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man now i feel kind of gullible hahaha

that was a good game! i really enjoy it, even if i feel it was slightly one-sided (but, this was good to learn about balancing issues).
as far as the hosting goes yeah I think the mafia were def under powered. giving them a yak or making the bulletproof being able to survive lynches would've been good, having more power wouldn't've hurt either. weather concept was neat but idk it didnt seem to really affect much. i'd personally like to see it refined and implemented in another game. otherwise everything else was solid gj.

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Yuri said:
vote: Luigi 64DD Cup
But seriously, what did you mean by cup?


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I'm taking about me and Geeky's Mafia-only chat. We used Discord instead of the normal QuickTopic because Rose couldn't get QT to work.


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Wow I forgot this even existed, whoops.

Unfortunately, there really wasn't an easy way to post Mafia chats because it was in Discord, sorry :p

And thanks for showing interest! Even though it's already over.


I think it ended a whole year ago. I never participated in a Mafia, but hey, don't ask me how I know that.