as I was the only member it may as well have been my office. I left the school idol life behind long ago. Actually, all the other members betrayed me and left because they couldn't keep up with me. Aaaahhh, being a high school detective is such a waste of Nico Ni's talents and cute looks nico~...

Anyway, I was just about to leave the office for the day when the door creaked open. I expected one of the usual visitors from the student council who I might on a good day charitably call friends, Eli or Nozomi, but it was someone else today. A worried-looking young lady with blazing orange hair she'd tied up to one side in a ponytail with a sunny yellow ribbon and blue eyes like an uneasy ocean. Huh, too flowery?! I don't know what you mean nico~. After all, to be a school idol you need to be able to write beautiful words so you can compose lyrics nico~!

She slipped off her blazer and hung it up on the coat rack before sitting down across from me at the table. "Honoka Kousaka, right? You're with that wannabe idol group µ's", I said. She blinked and smiled uneasily. "Ehehehe, yeah, I'm Honoka. You can't call us wannabes though!".

"Whatever, spit it out then", I lit up a cigarette and took a drag. Actually, I just put a pocky in mouth to look cooler and more noir-like. Smoking is no good when you have such a cute voice to take care of nico~!. "What kind of job do you have for me?".

"Oh, yeah", she shifted awkwardly in her chair. "One of my friends, Kotori Minami-chan, she's also in µ's, has been acting weird lately. Like, she leaves school early and skips practice and she won't tell us where she's going", Honoka bolted up. "Don't you think she could be mixed up in something and in trouble?!".

"You got a photo of this girl?", I asked, swallowing the last bite of pocky. She took out her cell phone and showed me a picture of a gentle-looking girl with long light brown hair. "Alright, so you want me to tail her?". I snickered. "Hmhmhmhm... You may not know it from my cute looks but I'm actually the world champion of disguise...". I smiled. "So, when should I start nico~?".

I slipped my heavy gray coat on over my pink cardigan, put on my mask, and finally draped my scarf around my shoulders. I pulled the mask down to speak. "So, you said she was ditching your practice today?". Besides Honoka again like yesterday, two of her friends had gathered in my office, Umi Sonoda and Maki Nishikino. "Mhm, yeah...", Umi answered.

I put on my sunglasses. "Ok... Hey, you, Maki Nishikino right?", I pointed at her. She looked a little annoyed. "Huh? Yeah, what is it?".

"Do you want to be my new assistant, nico~?". She frowned. "...Your assistant? I don't get it; what does that mean?!". She turned to go, flicking her tomato red hair over her shoulder with a dramatic flourish. I sighed. "The truth is--", I turned up my Nico Ni charms, striking my signature Nico Nico Nii pose, "--you're a top student and Nico isn't so great with detail stuff or paperwork, ok nico~? So I need an assistant to help out nico~!".

Her eyebrows twitched. "Huh, what sort of argument is that supposed to be?! I-", I cut her off abruptly.  "You got that? You should be honored I'm asking if you want to, nico."

"Eeuh, w-what's with these changes in character...?", Honoka asked. She thought about something for a moment. "I think you should do it, Maki-chan! If it will help Nico-senpai find out what's up with Kotori-chan!".

"Huh, what do you-...", Maki trailed off. "Fine, whatever, I'll try it. Do what you want". I handed her one of my spare pairs of sunglasses to disguise herself and she relutantly followed me down stairs and out to the gate, catching sight of Kotori looking like a lost little bird, worriedly glancing right and left as she walked across the street to the bus stop and got on. "Follow that car!", I yelled, pointing at the bus as the other passengers boarded.

"Huh? How are we supposed to follow her without getting on?", Maki asked. I snickered. "Hmhmhm... You'll see, Maki". I grabbed my keys out of my pocket, showing them off as I walked over to my bright red car. "Check it out, nico~!". Maki looked at me funny. "Huh, you can drive, Nico-chan? Seriously?". I glared at her. "Huh, what do you mean seriously?! I turned 18 last week and got my license, what's weird about that?".

Maki pulled the handle, jumping back as the gullwing door swung up and forwards. Annoyed, she got in and closed the door as I sat down, turned the key, and stepped on the gas, following the bus as it headed in to Akihabara. The place where all those rejected by the mainstream of Japanese society flow to. Actually, while I'm here I should check if there's any new A-RISE merch for sale today.

"Nico-chan, you realize she's getting off here right?", Maki asked flatly. W-What, is she?! I looked around to see Kotori stepping off the bus. "Of course I did nico~, you think we can just stop here and let her know we've been tailing her?", I swerved to park. "It's unfortunate, but you still have a lot to learn Maki~". I got out of the car, sweating under my disguise and my school uniform.

We stealthily followed behind as Kotori made her way to an ordinary example of Akiba's many maid cafes, watching from across the street as she disappeared inside. I gestured to Maki to go closer and we crossed the street, peering in the windows. We waited for a while before finally catching a glance of the shocking scene as she emerged from the back room, dressed in a perfect french maid outfit. "Huuh, is this her secret?!", I asked incredulously. "She's just working as a maid? Big deal... Wait--", I gasped, "--maybe she's hiding it because she is in trouble? Maybe someone forced her to work as a maid, or worse-".

"What's up with this overactive imagination?", Maki asked. I frowned at her. "You'd understand how dangerous it is for cute girls if you were cute, nico~". Her eyebrows twitched again. "W-What is that supposed to mean?! I'm plenty cu- Oi, more importantly isn't she running away?!". While we'd been arguing, I later learned, Kotori had stepped outside to hand out flyers for the cafe and recognized us. Actually, she only noticed Maki in her inferior disguise, not me nico~.

We took off after her, dashing through alleyways, and split up, soon managing to corner her on one side street. "Stop running already!", I yelled as I turned the corner onto the narrow street and saw Maki appear at the other end. "I'm detective Nico Yazawa nico~! I'm not going to hurt you, ok nico~?".

"Eh, who are you again?", she asked. "I ran because I saw Maki-chan but...". I pointed my finger at her. "Whatever, you're safe now so you just have to tell us who did this too you!". Maki facepalmed, shouting back to me. "You know it would probably seem more convincing if you weren't point at her and wearing that ridiculous outfit!".

Reluctantly, I loosened my scarf, pulling my mask down and taking off my sunglasses. "Ok, just tell us who forced you to become a maid already". Kotori blinked. "...Eh? Forced me to...?". She stood up, dusting off her clothes.

I took a bite of fruit parfait and Maki finished off her tomato rice as Kotori fidgeted a little standing by our table. "So you're saying you just accepted a job here to build confidence so you could be a better school idol?". She nodded and giggled a little, softly and uneasily. "Hehehehe... Yeah, that's right."

"Why didn't you just say so? It's not like it's anything that embarrassing is it?", Maki asked. "It'd be a problem if my parents or any of the staff at school found out...", Kotori answered. "But--", she smiled, "--now that you found me out I'm going to tell the others about it. I guess it isn't that scary after all."

"I just can't believe the Legendary Maid Minalinsky was an Otonokizaka student this whole time. Haah, if I had known I wouldn't have spent so much money to buy a Minalinsky autograph online nico~". I finished the last bite of my parfait. "But what's really important is this is another Nico Yazawa case closed, nico~!".

"Come on", Maki said. "Do you really have to say 'nico' after everything? What is it? I don't get it!". Kotori laughed. "Aaah, I think it's cute actually, Nico-chan."

"Hmhmhmhm... Of course it's cute, nico~!", I winked.

As she left my office, the late afternoon sun shining in through the windows, I opened out the envelope Honoka had handed me. "...t-twenty thousand?!", I smiled, my eyes lighting up. I'm going to call Cocoro and Cocoa right now and tell them I'm going to do something special for dinner tonight. "Aaah, maybe we'll have sukiyaki, nico~!". I gasped, looking up as someone grabbed away one of the 10,000 yen notes to see Maki nonchalantly slipping it into her wallet.

