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Well, the new `Shroom issue is out... but I can't read it yet, neeed to finish up 170's stradegy wing.
Excuse me sir, do you have Prince Albert in a can? You do?! Well, you better let the poor guy out! Waha! Waha! Waha!
Kanata Konoe
Kanata Konoe
Not until he tells me where the crown jewels are located.
The good and the bad of the Switch so far:

The Good:
  • Status as a "hybrid console" (can be both handheld and on the TV) is extremely useful and cool
  • The Pro controller is pretty good
  • Has pretty decent inbuilt flash storage and can be expanded with micro sd card if needed
  • Impressive they can fit a whole game into a tiny cartridge with a smaller game case
  • Seems pretty fast, and good internet wise
  • Seems to have an ok battery life
  • The touchscreen is good, I like how it's more akin to smartphones and tablets than the Wii U gamepad, and the DS and 3DS
  • Good graphics

The Bad:
  • Whilst the Joy-Cons are amazing in theory, I think they fell a bit flat in practise, especially as I'm scared of developing joycon drift. Thankfully I find their size alright, I think a lot of people were saying the joycons were too small for their hands
  • The games are really expensive still, even those that have been out for over 3 years
  • They killed virtual console
  • You have to pay for online multiplayer
  • Based on a little internet research, looks like hacking it will be pretty risky and difficult if even possible
  • No music in a lot of interfaces that I wish there were
  • The main dashboard feels too barebones
  • I don't like how they made the home menu and main dashboard one and the same like the 3DS, I wish they were separate like on the Wii and Wii U
Sweetie Belle
Sweetie Belle
@zelen !! how long after getting your switch did the drift start?
zelen !!
zelen !!
idkkk i got my switch in november 2018 and my left stick started drifting somewhere in july 2019? it was pretty minor though. then it was sort of gone by nov 2019 for no reason, then came back in jan 2020 and mostly started slowly getting increasingly worse from there, especially this year
i can still sort of play games fine, but the stick often struggles holding down or right fully, and im pretty sure im just . completely unable to play smash because even when drift wasnt that bad it was a struggle to run and perform smashes... (not that i have any desire to play smash now but. Yeah)
Sometimes it uh gets Real Annoying
mostly though i can get by fine enough but not without a whole lot of complaining about drift
whoops kinda ended up ranting about my own drift issues but yeah i hope you at least have free repairs or something. i dont get that around here
Sweetie Belle
Sweetie Belle
OK, so I guess that if I mainly use the Pro controller then I should be mostly fine for a good while
The R&D department is making some big changes here at Waluigi Time Cereal Inc.! I hope you're all ready to meet our newest employee.
I love your theme change!
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Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen
which one do you think
i think star trek could be a unique theme change. however, i've only watched a spin-off movie quite a while ago so i'm not familiar enough with the franchise to voice my feelings on the character.

as for leonard? you want to be a PIG? BUCK-AWWWWK!!!

i'd say go for who you favour more first.
Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen
yes i like the pigs

i think i’ll go with data!
If the New 3DS was any indication, a Switch pro isn't going to suddenly start be able to play any other game on other consoles and PC, people are hyping up something that still hasn't proven to exist as some perfect savior console and are going to rage against it when if it ever comes to be
Yeah, I agree. People who are expecting the Switch Pro to be a massive upgrade from the regular Switch really need to lower their expectations. Most Nintendo console revisions don't substantially upgrade their consoles to be much more powerful. Even the DSi and New 3DS, while they do have more features and can handle more powerful games their old versions cannot, fundementally, they are the same thing, just upgraded.

The Switch Pro I imagine will easily be the same thing. Bigger, better screen, slightly more improved and powerful hardware and improved battery life, but that's it.

This won't be the Switch 2.
zelen !!
zelen !!
I Pray it wont be anything more substantial than me being stuck with crappy framerates and a few potential exclusives i probably wont care about (though they still will upset me!!!) because i cant just. afford a new console im just stuck with this old model switch for the foreseeable future
To be honest…the only thing the GBA SP did was allow players to not have to turn the light on at night to play their games (the GB Light could already do that, but it was only released in Japan).

The only thing the GB Pocket did was get rid of that icky green screen the original GB had.

The only thing the DSi did was allow people to take pictures without additional hardware (unlike the GB Camera and the Wormcam, which had to be inserted into the system) and take away GBA compatibility.

The only thing the GB Micro did was take away GB and GBC compatibility.

And the only thing the new 3DS did was amiibo support without additional hardware, better 3D, an exclusive line of SNES titles on the Eshop, faster processing power for games like Smash, and a C-stick to stand in for the discontinued Circle Pad Pro and have better camera control in games like Monster Hunter, plus a few exclusive games like Xenoblade, Hyrule and Fire Emblem Warriors, and Minecraft.

When the new 3DS was announced, I thought that it would take away DS compatibility. However, when my brother brought his new 3DS over a few years ago, I saw that DS games could still be read and played by the system. I was surprised by that occurrence. And that's because Nintendo toke away compatibility on both the GB Micro and DSi but not the new 3DS! Isn't that weird?