If Mario = Popeye, Donkey Kong = Bluto and Pauline = Olive Oyl, who is Wimpy?


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To bring you up to speed, Mario's first game was originally going to be using Popeye until King Features rejected Nintendo's pitch, so Nintendo used original characters instead of another company's license. With that said, the character dynamic for the new characters in Mario's new game matches those of Popeye, Olive and Bluto, where Mario/Popeye is the hero, Olive/Pauline is the damsel in distress and Bluto/Donkey Kong is the big, bulky and brutish adversary for the hero to overcome in order to rescue his girlfriend. Those three are the first to come to mind when it comes to Popeye main characters, but there are quite a number of recurring characters but they aren't as popular as them. On the other had, the only one that managed to be considered a main character is Wimpy, who is characterised by his love for hamburgers, his wits (to a point where he is portrayed as a con) and as his name suggests: his cowardice.

So which Mario character is the equivalent of Wimpy? To give you a brief reminder on how Wimpy looks like:

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Let's see how many responses answer Luigi... If you found this message and will answer Luigi, please explain!