"Huh?!", I bolted up. "W-W-W-What do you think you're doing?!".

"Payment for being your 'assistant', Nico-chan", she said, looking a little annoyed. I glared at her but she didn't budge, so I gave her my best pleading, puppy dog eyes Nico look. "...F-Fine, ok, stop looking at me like that!". She handed me back a 5,000 yen note. I guess 25 percent is fine for an assistant if I'm being generous. "But...", she twirled a strand of her hair. "It was interesting being a 'detective' even if we didn't do any real detective work. I guess I can keep doing it at least when it doesn't interfere with my studies or with µ's."

Just then the door flew open, and I saw a girl with short brown hair wearing glasses standing in it, panting like she'd just run a marathon and looking panicked. "I-I-It's an emergency...! T-T-The alpacas are...!".
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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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U6 from either 2009 or 2010; I'd have to dig through threads to see exactly when because I switched computers in the mean time and don't have the accurate date for when it was last modified. Perch put me up to this

This is the bonus from F15 this year; I've put it in a spoiler in case you'd rather find it yourself and haven't yet but I'll put it here so it's easier to find.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Tfp wanted to know how I did it so here's the resources I used;
Love Live School Idol Festival story sprites
Mood bubbles
Story mode font
And the text bubble I made;

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2017/2018 writing grab bag
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2017/2018 Grab Bag post, Part 1

After being fairly productive last year, I never got around to posting much here in the past year for various reasons, mainly that I unfortunately lost interest in continuing Rideable Minecart High School, which at this point has been on hiatus long enough that it seems kind of doubtful to me I'll ever get back to it at this point. I keep thinking I should get back to it but I haven't really written anything for it since March apparently, with the exception of one short story that's probably a little too racy to post here. I have still been writing some though, and there's a few things that are slipped through the cracks, some that I've never posted anywhere and some that I've already linked people elsewhere, that I've been thinking about compiling to post here. Since it's the end of the year I figured it was a good time to finally get around to it.

First scene of an unnamed magic school story

This is the first scene (and the only thing written besides some background info) for a Nanoha inspired magical girl series idea I was playing with, starring an army mage who is transferred to be an instructor at a prestigious mage school and tasked with leading her underachieving class of shonen anime students to a victory in the annual inter-class tournament.

"Left side! Left side! Aaagghh! Noooo!". I snapped my head around to see Aozora ducking behind a piece of rubble on the ground, pinned down by enemy magic, one shot grazing her arm.

"Calm down, ok?! Nobody's going to die here!". Floating a few meters above her, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, concentrating. I opened my eyes and pulled my bow taught, taking aim at Aozora. "Flèche Curative!". A bolt of energy materialized on the bowstring and I sent it flying, becoming a wall of energy washing over her. "Got it, Lieutenant!". Aozora leapt up from behind the rubble, twirling her staff and flashing me a thumbs up. "Senkaiba!". With a wide swing of her staff a half dozen of the shadow-like monsters dissipated.

"Lieutenant, behind you!". I allowed myself to fall a meter or so just in time to dodge the shadow and spun around as it came back at me. Holding my bow out in front of me sideways, I pulled it taught again. "Ègide!". A sail-like field of energy filled the space between the limbs and strings of the bow, sparking as the shadow crashed into it.

"Sperrfeuer!". I held it off for a few moments before it dissipated in a volley of magic bullets. "Good work, Bernheim!". I floated down to the ground as the scenery faded into the gray colors of the simulator room. "Guess that's it then".

Rideable Minecart High School Book 8 deleted scene

This was originally going to go between the clubroom scene where the girls discussed their summer plans and the scene where Umeko introduces Subaru, Ran, and Yasuko to her mother. I ended up cutting it both for space (book 8 was already very long, and if I left it in I'm not sure it would've fit in two forum posts) and because I felt it was a bit duplicative of what I eventually wrote for the next scene.

I closed the door, taking off my shoes in the entryway and putting on my slippers. "Uueee... I'm home, mom."

"Welcome home, Ume-chan! Your father had to work late so I just ordered food. Ah, since something came up he'll need to go in to the office tomorrow too". I yawned and sat down at the kitchen table, taking a slice of pizza. "Uuee... I'll cook something with the beef you got tomorrow then". She nodded, taking a beer out of the fridge and sitting down.

"So, how'd you do, Ume-chan?". She opened her can. "Oh, I actually did pretty well I guess, for once...". I ruffled my hair a bit. "Especially the English test". She smiled and gave me a thumbs up. "That's my girl! You finally listened to Shiori and started studying harder, huh?". I laughed. "Uuee... I Guess". I fidgeted a little in my chair.

"Uuee... This is kinda short notice but... D-Do you think I could go on a trip next month with my friends from my club? Oh, I guess it's not just one night like the beach trip we went on though...". She took another slice of pizza. "Where are they going?".

"They were going to America for a few days". She dipped her glasses a bit, like they were sunglasses. "...Eh? This is short notice for that, that's for sure!". She took a swig of beer. "I dunno how you expect to buy tickets."

"Oh, it's kinda a club trip, so the club budget was going to pay for mine". She put her finger to her chin. "Well, I'd be ok with it. I'd like to meet them first though. I know, how about you invite them over to play a game or something tomorrow?".

"Yeah, I could do that". She leaned back in her chair and sighed, grinning. "Aaaah, I can't believe how grown up you are already, Ume-chan! Even since you started high school you've gotten more confident in yourself, haven't you?". I giggled. "Uuee... Maybe, huh?".

Sir Norton Gordon Presents: Escape Mission

A really bad Rideable Minecart High School Sex House meme I'd just as soon forget, but I remember people liking it when I posted it last year and the molten sodium bomb is still cool. I almost had Cassidy listen to Radar Love instead of Initial D music at the end when they make their getaway, but I hadn't watched Baby Driver yet when I wrote it so I didn't know if people had heard of that song. I never really worked out what I wanted to do with Naoka as a character but here I was trying to work out what her dynamic would be when she settled in to the minecart club, with her being tsundere for Umeko and her taekwondo skills.

[Cue Masterpiece Theatre theme]

The camera panned around the study, filled with classical wood fixtures, thick hardcover books, and classical-style paintings of Luigi, to focus on Sir Norton Gordon, sitting exquisitely dressed in his armchair, holding a pipe in one hand and an open book on his lap, a glass of red wine on the hardwood end table next to him. He took a puff of his pipe, put on his monocle, and cleared his throat. "Good evening", he began. "When we left off last week, our intrepid heroines had been coerced into joining the cast of a sexploitation reality television show. As we join them tonight, they have been held hostage on the set, located in a warehouse on the outskirts of San Diego, California..."

The five girls sat around in the living room, increasingly annoyed at its gaudy decor consisting primarily of nude art and tanks of exotic fish. Umeko sat curled up on the ugly allegedly fancy leather couch crying, with Yasuko sitting next to her, while Subaru lay upside down on the couch hanging her head upside-down off it. Ran sat on the other couch while Naoka angrily paced around the room.

"Aaaagh, what are we gonna do guys?!". Subaru sat up and made a fist. "They've gotta let us out, right?!". Ran shrugged. "Dunno. Ah, we could get out of this if we just had sex, right, Subaru-chaaan?". Subaru's face turned red. "Ehe... Aaagh, this isn't time for jokes, Ran-chan!". Ran flopped down on the couch. "I mean, it's true, huh?". Naoka punched the wall, hard enough to leave a dent. "I a-absolutely won't do that! Especially not with Umeko Takenaka, o-or any of y'all!". Yasuko sighed. "Ah, that would be illegal anyway...".

