How to preserve Dr. Mario Online RX and Warioware DIY Showcase?


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With the closing of the Wii Shop Channel, we might lose two Mario games to time unless we find a way to keep them around, with Dr. Mario Online RX already losing it's online features, it can't be a full win, but still, we must keep most history alive, we must keep a legacy

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Well uh, I guess we have piracy? As for the online features if the game is P2P and doesn't rely on server side stuff then it also should be technically possible to play it online as we could with Mario Kart Wii thanks to Wiimifi.

Some games would just be forever lost to time though. Like the Sattellaview games or games that have online only drm and their servers got shut down.


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I apparently had Dr. Mario Online Rx ready to be redownloaded, so I did that and have access to it. Can't say the same for Showcase, though.