The Official Think of 15 New Roles

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I made this because I saw this.

Constellation said:
Agreed, I don't think we should be forced to think up ~15 new roles just to make the game interesting. My game took a lot of effort and I was thinking up maybe 5 new roles.
Any ideas?
I was thinking or Storeowner where you can buy roles with money. You would earn money by doing good strategy in the game.


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Here are a giant list for roles(you guys probaly know a bunch but im new so idk):

Milller - When searched by cops apears guilty , when killed reveals as mafia
Mason - a normal townie that can talk to other masons
Inventor - the inventor has several items (device a-c) and can use them each night. They can be anything from Seeing Crystal to Forcefeild Generator
Nexus - All night actions done to this person will be randomly sent to someone else.
Politcian - Each night he can "buy" another person's vote , so in the day he owns his vote and the person's vote.
Body Guard - can protect one person each night. If attacked by the mafia the bodyguard will die instead of kill the mafia.
Granny/Paranoid gun owner - Kills anyone who vists it , and the action becomes unsuccesful.
Orcale - Every night they choose a person to orc. If killed that person's role is revealed.
Baker - Can give someone bread every night. When all bakers are dead the town goes into famine. They will all die in 1 day. Everyone who has bread stays alive an extra day.
Amnesiac - Can choose someone from the graveyard to steal there role. Once they take a role they cant take another.
Vengeful Townie/Hunter - Kills someone else when lynched.

3rd Party:
Serial Killer - Can kill someone every night , wins when they outnumber town.
Fool/Jester - If lynched they win. At night can visit someone for the lols. Also wins with town.
Cuiltist - Every night they can turn someone into a cultist. They win when they outnumber town. If the cult leader dies they all die.
Survivor - If the survivor is alive at the end , it wins instead.
Role Stealer - When a action is used on the role stealer(even mafia) it will be unsuccessful and it steals that role. The user keeps the role. The role stealer can then use that power once , if a action is used on the role stealer while he has a role , he then has 2 powers. Once he uses his power its gone.

Silencer/Kidnapper - Can silence someone every night. They can not talk during day. They may still vote.
Yakuza - Can turn someone into a normal mafia member but must kill itself.
Hooker/RoleBlocker - Can stop someone from using there night action.
Bomber - Can bomb someone at day killing them and themselves.
Assasin - Can kill someone at day instead of night.
Usurper - Works with the mafia but only wins if the leader of the mafia dies. His partners will not know he is the usurper.


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Im sure it might come in handy + i know alot and i mean alot of roles from many mafia sites.


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Super Moogle said:
I was thinking or Storeowner where you can buy roles with money. You would earn money by doing good strategy in the game.
That's actually my mafia concept I was talking about in another topic. Only money is earned in more objective ways.


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