Subaru slumped on the couch. "I'm just so huuunnngggryyyyy...!". She stood up. "I'm gonna tear this place apart! There's gotta be something edible, right?!". She walked into the kitchen and started throwing open the empty cupboards and refrigerator. Naoka followed her in and also began ransacking the kitchen, while Ran stood in the doorway, a blank look on her face.

Yasuko brushed past Ran to walk in as Subaru and Naoka finished tearing the room apart, followed by Umeko, a shellshocked look on her face and a blanket draped over her shoulders. "Uuueee...", she whispered. "D-Did you find anything...?". Subaru shook her head. "There's nothing but stuff like salt and sugar! They're really gonna let us starve if we won't have sex?! This can't be happening, c-can it?!". Umeko's tears welled up again and she fell to her knees.

"*bleep* this! Aaaaaaaagggghhhh!", Naoka yelled, delivering a kick to a cupboard door, smashing it off it's hinges and shattering a few wine glasses. A mug tumbled out and fell on the floor, undamaged. Ran knelt down, picking it up and glancing at one of the bags of table salt Subaru had thrown out of the cabinets. She smirked. "Feels like copper...". Yasuko knelt down and looked at it. "Ah, yes, it would be copper. These are used for certain cocktails."

Ran stood up and looked at the oven. "Ah... It does have a self-cleaning cycle...". She set it to clean, filling the copper mug with salt, and putting it in the oven. "Time to wait". Ran turned around, leaning against the counter and grinning at Subaru. "I think you're going to like this plan."

Subaru ruffled her hair. "Ehe, well, I don't really follow so far, but I'm gonna trust you!". Ran walked back into the living room, and the other four followed her, watching as she put an end table in front of the door blocking their escape. She gestured at one of the fish tanks. "Help me move it, Subaru-chan". Yasuko smiled. "Ah, I think I know what this is about. Perhaps we should do something about the fish, though?". Ran shrugged. "Fine", she pointed at Umeko. "Get a strainer and a bowl of water."

As Ran and Subaru put the fish tank on the end table, Umeko went and retrieved the items. "Uuee... W-What do you need these for, though...?". Yasuko took the strainer and scooped the handful of fish in the tank into the bowl. "You'll want to put these in one of the other tanks."

Umeko followed Yasuko's suggestion, and Ran and Subaru positioned a metal shelf above the table and tank. Ran took a kitchen knife and grabbed the blanket Umeko had dropped. "Ah, sorry, Umeko-chan, but this is the only thing we have that I know is wool". She cut a few long strips and two squares with the knife and stood up. "We're definitely getting out thanks to it though, ok?". Umeko nodded, and Ran tied the strips together and laid one end on the shelf and dropped the other at the floor. Taking the squares of fabric, she went into the kitchen.

"Ah, actually I need a bit more help". The other four walked back into the kitchen to see Ran pointing at the oven. "Kick it and smash the door, ok, Naoka-san?". She nodded. "O-Ok. Stand back, y'all". She took a stance and kicked it, shattering the glass panel. Ran quickly grabbed the mug with the squares and put it on a plate before throwing the fabric in the sink and dousing them with water.

"W-What is going on?", Umeko asked as Ran carefully picked up the plate and walked back into the living room, placing it on top of the makeshift rope. "It's molten salt, Umeko-chaaaan... Stay back". She looked over her shoulder, smirking. "I'm about to open some *bleep*ing windows". She calmly walked to the end of the rope, picked up the end, and yanked on it. The plate and mug tumbled into the water.

As the salt poured into the water, an explosion tore through the tank, shattering the glass sides into a million pieces and sending the pebbles on the bottom flying. The explosion battered the heavy door, leaving it pockmarked with holes where the pebbles had impacted it. Ran grinned from ear to ear. "After you, Naoka-saaan". Naoka leapt forward, kicking the remains of the furniture out of the way and demolishing the weakened door with a second kick, and the five of them rushed into the corridor.

They turned a corner. "Ehehe... Someone knows a way out, right?", Subaru asked as they ran. Another corner and they found themselves facing two security guards. Naoka dropped to the floor and delivered a sweeping kick, knocking one of them into the other and sending both of them tumbling against the wall.

Ran glanced at one of the guards' belts and knelt down, grabbing a pistol from his holster and standing back up, smirking. Yasuko looked down and retrieved a gun from the other guard, unfolding the stock. She turned to look at Subaru and Ran and smiled a little. "Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho". Subaru laughed and Ran giggled quietly, almost under her breath. "Hahaha...! What the hell, is that an Uzi?! Why do these guys even have guns like that?!", Subaru asked.

Umeko tilted her head quizzically. "Uuee...? I-Is that a reference to something, Yasuko-chan...?".

"Get down, Takenaka!", Naoka shouted. "Uuee?!", Umeko ducked just as Naoka delivered a high kick to another guard behind her. She turned around and realized what happened, hugging Naoka. "Uuee... I-I'm scared, Naoka-chan...!".

"H-Hey, what are you doing, T-Takenaka?!", Naoka pushed her off, hmphing. "I-I didn't do it because I like you or anything, I just want all of us to get out of here!". Yasuko looked down the corridor. "Ah, speaking of which, it's best we got going."

They started running, turning another corner and finally seeing windows. At the end of the corridor, a few more guards turned another corner, and they heard footsteps behind them. Subaru glanced out the open window, two stories down to a parking lot. "Ehe... Looks like I'm gonna have to jump! Cmon!". She leapt through the window, followed by Naoka kicking out a window pane and jumping out herself, then Ran and Yasuko. Umeko gulped, closed her eyes, and finally followed suit.

"UUUUEEEE...!", she screamed as she fell, somehow managing not to hurt herself. She opened her eyes and stumbled to her feet as Yasuko fired a burst into the wall of the building, sending the guards away from the windows. "Come on gals!", Naoka yelled, and the five of them ran towards the fence gates. "Ehe, hey isn't that...?", Subaru pointed to a car pulling up just outside the gates. The girl driving threw open the door of the brown Mustang and leapt out putting on a cowboy hat. "Hey hey, Yasu!".

"...Cassie-chan!", Subaru shouted. Ran shot the lock off the gates and Cassidy opened them. "Hey, yeah!".

"Ehe, how did you find us, Cassie-chan?!", Subaru asked. She grinned. "Yasu managed to send a text somehow. It was hard to read it though yeah, it was in Korean I guess?! I thought it was spam but I know a girl who is Korean and she saw it yeah. I drove straight down from Bend as soon as I figured it out!".

"You can thank Naoka-san for that", Yasuko replied. "I hoped it would make it harder for anyone to catch on. Ah, it's not too hard to exploit appliances to send messages like that nowadays with the 'Internet of Things' trend."

Behind them, the warehouse doors opened and a black SUV drove out, followed by a number of guards on foot. "...Uuee, w-we need to get out of here...!", Umeko stuttered out. Yasuko put on her sunglasses. "Hit it."

Umeko, Subaru, Ran, and Naoka all crowded into the back seat, and Yasuko got in the front passenger seat. Cassidy jumped back in the driver's seat and floored the accelerator, revving up the V8 engine and spinning the rear tires, kicking up smoke. She popped a cassette in the tape deck and released the parking brake. The car jumped forward, laying down rubber and heading for the highway on-ramp as a Eurobeat rhythm came up on the sound system. Even as they accelerated onto the interstate they couldn't seem to lose the SUV on their tail.

