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STOP! Frequently Asked Questions (Updated: 1/28/17)
« on: December 10, 2007, 05:58:24 PM »
How do I change the title below my username?
Your forum rank will change to something Mario-related after you make a certain amount of posts. You can also add another title to your profile through your profile edit page. The posting ranks and required post count are as follows:

Ranking Post Count
Koopa Troopa=50
Monty Mole=100
Shy Guy=300
Bullet Bill=500
Hammer Bro.=550
Chain Chomp=600
Dry Bones=700
Piranha Plant=750
Bowser Jr.=950
King Bowser=1,000
Dry Bowser=3,000
Shine Sprite=5,000
Power Star=7,000
Star Spirit=10,000
Celestial Guide=15,000
Donkey Kong=20,000
Mushroom Attendant=35,000
Mushroom Princess=50,000
Pink Gold Peach=100,000

What about the stars below my user rank?
Post CountColor of Star(s)Amount of Star(s)Star(s)

Membergroup/RankingColor of Star(s)Amount of Star(s)Who's Online ColorStar(s)
Awards CommitteePurple3Purple
Poll CommitteePink3Pink
Core 'Shroom StaffOrange3Orange
#mwchat OperatorLight Blue3Cornflower Blue
#mwchat AdminLight Blue5Cornflower Blue
Retired Wiki StaffGreen1Green
Wiki PatrollerGreen3Green
Wiki SysopGreen4Green
Wiki BureaucratGreen5Green
Local ModeratorRed3(None)
Global ModeratorRed5Red
Wiki ProprietorBlue9Blue

Can I become a moderator?
We'll come to you if we feel we're in need of your service.

How do I change my username?
Send a private message to a global moderator with your request. Alternatively, you can use this thread.

What's this BBcode and how do I use it?
Full guide can be found right here.

A bot has posted spam/porn/etc. What should I do?
In most cases, a mod will catch it. However, there is a handy Report Post button at the bottom of each post. Please make use of it.

How do I add images to my posts/signature?
Adding images to posts or signatures can be done by simply pasting the url of the image you want to use, and surrounding it with the image tags.

Code: [Select]
Will result in this:

How do I modify an image's height and width?
Resizing images can be done by adding the following to the existing image tag:

Code: [Select]
[img width=0 height=0][/img]
You may adjust the height and width of the image by replacing the numbers to how large or small you want the image to be. The entire image will scale itself as long as one of the conditions has been set.

How do I change my signature/avatar?
You'll be able to find your signature and avatar by going to "Forum Profile", which can be found under "Modify Profile" in the "Profile" section. From there, you'll be able to edit your signature and avatar to your liking, as long as they do not violate the rules.

Where are the rules?
The Official Rules and Guidelines topic can be found in the HelpDesk board. You may also come across other locked and stickied threads which you'll find across various boards, you may wish to review them as they contain useful information as well.

The images/text I put in my sig is cut off or just outright missing. What's the deal, holmes?
As of September 8th, 2016, signatures are now incapable of exceeding a height of 200px, meaning that anything that happens to exceed it will appear cut off or missing.

How do I create a rotating avatar or signature?
Various websites such as signavatar and randimg allow users to create rotating avatars and signatures. The amount and size of avatars is dependent on the website you decide to host it on.

More questions and answers will be added as needed.
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