Mafia Rituals - The End

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Well, it is official that time to start the game. This game will feature our beloved yet different "vacationers" that enjoy their stay at this special resort island. Too bad that they come at a time when this native tribe known as the Tiki's come and start attacking. The game will be at the full thrill of fun as long as the below is conducted smoothly.

  • The will be 24-hour periods, featuring day and night phases. Day voting ends at 9:00pm EST, along with any powers being used or mafia nightkills. Result shall be then given at ~10:00pm EST (sometimes it may be eariler or later, just depends).
  • Voting must be Vote: Person, and to unvote is to put Unvote: Person. Sometimes if I feel like it, I will give reminders of when voting ends. When all the votes have been counted, I will declare who has been lynched.
  • At Night, you can randomly chit-chat while the Mafia decide the three people they want to kill. They have an entire day to decide who they will kill.
  • No posting your role ANYWHERE! I will be watching you. :mad:
  • If you have powers, just PM me when you want to use your powers and (for certain people) who you want to use it on. I will react ASAP.
  • Once you have passed away, you shall reap to the island resort (Longue) and discuss whatever you want that you felt about the game. But you are not allowed to share any information about the remaining citizens that are still alive. Of course, you can make 1-2 posts in the game thread after you have died, but they must be within the next day, and it can't be to help anyone.
  • I'll be trying to make good favor text, but of course, if you know me well, you might not really find it good. Please just deal with it, as it doesn't affect the game in any way, shape, or form.
  • I am not a playable character, so please don't waste your time trying to kill me by voting me or with nightkills.

Game shall official start on December 10th, 9:00pm EST. So, for right now, it is NIGHT 0.

Player Chart -

1. New Super Mario (New Snowman Mario) - Musician - Knife stabbed down his throat - Night 5
2. Villain11 - Blow Dart Tiki - Shot in the lungs - Day 3
3. Gamefreak75 - The Scientist - Blown apart by the generade - Night 4
4. Zero777 (Arthur) - Detective - Bled to death - Night 2
5. Marioguy1 (Wicked) - Marine Fighter - Shot in the chest by an arrow - Night 1
6. Mijzelffan - Tiki Chant Master - Burned to death - Night 2
7. BaseballYoshi24 - Salesman - Shot in the head by an arrow - Night 6
8. MrConcreteDonkey - Master of Disguise - WINNER
9. Ralphfan (Sharks Territory) - Reformed Translator Tiki - Engulfed in a bomb - Night 6
10. SpinyMaster347 (Umpire Raccoon) - Daredevil - WINNER!
11. Rocker64 (Admin) - High School Swim Coach - Drowned in the river - Day 4
12. Turtwig (Not A) - Therapist - Pierced in the throat by an arrow - Night 3
13. MarioMaster1 - Assistant Scientist - Blown up by unknown weapon - Day 5
14. QuizmoManiac - Pitiful Teenager - Shot himself in the mouth with a gun - Day 2
15. BluePikminKong497 (Galaxy Man) - Chief Tiki - Brain Damage - Day 5
16. FireBabyLuigi11 (Fire) - Chef - Killed - Day 1
17. Brick4848 - Spy - Hanged by the anchor - Day 6
18. MG1 (Revived) - Marine Fighter - Shot in the Chest by an arrow - Night 4
19. Zero (Revived) - Detective - Ran into an array of spikes - Night 6
20. Villain (Revived) - Blow Dart Tiki - Swallowed into the sea - Day 6

* Innocent
* Mafia
* Outcast
* Reformed Mafia
* No Alignment


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Re: Mafia Rituals - Night 0 - Trip to Paradise

Nostalgic Major said:
Starting now, no living contestants can post on this thread. Otherwise it will be deleted, and if keeps on happening, you will be stuck here for good.
I'm gonna get a flood of PMs, aren't I?


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Re: Mafia Rituals - Night 0 - Trip to Paradise

As long as you don't directly post your role PM, it should be allowed. It's part of the game.

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Re: Mafia Rituals - Night 0 - Trip to Paradise

I like paradise. There's none of those damned crabs that put their claws up when you jump on them or massive squids that have spiky tentacles or any of those waves that can sweep you off the stage or any stuff like that.


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Re: Mafia Rituals - Night 0 - Trip to Paradise

New Snowman Mario said:
Yah lets get this game started! Oww!
MCD I have a strange feeling this won't be paradise, I wonder why...