"Ah we aren't shaking them, huh?". Yasuko unbuckled her seatbelt and turned around in her seat. "Uuee, Y-Yasuko-chan, what are you doing...?", Umeko asked. Yasuko stood up on the seat, poking out of the car and bracing herself against the windshield and middle t-top bar. She took aim at the SUV and squeezed off a burst of fire, peppering the grill and hood and popping a tire. Smoke started rising from the engine and they finally pulled away. Yasuko sat back down, wiping sweat off her forehead as they passed a sign announcing 'Welcome to Escondido'. "Go *bleep* yourself, San Diego!".

Rideable Minecart High School Book 11, Track 1

I mostly finished the first part of book 11 back in March. Since I kind of doubt I'll finish the whole thing I may as well post it.

"How have you been liking the minecart club so far?", I asked as me and Katsura left the classroom. "I know it's only been a few days, but."

"I've been having fun. Hashibami-senpai and Kimura-senpai are very knowledgeable about minecarts". She glanced at me then looked away again. "I-I was surprised how dedicated you are. Even if you're still a dummy...". Uuee... I-I guess I'll take that. I sighed, opening the clubroom door. "Good afternoon...".

"Ehe, yes!", Subaru shouted as we walked in, holding her phone and throwing her hands up before glancing over at us. "Oh, hey Umeko-chan, Naoka-chan!". I sat down. "Did something good happen, Subaru-chan...?". She ruffled her hair. "Ehehe, it's nothing big I guess but I got a pretty rare drop!". Yasuko and Ran, talking intently about something at the other end of the table, looked over at us. "Ah, good afternoon Umeko-san, Katsura-san."

"Yo", Ran waved a little and looked over at Subaru. "Still K*nC*ll* Subaru-chan?". She nodded. "Ehe, yep... Anyway, now that everyone's here", she stood up. "We need to figure out what we're doing for the cultural festival! Urita-san told me the student council won't vote to close the club now that we have a fifth member, but we still need permission to build in Akaiwa. And for the student council to help with that we need to make a big impression and get a lot of interest in the club! So, anyone else have any ideas?!".

Before anyone else could say anything she continued. "Because I think we should build a mini-rollercoaster!". Yasuko raised her eyebrows, and I turned my head to look at Katsura, who looked surprised. "Uueee... R-Really, Subaru-chan?".

"Yeah! That'd really get people excited so it's perfect!".

"A-Are you sure that makes the most sense, Hashibami-senpai?", Naoka asked. Subaru ruffled her hair again and flashed a thumbs up. "Ehe, it makes perfect sense to me! We won't have much time, but with the club safe and the school not closing as soon as I thought it might we can put the rail on the back burner for a month."

"Uuee... I-I dunno either... Rollercoasters are kinda scary, but... I guess I wouldn't really have to ride it anyway if I don't want to though."

"We can't make anything really scary", Ran said, sounding disappointed. Uuee, I guess she would like scary rides... "Not with minecarts; no wheels under the rail to hold the cart on the track". She closed her book and slipped it into her bag. "Even something small would be impressive for a school festival, though", Yasuko said. "I think it's a good idea, Subaru-san". Ran nodded in agreement. "W-Well... If you guys think it's a good idea I'm with you."

"Could we even build something like that with only a month? A-Are you daft?", Naoka asked. I wonder if she's going to be able to handle Subaru. She seems like a pretty serious person. Subaru seemed to think about it for a moment and snapped her fingers. "Absolutely! ...Hey wait, what do you mean daft?!".

"It's just... Maybe I'm just not used to how the club does things yet", Naoka said. "Well, I'll follow y'all's lead I guess... I mean, I'm still new here."

"Ehehehe, I'm grateful you're fine with going along with it. Even if my idea is a little crazy", Subaru replied. "Oh, ehe, actually though don't be afraid to speak up just because you're a new member! And Hashibami-senpai sounds kinda formal. You can totally just call me Subaru-chan, ok Naoka-chan?!". She blinked. "O-Oh, that's alright?". I nodded yes. "Mhm! I mean, uuee, I'm still kinda new here too but we're a pretty casual club."

"What are you talking about Umeko-chan?!", Subaru shouted. "It's been like five months and now there's someone newer than you, so that makes you a club veteran too!". I shook my head and ruffled my hair a little. "Uueee... It just feels weird to think of myself like that... I dunno if I could ever do it."

"Ah, it's understandable to feel that way, Umeko-san", Yasuko said. "What's important is that you feel comfortable. That goes for you too, Katsura-san... Ah, it's fine if you want to call me Yasuko-chan too". She smiled. "You'll be here after us, Umeko-chan", Ran added. "You're a year ahead". The room got quiet and I thought about that. I guess I probably will still be here after Subaru, Ran, and Yasuko graduate, huh...

"What's up with this atmosphere?!", Subaru shouted, making a fist. "We aren't graduating for over a year!

EDIT: I apparently somehow cut off the sentence and divider where I was introducing Book 11 Track 1, so for readability I fixed that.
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2017/2018 writing grab bag
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2017/2018 Grab Bag post, Part 2

Times Square

This was going to be a holiday story for new year's last year, but as you can see I never finished it and it cuts off mid-sentence. It was going to be some weird hybrid of a magical girl anime and a heist movie. The hamster talking animal sidekick is indeed named after Hibiki from Idolmaster.

JFK Airport Terminal 7, New York City
New Year's Eve morning, 2017

The girl shook her head a little, her waist-length green hair still slightly damp from her shower at the airline lounge, as she stepped up to the baggage carousel and picked up her large bag, kneeling and setting it down on the floor. She pulled open the zipper, taking out a golden staff topped with a large emerald green gem, and closed it again, slinging it over her left shoulder, wrapping her scarf around herself, and heading for the doors out to the street.

A brown hamster peaked out of the scarf and yawned. "Morning, Maki-chan", the hamster said, glancing around. "Guess we're there already."

Maki giggled. "Good morning, Hibiki-chan. You slept through the landing?". Hibiki scampered up onto her shoulder. She quickly reconsidered as Maki stepped outside into the bitter cold, climbing back into the scarf. Maki saw a cab and waved her staff in the air. "Hey hey! Taxi, taxi!". It stopped and she got in, plopping her bag and laying her staff down on the seat next to her and closing the door.

"Where to, miss?", the cabbie asked in a thick Russian accent. "1 Police Plaza, Manhattan, please!". He turned around, looking incredulously at her, her luggage, and Hibiki sitting on her shoulder. "...For Manhattan it is 52 dollars". She handed over the cash and they pulled away from the curb and turned on to the JFK Expressway.

"You from around here or are you visiting, young lady?", the cabbie asked.

"We came here for work", she answered, Hibiki nodding along with her. "...What sort of work brings you to New York?", he followed up.

"I can't say any specifics. It's important police business!". He raised an eyebrow. "Who are you, young lady? Your story, it is strange". She smiled proudly. "Maki Midorikawa, magical girl detective!".

A few days earlier

Maki relaxed under the kotatsu in her apartment living room, laughing at the variety show on TV and tearing open a package of pocky. As she bit into one of the sticks she heard her cell phone ring and reached over her shoulder, feeling around and grabbing it off the couch cushion, and checked the caller ID. She turned the volume down and flipped her phone open. "Hello, Takako-san, what's up?".

"Maki-chan! Ah, how was your Christmas?", Takako replied. "It was great, thanks! How about you?".

"Oh, it was alright. I've been pretty busy though... Anyway, Maki-chan, are you familiar with the Times Square ball drop?". Maki tilted her head and put her finger to her chin as Hibiki scurried up her sleeve. "Oh, in New York? Kinda."

"Hey, this about work, Maki-chan?", Hibiki asked. Maki nodded. "Yeah, I think so."

