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As of October 5, 2013, the schedule is no longer being used.

This is the schedule for all mafia games. It will be used to show the schedule for all of the games in this board, once the sign-ups for a game have been completed, it will be bolded on the schedule. Up to four games will be bolded at once. After the game has been bolded, the host will be able to make a game thread. NO GAMES ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE A GAME THREAD UNLESS THEY ARE BOLDED ON THE LIST.

The game's sign-ups/lounge thread will be stickied after the game is over. NO SIGN-UP THREADS WILL BE STICKIED UNTIL THEIR RESPECTIVE GAME IS OVER.

Once your game has all of the players you want; contact a mod and they will put your game in italics right below the bolded games in the order that the mods are contacted in. For example, if Mafia 1 contacts a mod before Mafia 2, Mafia 1 will be above Mafia 2. If the games are not italicized, the order does not matter.

If anyone wants to sign-up for a mafia game, sign-ups will not be bolded, you will have to scroll down below the bolded threads to find the sign-up threads. You can also click the links provided on the list below to go to the sign-ups thread.

If your game is not bolded on this list, you may not start the game thread - even if you do have enough players. However you may have a sign-up thread. BUT only the bolded mafia games' sign-up threads will be stickied. Thank you for following the schedule and have fun!

These games are on hold. They have one month to resume before they are removed.

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Of course

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