whats your pokemon party

Well derp I wasted hours trying to breed in Recover and it turns out it learns it by leveling up. That is what we call a fail.
I once had a missed critical catch... My Brother gets them all the time because he has seen all 640 or however many they are pokemon. (well he got the cheat that made that happen...)
When I got my first and only I was like OMGOMGOMG! Then it missed and I was like 'Shit, missed a 1 in 100000000 opitunity.'
If you thought that was bad, you should have seen me trying to catch Azelf and Uxie. I caught Azelf, but failed on catching Uxie. Mesprit remains uncaught to this day. :mad:
I only used my Master Ball on him because I was constantly SRing for one that had Hidden Power Ice and a helpful nature. I finally got one with Hidden Power Ice and a Rash nature, not as good as Timid or Modest but it's passable.
I used it on him because roaming pokemon are bitches and as soon as I found him I wanted him to piss off and not haunt me. So I caught him. I caught my Kyurem in a repeat ball xD.
They're not that hard this gen because you can use the Quick Ball on roamers, and so if you use False Swipe and Burn, Poison, Sleep, or Paralyze them (they don't take damage from poison and burn because they flee the battle first), it's fairly easy to catch them.
There's only one problem:I've never seen Mesprit. :'(
I saw Cresselia once in Diamond, but she fled before I had a chance. But in Diamond, my highest leveled Pokemon (Empoleon) is level 76, and not very speedy, because it was my first main series Pokemon game (my first one was Pokémon Mystery Dungeon:Explorers of Time) so because Mystery Dungeon is completely devoid of EV training, I didn't know how.
I have caught Thundurus in White though.
In other news, I've started chain breeding. Because of boredom, I decided to start breeding a while ago, but now I'm making it better. Ditto being a massive help. Whenever I go on Subway Trains that allow three Pokemon, I always choose Samurott, Ditto and Clefable. But, Ditto's HP is terrible and Clefable is better defensive than offensive. But Samurott's Hydro Cannon and Pump always help. :P
Also, should I catch a Jellicent/Frillish? I always had hard times when fighting them, because all of my Samurott's moves are Water, and it has Water Absorb.
Yes, Jellicent is awesome. Let me go find the thread where I posted mine's moveset...

EDIT: Here.
Newcomer: Julius

Julius the Jellicent, Bold nature, Male
Ability: Water Absorb
Item: Leftovers
EVs: 252 HP/210 Def/48 Sp. Def

Shadow Ball

Julius is simply a big bulky wall. He inflicts burns on enemies to cripple them, has Recover and Leftovers to continue living almost indefinitely, and has Surf and Shadow Ball for STAB. He is also immune to three types and can switch in and get a free Will-O-Wisp, as well as being able to restore health on a switch-in if I can predict a Water move.
Maybe I should add Jellicent to my White roster....*goes off to catch Jellicent*
I caught a female Jellicent! And I also got traded a male Jellicent named Jello from a friend's Black version. I don't mind the name because I named it. Oh well, I gave her my Gallade so she should be happy. I have another Gallade, but it's only Level 20. My female Jellicent is named.....well, I'm still deciding on a name. I was thinking either Rose, Jelli or Julia.
Since this is a Pokemon thread, that would be "OMG JYNX" instead.

Name your Jellicents something besides Julius, please.
tentacleTherapist said:
I caught mespirit.
On black was I the only one to use a master ball on tornadus.
They're two, do 50 trades go to Castelia City's PKMN Center and go to the man in black clothing then he gives it to you.