"Oh, is Hibiki-chan there too, Maki-chan? Perfect; so, uh, the deal is the Metropolitan Police Department got a letter from E2-", Maki raised her eyebrows and turned the TV off, "-saying she plans on stealing the ball this New Year's. We notified the New York police after that; turns out they got the same letter though. Anyhow, they asked for our cooperation since until now her heists have all been in Japan and I suggested sending you. Obviously the MPD will pay your expenses as usual. So, you in?".

Maki stood up and nodded. "Yeah; this time I'm definitely gonna catch her!".

Manhattan, New York City
The present day, again

Maki closed the taxi door after grabbing her staff and luggage, and looked up at the tall concrete NYPD headquarters as it drove away. Walking up to the security box, she flashed her Tokyo Metropolitan Police contractor ID. "Maki Midorikawa... Uh, I'm not really sure where I'm supposed to go?". The guard nodded. "Gimme five minutes, I'll get someone down here". She leaned against the fence and waited until an officer came out of the building. "Midorikawa?".

"That's me!", she nodded. The officer led her in and up a few floors to a conference room. She saw a girl with short brown hair, sitting with her legs up on the conference table, and a man in a suit with reddish hair. The man stood up and the girl looked over at her. "Yo; you Maki?, she asked. Maki nodded. "Y-Yeah."

The man cleared his throat and put out his hand. "Hamish Holland, consultant liaison

Deleted scene from my Maki/Rin story

Originally the story about Maki and Rin going stargazing that I wrote back in April was going to be longer, with a scene about how Rin failed her exam, but I wasn't happy with it and just started over from when Maki invited her to go to the hilltop.

Rin looked at the piece of paper as she walked, the results of the English midterm she had just barely missed passing. "Aaaahh... This suuucks...". She sighed and pouted. "I bet Maki-chan and the others are gonna be mad at me...". A little half-heartedly, she opened the door to the clubroom. "Good afternoon, nya...". She sat down, listening as Kotori and Umi went over some choreography changes with the others.

"Are you feeling alright, Rin-chan?", Nozomi asked, looking a little concerned. She gulped. "...I failed my English exam", she put her hands together. "I'm sorry, Maki-chan, I just had trouble getting what you were trying to help me with". Maki rolled her eyes.

"...If I'm not mistaken you can't take part in club activities until you pass the make-up exam", Umi said. Eli nodded. "Yes, that's correct."

"...Eeeeeeehhhh?!", Honoka shouted, bolting up out of her chair. "W-What are we going to do about the show coming up if Rin-chan can't train with us?! We're supposed to be performing the new song!".

Untitled DnD related thing part 2

More of me trying to flesh out my character in turb D&D, which hopefully we get back to in the new year. It's not very interesting at all.

Granya stopped for a moment, stretching her arms and holding the wooden stick in one hand, wiping some sweat off her brow with the other.

“You’re in quite a cheery mood this morning”, the sailor next to her grumbled as they scrubbed and scraped, pushing the chunks of sandstone along the deck with their sticks. “Yeah, yeah”, she answered. “Holystoning the decks is a bore but at least it’s good weather for once. I can’t take much more of what passes for ‘spring’ at these latitudes, that’s for sure.”

She pushed the holystone on to the next plank and started scrubbing it. “And besides that”, she grinned. “With winds this favorable we’ll be in port by noon at most, and I’m not sure we have enough ale left to go much longer.”

The sailor burst out in a hearty laugh. “Aye, that’s true I suppose. Though I don’t mind whiskey and we’ve still plenty of that.”

“Each their own, but I can’t stand the stuff”, Granya replied. “Only a few glasses and you’ll drink yourself sick almost before the night’s even begun. It’s gotta be beer for me. Maybe wine in a pinch”. She looked over the deck, the wooden planks scrubbed white. “I’d reckon we’re finished here.”

Untitled Love Live story

I wrote this on the way home from a trip to New Hampshire this summer. I was kind of tired and it was Nico Yazawa's birthday and so I started writing a silly story about Nico, although it ended up being more about Eli and Nozomi instead. It's a bit lewd, I'm sorry about that.

“Pervert! Spiritual-maniac! Titty monster!”, Nico shouted as she evaded Nozomi’s grasp. “I didn’t even fail the test this time!”, she added, making for the door and opening it just in time to run head first into Umi and fall back on the floor. Eli sighed, getting up from the table and giving Nico a hand up, as Umi facepalmed before sitting down. “...Honoka and the others will be a little longer; they were feeding the alpacas with Hanayo today.”

“It’s not nice to call me a ‘titty monster’ when you’re jealous yourself, Nicocchi”, Nozomi pouted a little, standing with her hands on her hips. Nico’s eyebrow twitched and her face went a bit red. “Hgk...!”, She flicked one of her twintails over her shoulder, giving a smug look. “N-Nico? Jealous of t-those? You can keep them for yourself for all I care!”. Nozomi giggled a little and sat down.

Umi sighed as she fidgeted with a pencil in her hand, looking at her notebook. “It’s about this again?”.

“Ah, I’m sure Nicocchi is just uncomfortable when she compares them with Maki-Chan’s.”

“Oi, are you implying something by that?”, Nico replied, glaring at Nozomi’s smirking face.

“Geeze, both of you...”, Umi said, shaking her head. “There’s nothing wrong with having small breasts anyway, Nico. Thou-“, she stopped herself, muttering quietly and blushing, burying her face in her notebook full of unfinished lyrics.

“Oh, did you have something you wanted to say, Umi-chan?”, Nozomi smirked. “O-Oh, it’s really nothing...”, Umi said, trying to hide even more of her face. “Oh, you sure about that?”, Nico asked, seeming more interested in Nozomi’s teasing now that she wasn’t the main target of it.

“You better say it, Umi-chan, or...” , Nozomi stood behind Umi’s chair, grinning and miming squeezing something with her hands. Umi looked down at her feet. “I-I was just going to say t-that, uh....  I was thinking that the, uh... Size Eli’s are is also beautiful... B-but I don’t mean anything by that!”, she stammered out. Eli blushed a little too, overhearing the conversation.

“Oho, I didn’t know I had that kind of competition for Elichi”, Nozomi chuckles. Eli closed the book she was reading. “...Ah, Eli’s actually quite popular at school, right?”, Umi asked. Eli nodded. “Yes, but... Where are you going with this?”.

“Hmm, you could have a whole harem if you wanted I’m sure, Elichi~”, Nozomi said, leaning in close to her. “I wouldn’t mind if you started with the three of us”. Umi’s face went totally red and she buried it in her notebook again, and Nico glared over at Nozomi. Eli put her hands up in front of her face, looking sheepish. “I get a say in this at some point, right Nozomi?”.

“Stop trying to include people in your weird fantasies!”, Nico shouted at Nozomi, heading for the door again, this time stopping before running straight in to Honoka. Honoka looked around the room. “...Ehehe... Is it just me or is the atmosphere kinda...?”.

Untitled DnD related thing, part 3

After having finished the Nico Nozomi story I again wrote some D&D content. It was a pretty long drive. This time it's a direct prequel to the beginning of the campaign itself, and I considered making it into a recap of the events of the campaign thus far from Granya's point of view. Once again though, I never really finished it; I intended to write more when I got home but never did.

Granya stirred, sitting up in her bed and looking out the inn window, the morning sun lighting up the narrow street on the edge of Waterdeep’s South and Dock Wards. She still had a little bit of a headache from drinking downstairs last night, and it took a second to remember her plans.

She’d had no luck finding a ship in need of hands — Seems business had been getting slow in these parts — and was thinking of making her way back south, home to Amn, when she’d seen a flyer up on the bulletin board of the inn. The authorities in Nightstone, a small town somewhere along the Trade Way, had posted it. They’d run in to trouble with goblins terrorizing the countryside it seemed. It wasn’t sailing, but the pay was good and it would be an adventure for sure.