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Re: Mafia Rituals - Night 0 - Trip to Paradise

QuizmoManiac said:
New Snowman Mario said:
Yah lets get this game started! Oww!
MCD I have a strange feeling this won't be paradise, I wonder why...
That's NSM.


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Re: Mafia Rituals - Night 0 - Trip to Paradise

Look at that, this game finally started it seems.
Re: Mafia Rituals - Night 0 - Trip to Paradise

Day 1 starts in 5:25 minutes!

Arthur said:
I never got my PM
I sent it to you and everyone else before December happened. If you still can't find it, PM me and I'll resend it to you.

Not A

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Re: Mafia Rituals - Night 0 - Trip to Paradise

I calculate in about 2 hours 15 minutes.


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Re: Mafia Rituals - Night 0 - Trip to Paradise

Nevermind, now I remember where I put that PM.
Re: Mafia Rituals - Night 0 - Trip to Paradise

Sorry about the lateness. I had to do something important. But here it is.

"Ah..." I exclaimed happily as I reclined my chair, resting my head on my pillow. I leaned to my left to view outside the window.
It was pure black outside the small window, with only the faint presence of clouds hinted in the night sky. I knew that the seas below were starting to thicken as we reached over thicker waters.
Starting morning, the plane shall land at Isle resort, of which I heard was paradise to many. Spa's and fancy moonlight resturants, to even scuba diving in coral reefs. I bet would be beautiful to see that.
So I slowly allowed my body to drift to sleep. It wasn't long before I closed my eyelids, giving my body in to my drowsiness.
Suddenly I awoke in a startle. The plane had jolted, and I was tossed out of my seat for a second. The pilot's voice was heard over the intercome.
"We are experiencing some rough winds at the moment, please stay seated and buckle up." His stern voice said. My imagination started to run wild as I began to panick.
Then something catch the corner of my eye. I twisted my head to look into the mirror. Something blasted through the air like a missile, coming directly at us.
"No!" I muttered to myself as it hit the left wing engine, causing it to explode. It's impact caused the plane to become unsteady, and we were losing control.
Screams and cries could be heard in the crowd. Many of them were panicking, and some even took deep breaths in the air bags that just popped out.
I avoided my worried thoughts and stared out the window. Thankfully I could view the island that we were going to land on, as the sun just peeped over the horizon.
"Come on..." I prayed as we braced action as it continued to droop at deadly rates. Every second was another second that we were closer and closer to missing the island dock.
Then, after a suspensful ten minutes, we hit the landing strentch that awaited us. Yet on the down side, the wheels were not deployed, and we had hit it dead on.
Instantly on impact of the crash, I black out. But I soon awoke with in the rumble surrounding me of people frantically running around in fear.
I could hear each cry. "Where's my luggage?" "What happened to the plane?" "Where in the world are we?"
Then, over the crowd, was a cry of despair. I got up as fast as i could to rush over to the scene. As soon as I got there, I saw the lifeless body of the pilot.
"He's dead." Someone said as they felt his wrist. He must have died in the landing, as he was sliced open in many areas.
Then I noticed something lying on the ground. I bent over to pick it up, which turned out to be a hand-craved arrow. Near the base was a mask that had strange symbols marked on it.
Then I realized that this is what destroyed the engine. It all made sense that something was off of this place.
"Everyone listen up!" I cried out as they surrounded me. "It appears that this was not by accident."
I held up the arrow. "It appears a native tribe that lives on this island must have been ticked off at us, and if i believe so, they are with us on the island."
"Well, can't we tell who they are, and then kill them?" Someone said.
I noticed the luggage ripped open somewhere in the distance. "They must be mixed in our crowd of survivors, wearing some of our clothing that we brought."
Instant cries were heard. "But I don't want to die." "We need to kill those natives." "I'm completely innocent, I'm not a native."
I hushed the crowd. "Here, to settle things logically, we'll take a vote during the day, and then we'll kill who we all voted for the most. I keep charge of the votes, so tell me."
They all nodded at the statement. "Now come on, we need to start looking through the wreckage for any thing we can use." I ended as we scattered out, still shaken by what just happened.

The Pilot was killed in the plane crash. He was the one that could take us to and from the island. He is not important though.

Something has happened!

Day 1 begins!

Voting unlocked


~Massive Fangirl


Lynch him he is SO scummy.
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