And a decent cause at that. Sailing for a smuggler has given her a bit of a guilty conscience, even if dodging import duties was hardly much of a crime and most of their work was legal trade. Hard to escape the values you were raised with, for better or worse, she supposed.

She stood up and retrieved her belt from the chest of drawers, her rapier and set of daggers hanging from it in their sheathes, fastening it and pulling on her leather vest, tying her scarf and cloak around herself. She walked down the stairs, waving to the innkeeper at the bar as she left. She’d seen a small general store not far from the inn, and made sure to stop by, buying some traveling supplies as she made her way to the road.

The dense city gradually turned in to more open streets, and then to low, rolling countryside dotted with farmhouses, fields of grain, and pastures. Clouds drifted across the sky as she went, but luckily it didn’t look likely to storm. She crossed her fingers, hoping her intuition held up. If the weather stayed clear, she could make it the 30 miles to Nightstone in a day and a half easily.

As she went, even the farmsteads began to grow thinner, replaced by stands of trees, and the other travelers on the road became fewer. She soon began to see deer grazing alongside the road here and there. She reached for the hilt of her sword, mindful of the risk of encountering more dangerous wildlife or highwaymen.

u r mr gay: The Super Mario Galaxy Story

This is a *bleep*post inspired by a *bleep*post tpg drew inspired by his awards presentation for best modern game. I hate this story but I guess I'll put it here.

I knocked on the apartment door before opening it, seeing Super Mario Galaxy stroll in from the living room as I did. "Hey", I said "Good evening". It was another pretty ordinary night visiting her apartment to play some Mario Kart, snack, and talk about life.

"hey sup", she replied as I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. "Not much. Oh, I got you something--", I fished around in the plastic shopping bag and got out the bag of konpeito. "--You said these were your favorite, right?", I finished. "yea lol", she replied and grabbed the bag, ripping it open and eating a few, by which I mean they seemed to levitate as if she grabbed them with an invisible hand then seemed to disappear when they came in contact with her face, which was an incredibly cute video game box.

We went into the living room, and I took the Splatoon 2 cartridge (which isn't sentient, please don't ask me how this works) out of her Switch, grumbling about the lack of good local multiplayer. "yea wtf is that *bleep*, lmao", she said as I put in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and handed her the other Joy-Con. We picked our characters, Mario for me since I'm a self-insert dating sim player character with no particular personality, and Baby Rosalina for her, set up our karts, and selected Flower Cup.

"You actually like Baby Rosalina?", I asked as I screwed up the starting boost on Mario Circuit and was left far behind Super Mario Galaxy. "shes such a *bleep*post of a character lol its great", she answered. By the end of Flower Cup, I'd managed to make our score 3-1 with a win on Toad Harbor and a narrow loss on Shy Guy Falls. "You want to go again?", I said.

"nah lol im bored of mario kart atm". I got up to change the cartridge but heard a clicking noise. I looked to my right, seeing her case open a crack as she slipped off her dress (this is totally PG-13 rated and not inappropriate, ok, there's nothing under her dress except a video game box). Slowly she opened up, showing off her disc inside.

"...i-if its you its ok lol. dont make me wait and change my mind u idiot". I realized my mouth was agape and I probably did look like an idiot. I inched towards her on the couch and we embraced, and she shivered as I lightly kissed her optical disc. I started to move a little. "wow my hinges are gonna start moving on their own if u do it like this", she moaned.

'...What the hell, I'm dryhumping a video game box', I thought, suddenly realizing I just... Wasn't getting anything out of it. I stopped and pulled away a bit. "huh whats wrong dude?", she asked. I shrugged a little. "I dunno, I like--". She interrupted me. "r u gay or smthng?".

"No, I just, maybe I'm just not in the mood for this right now, or maybe I'm just not in to video game bo--", she cut me off again. "u r mr gay". Sighing, I sat down as she closed up and put her skirt back on. I reached for the bag of konpeito on the end table, finding she'd eaten all but a few pieces of it, and got up to look in the kitchen for something else to eat.

Untitled Fire Emblem Heroes story

I was inspired to right this by how done with everything both Laegjarn and Ylgr's voice lines seem in the game. Coincidentally I'm blowing off scrabble right now to write this, because I forgot new year's eve was supposed to be game night and I really just wanted to post these garbage stories, play Fire Emblem Awakening all day and see if I can finish it, and have fireworks in Minecraft.

Laegjarn furrowed her brow and sighed, thinking over how she had ended up here and still being unable to really make sense of it. Born the Princess of Múspell, learned to fight for her sister's sake, became a General, died, got summoned to an alternate universe and bound by contract to serve the alternate universe version of her former enemies, and now here she was, stuck babysitting alternate universe Ylgr while Fjorm and Hrid were out on patrol. Perhaps serving the House of Nifl in this way was fitting penance for the misdeeds of her past life.

"...And then, and then we all went out for ice cream cones, and I tried rum raisin because Hrid said it was good and I like raisins, but like, blech! It actually tasted like alcohol, so I asked if I could get something else and Fjorm got me a chocolate cone and Hrid who wasn't gonna get anything took the rum raisin so--". Oh gods she really does never shut up though.

She sat down on the couch next to her. "Ylgr, why don't you settle down. Tell me, is there anything you like to do with your sisters and your brother?".

"Yeah, I like to play games and stuff with them. Did Fjorm tell you where the games and toys are? I wanna play a game with you, Laegjarn!".

"If I must...", she muttered under breath, standing up and opening the living room closet Fjorm had mentioned to her. Up on the top shelf was a stack of cardboard game boxes and she pulled one out, turning to look at Ylgr, who was now kneeling on the couch and peering over the back at her. She tried her best to smile and act friendly. "Do you want to play this game, Ylgr?".

"Okaaay...", she said, looking a little disappointed. "I'm not very good at Scrabble because I'm not good at spelling yet."

Laegjarn sighed again and sat down on the floor across the coffee table from Ylgr, laying out the board and the little stands for the tiles and grabbing some letters out of the bag. "You can go first if you want, ok?".

"Ok". She stared at the board intently before putting down 'bee'. Laegjarn appended 'hive' to it and Ylgr after some deliberation made 'sea' with the first E in bee in the middle. Would've been a clever move if only it didn't have a 1-point letter on each double letter score space. Off the H she'd previously placed, Laegjarn put down 'chalk', hitting the double word score space. For a moment she considered if she should go a little easier on her opponent. An odd notion for her.

Ylgr's eyes lit up, and she quickly laid down an R, an A, an H, and then finally an M off the the K in 'chalk'. Laegjarn blinked and looked up from the board at Ylgr.

"...'Krahm'? What, is that German?".

Ylgr looked at her incredulously. "Huh? No, it's Krahm... You know, Lucina's dad? Like, heeello?". Oh, Ylgr... She put her palm up to her face. "First of all, his name is spelled C-H-R-O-M, not K-R-A-H-M. Second of all, if it were spelled that way, the rules expressly prohibit proper nouns from play". She picked up the tiles one by one and handed them back to Ylgr. "But...", she pleaded.

"This how it's got to be!". Ylgr flinched a bit. Ok, maybe she raised her voice a bit much for that... It's only a game, it's only a game...

Ylgr pouted, resting her chin on her hand. "I'm having so much fun...!", she said, a strong hint of sarcasm in her voice. "I...--", suddenly she heard someone at the door. Oh gods please maybe they're back earlier. "I'll go get that."

She stood up and walked into the other room of the Nifl siblings' private quarters and opened the door to see Eirika. "...Oh, it's you? Oh, I'm sorry, good evening Laegjarn. I just didn't expect you--".

"Eirika. May I ask you for a favor?".

"Oh, umm--".

"You're good with children, correct? So, please... Fjorm asked me to babysit Ylgr but I simply can't...--".

Eirika shook her head. "Oh, I'm afraid I don't have the time to spare. I have pressing matters to discuss with Tana and Innes, otherwise I'd be glad to help."

"If I may--", she continued. "--you mentioned once that you had a little sister, did you not? I'm sure you'll be just fi--".

"Y-You don't understand...! Nothing I know from my family in Múspell is anything at all like this...! You think I know how to deal with a *normal* little sister?!".

"Oh, umm...", Eirika said, a little taken aback at Laegjarn losing her cool for once, especially over something this simple. "...Ahaha, well, I'm really quite sorry I can't be of help, but I only had time to pay a brief visit to Fjorm if she had been here. Oh, it was pleasant to speak with you as well... But I really must go". Eirika curtsied and turned to leave, Laegjarn instinctively responding with a salute before realizing that seemed like a rather silly gesture here. She sighed and closed the door.

Ok, it's ok Laegjarn, just tell yourself you aren't going to lose to this, oh gods it's just babysitting all you need to do is just let her play her dumb scrabble words ok just...

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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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The Gang Goes To The Cheesecake Factory

"Where are you going, Tana?", she heard Innes ask as she sat down on the steps and pulled on her socks. "None of your business! I'm just going out for a bit". She slipped on her shoes and tied them before standing up.

"Don't you have homework to do?".

"*bleep* you, Innes", she answered. "I'll get to it later, and besides, you're not my mom, god...".

"Whatever, as long as you don't do anything stupid this time". She rolled her eyes. Innes pushed past her, walking upstairs, and Tana popped in to the kitchen, grabbing the car keys her father had left on the counter and stepping in to the garage, swiping the remote for the door off the workbench too.

She ran her hand along the hood of the bright red Pegasus convertible as she opened the passenger side door and clambered over into the driver's seat. She opened the garage door, put the key in the ignition, and turned it. She heard the engine come to life and lightly touched on the gas, turning out onto the street and pointing the remote at the garage door, closing it again, tapping the button to put the convertible top down, and then starting to dig through the center console. "dang, I knew I left it-- Oh, there it is!". She opened the case and popped the Tethys CD in.

A window slammed open and she look off to the side to see Innes, looking about as furious as he could while still not breaking his usual composure.

"What the *bleep*, sis?! You know this time I'm not bailing you out for borrowing dad's car--", she blew a raspberry as he yelled at her. "--AGAIN, right?!".

"What are you shouting about Innes?", she faintly heard her father say from inside. "Oh *bleep*, I thought he was asleep already...", she muttered. She slammed on the pedal, laying down some rubber on the street in front of her house and pushing her back into the leather seat as she sped off. A few minutes of driving only loosely in compliance with the traffic code of the State of California and Los Angeles County later and she had pulled up in front of Eirika's house and honked twice. "Eirika! Hey, Eirika!".

Eirika opened her window and poked her head out. "Tana! What's up?".

"I'm going to the mall, wanna come?". Eirika sighed. "Ah, I dunno... I still have a bit of homework to finish and I'm not sure I feel like going shopping. Maybe some other time?".

"C'mon, Eirika! I'm probably gonna hit either Cheesecake Factory or Ben & Jerry's, how about that?".

"Well... In that case...". She smiled. "Oh, fine Tana. Give me a second to get ready, alright?". Tana nodded. "Yeah, sure!". A few minutes later Eirika walked out the front door and hopped in, and they pulled away as she buckled her seatbelt and fished her phone out of her pocket. "May as well call L'Arachel and see if she wants to tag along too, huh?".

"Oh, yeah, that's a great idea Eirika! Her house is kinda on the way there anyway... It kinda totally slipped my mind to ask her."

Eirika flipped open the phone and dialed. "Ah, hello, L'Arachel?".

"Oh, why hello Eirika!", her voice came through. "So, what's going on?".

"Me and Tana were going to the mall and I just wondered if you wanted to come with us. We were going to get something for dessert but didn't decide just where to go yet."

"Oho, definitely count me in for that."

"Ah, great", Eirika replied. "We'll swing by your house first then. See you soon."

Eirika hung up and closed her phone, slipping it back into her pocket. "Sounds like she's coming too?", Tana asked. "Yeah."

It wasn't too much longer before they turned off onto L'Arachel's street, seeing her sitting on the porch steps as they pulled up in front of her house. Eirika went to get out and let her in to the back seat, but instead L'Arachel swung her leg over the side of the car and clambered over it, plopping down in the seat and buckling up. "Let's go, ladies!".

"If you *bleep*ed up the paint my dad's gonna be pissed", Tana said, looking over her shoulder as she turned the car around and headed for the freeway on ramp. "...Oh, don't worry about it, Tana!".

"So anyway--", Tana started. "Are we gonna do cheesecake or ice cream?".

"Hmm... If you'd prefer one or the other, I'd be fine with either, really", Eirika responded.

"Eirika!", L'Arachel said. "Eirika, Eirika, you should be more assertive sometimes, you know! ...Well, I for one could really go for some cheesecake. Oh, or why not both?".

"Both would be a biiit much I think...", Eirika said, giggling a little. "Well, if I had to choose I suppose I'd say cheesecake too."

"Alright", Tana said, reaching down to shift gears and putting her sunglasses on as they turned onto the freeway, the evening sun in front of them. "Cheesecake Factory it is then!".

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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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Featuring everyone's favorite shy book-holding girl who we know literally nothing else about from the new Fire Emblem, a belated Valentine's Day theme, and gender neutral Byleth which makes it read a little awkwardly because singular "they" in every sentence doesn't sound totally natural even though it's objectively correct and proper English. Also I really need to learn to write stories that aren't so short, and it kind of got more serious as I was thinking the scene through in my head after I had already done the persona meme but I left that in anyway even though it makes for a bit of a random tonal shift.

I really hope that Bernadetta doesn't end up being completely different than she seems and I end up not liking her because that would be sad.

A Purple-Hued Box of Chocolates

Bernadetta laid the lid on the lilac-colored box, over the carefully-arranged chocolates she'd made, and tied a purple ribbon around it. She sighed. "Maybe this really is too childish?", she muttered to herself. "...Well, come on now Bernadetta. Here goes nothing."

She stood up, walking to the door of the potions lab – not many other places students could use for things like cooking – and stepping out into the corridor, seeing two of her classmates as she did. "Oh, hey Dorothea, L-- Edelgard...". No matter how many times Edelgard told her it was fine to dispense with formalities she didn't feel comfortable with it, not when she was speaking to the heir to her country's throne. The Princess nodded in response. "Hello."

"Hey, Bern!", Dorothea said. "What's up today?".

"Oh... Nothing much really", she replied. "Hey... Do either of you happen to know where Professor Byleth is?".

"The professor?", Edelgard responded. "I believe they went to the faculty rooms upstairs."

"Thank you". Edelgard gave her another curt nod as she left, chocolates in hand. As she walked away, Dorothea caught a glimpse of the box. "Hmm...? Oh no, she isn't!". She giggled. "...Something funny?", Edelgard asked.

Bernadetta turned the corner at end of the corridor, crossing the foyer and starting up the broad steps, evening light streaming in through the windows above her and casting shades of gold on the stonework. Her footsteps and heartbeats echoed a bit as she went, turning as she reached the landing only to see Byleth, cool and confident as ever, standing at the top of the next flight of stairs. She stopped.

"Hmm?". Byleth looked down at the girl on the landing, fidgeting a little with her hands behind her back. "Oh... There you are, Professor Byleth."

"Did you need to speak with me about something, Bernadetta?", they asked.

"Umm, Professor I... Please take this". She produced a box of chocolates from behind her back. "I... I made them myself, ok? Because... I really like you". She searched for the right words. "Maybe a little more than 'like' you actually, so...".

Byleth blinked, processing what she'd said. It was a bit unexpected for, of all people, Bernadetta to confess to them like this; she was usually so shy and quiet. Certainly she was cute in a way, but maybe not quite in that way. Personal feelings towards her, whatever they might be, aside though, such a thing would hardly be professional, and even on those grounds alone a romantic relationship would be impossible. "I'm sorry, but I can't accept this from you. Not like this."

A look of disappointment grew on Bernadetta's face. Even if she'd known it was a longshot, the feeling of going out on a limb and doing something bold only to wind up like this was just as bad as she'd feared. "...Oh, is it no good or--".

Byleth shook their head. "No, it's not that. It's just that a relationship like that between us is impossible right now. I'm a teacher, and you're my student. That's not--".

"T-That's the best part...!", she stammered. "Oh gods--", she whispered under her breath, hiding her face in her hands. "--Oh gods I really said it out loud...".

Byleth blinked again, not really sure they'd caught that right. Well, everyone has their own... proclivities. "That's final."

...Maybe better not to let her down so hard, even if they didn't want to lead her on either. "Maybe after you graduate we can talk abou--".

"P-Professor...!", she looked straight at them, mustering up all the determination she had in her. She'd already embarrassed herself enough to not have much left to lose, may as well try and just spell it all out. "I... I'm not a child and I'm not naive... I am training as a soldier of the Adrestian Empire, and I know that on the horizon... There could be a war soon. And I... Both of us could die."

A few teardrops fell from her eyes, but she ignored them and continued. "I'm not going to just put away the feelings I have for you. I want to be together with you for as long as we can, just in case...".

Byleth took a step, walking down to the landing in front of Bernadetta. She instinctively stepped back, but caught it and planted herself firm, not breaking eye contact and trying to read Byleth's face, their expression even now as harsh as ever.

Byleth's face softened a little, and they reached out and patted her head. "Bernadetta". They rested their hand on her shoulder. "Trust me. I'll keep you, and everyone, safe. I won't let anyone die. I swear it."

They patted her on the back, cracking a smile. A very slight one, but a smile all the same. "This must sound odd coming from me, but try to cheer up. Let the future hold what it will, but here and now things aren't so bad, are they?".

Byleth stepped away, continuing down the stone staircase. As they passed, Bernadetta pressed the box of chocolate into their hands. "Even if... Even if we can't have that kind of relationship right now, please take this... I really put a lot of effort into it. Oh, I don't mind if we want to share it with the other teachers; just think of it as something because I appreciate everything all of you do...". Byleth nodded. "Alright. I can accept that, Bernadetta."

They looked over their shoulder as they turned to walk down the corridor at its bottom. "And believe me; perhaps I can be too... stern at times, but I do care about all of you too". And with that, they left.

Bernadetta felt her heart pounding in her chest, even harder than before. She'd actually gone through it, even if it hadn't turned out like she'd hoped.

"...So cool", Bernadetta muttered to herself as she watched Byleth walk away. She thought over their promise in her mind, and as well she knew no one could promise her such a thing in this lifetime, in that moment it felt like the truest thing in the world to her.

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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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Idea I had and hammered out super quick, because I wanted to write something for Chihaya's birthday.

I would've written something for Turb's (who isn't fictional) birthday yesterday but I write too slow to have written the Ephraim/Innes story I keep meaning to get around to after having wasted all my time writing about Fire Emblem games that aren't out yet.

Blue Bird, Winter Sky

Haruka slowed to a stop, glancing across and out the passenger side window at the the long concrete and glass terminal. She saw one of the doors open as someone walked through, a woman with long hair, wearing a dark jacket and carrying a large bag.

"Oh, I was just in time!", she muttered to herself, unbuckling her seatbelt and opening the car door, shivering a little in the crisp night air and wrapping her scarf tighter. She walked around her car to the curb. The woman glanced around, before briskly walking towards and boarding a waiting bus. "Hah... Guess not, huh?". She looked up at the winter sky, speckled with only a few clouds, the blinking lights of a plane on approach visible off in the distance and the quiet roar of turbines audible.

She looked down, seeing the doors open again and then Chihaya – for sure this time – walking through them. She waved, and Chihaya walked a little faster towards her, quickly opening the back of the car and carefully setting her bag down before closing it again.

Haruka gave her a quick hug. "Welcome back, Chihaya-chan!".

Chihaya nodded, smiling. She looked tired, with faint, dark shadows under her eyes. "Mhm... Thank you Haruka". The two of them got in, and Haruka pulled away, thankful that there hadn't been many cars or buses behind her held up, and that Chihaya hadn't been too long.

"Ah, you really didn't need to do this for me, Haruka... I could've just taken the train, so...". Haruka sighed and chuckled a little. "Chihaya-chan, let me do things for you without you feeling like you're imposing for once."

"You look like you're exhausted--", she continued. "--Was the flight alright?".

"It was fine. The last day of recording just ran long... Actually, the Producer had to rebook it in the end."

"Oh, that's why you called and said you were getting in late?". Chihaya nodded. They came to a stop at the toll booth, a bit lonely and empty at this time of night, and Haruka rolled down her window to pay.

"How was Taiwan?", she asked as they pulled away, merging on to the expressway to Tokyo. "Hmm... It's warm, and the plum blossoms are really beautiful this time of year--". She paused, yawning. "--Sorry... Ah, I'm starting to learn Mandarin a bit more too."

They sat for a little while, Haruka quietly humming a tune and Chihaya joining in briefly, trailing off after a few moments.

"...Ah! I almost forgot, but--", Haruka said. "--Since I wasn't busy today I baked some cookies for us when we get home. I bought vanilla ice cream to go with them too."

Chihaya didn't answer, and Haruka noticed now the sound of her lightly snoring. She glanced to her left, for just a second, to see her laying back in her seat, eyes closed and a bit of a smile on her face. She looked happy to finally get some rest.

Haruka smiled, looking ahead at the road and humming again, picking her tune back up where she'd left off.

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Re: Rideable Minecart High School, and other short stories
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The rays of light from the sunrise, and the chirping birds it brought with it, woke Eliwood from his sleep. He sat up in bed, memories of the night before starting to come back to him, and he smiled. He looked over at his wife, laying next to him in bed, running his hand through the dancer's long, pale hair, and she stirred as well, opening her eyes.

"Good morning, dear."

"Good morning", she replied, sitting up as well with a yawn, holding the linen sheets over her bare chest. "Did you sleep well?", he asked, and she nodded. She let out another yawn, stretching her arms and feeling the tiniest bit self-conscious as the sheet slipped away, as silly as that seemed after last night, let alone the other nights they had shared together. Still, she caught it and held it in place anyway.

"How about you?". Eliwood nodded as well. "I did, thank you--", he paused. "You know... There's something I've meant to tell you. I feel so blessed that you decided to stay here in this world with me, even though it meant leaving friends and family behind. And, perhaps because you're from another world, you were the only one who truly treated me the same despite my station in life... Thank you."

She wiped a tear out of her eye. "Mhm... Thank you too... When I arrived in this world, it was so different from where I came from. I was scared... But you helped me". She leaned closer, ignoring the sheet slipping again, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I love you, Eliwood."

"...I love you too, Eli", he answered, embracing her and running his hand through her blonde hair again. Eli Ayase hugged him back, planting another kiss on his lips and then resting her head on his shoulder. They stayed there in their embrace for a few moments before Eliwood finally pulled away.

"We should get up and have some breakfast. As much as I would love to stay here, I wouldn't want to be late to spar with Hector, lest he be quite upset."

I couldn't find a good way to fit it in to the story but to make it more cursed you should know that in this timeline the other FE7 lords married the other members of Bibi