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WEEEEEELCOME TO THE SECOND FAIL CEREMONY!!!! We will recognize the not-so-great moments in the Mario series tonight. Thanks to the 200+ voters who voted in this year's Fail Awards!

Starting in: 3 hours, 30 minutes
Host: Ralphfan

You can leave general comments here while we wait to begin. If you want to guess the results, go to its own thread and submit soon!

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Poochy better not appear anywhere in these awards.


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That was 2257. Jorge did it a couple times.

Stooben put something for Worst Baby that you'll see during intermission in the Mario Awards.


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That's my idea. I made that up four years ago, before I was a member here. I was playing MK:DD when I thought of it.


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I know I have mentioned this many times before, but I am really happy about it :p The original idea of these was mine :3


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In our first Mario Awards, we had 30 awards, all of them Mario. The next year, we introduced a new sub-category, Userpedia. Userpedia had 10 awards. In 2009, for MAIII, a new idea was introduced, first by Tucayo, then by me: what if we recognized the worst in the Mario Awards?

In the meetings, after we chose the awards and nominees for Mario and Userpedia, we needed to name our new sub-category. After much deliberation, we named it the Fail Awards. We then came up with 10 awards and their nominees to bring our total to 50 awards.

This year, some of the nominees have changed, but, since we did such a good job with picking the awards in 2009, we only changed one award for this year. F5, Worst Final Smash, was replaced by Worst Koopaling.

I give you...Fail Awards II!

I will post F1 in five minutes.


Thank you based god

F1 - Me
F8 - Me
F4 - Me
F9 - McDonalds Bros.
F7 - Fassad
F2 - Fassad
F5 - Fassad
F3 - Stooben
F6 - Stooben
F10 - Me


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Following the Userpedia Awards, some of the audience members went to the concourse to buy some food or use the bathroom. They were returning to their seats while the stage was being set up for the next segment of the show: the Fail Awards. Crew members wearing t-shirts and jeans were checking the lights, sound, and making sure everything was ready for the presenters who were going to help showcase the worst in the Mario Awards. As the last of the audience was returning to their seats, the lights were dimmed once more, and a small cheer rose from the crowd. The spotlight was once again focused on the stage, and out walked a young man wearing a black jersey with the word "Athletics" in script on the front, as well as the number 53, and the name "Cahill" on the back, along with another 53. He was also wearing khaki shorts, socks and tennis shoes. (Ralphfan was never particularly concerned with fashion). He approached the mic, and a few audience members applauded lightly. He eventually stopped at the mic, adjusted it so it was tall enough for him, and he began to speak.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the second annual Fail Awards! If you remember last year's awards, you'll remember my crappy scripts. That's the one part of the show I don't want you guys to remember...but the rest of the show was great...aside from when Wayo took like 10 minutes to watch the Red Sox. Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this year's show so far. Here is the first Fail Award, Worst Character.

We had a lot of entertainment planned, but at the moment, our entertainers are stuck in traffic, so I guess we can get to the award.

Thank you, thank you. Anyway, I daresay I've wasted your time enough. Time to announce the results.

In third place, with 29 votes, for 14 percent...Mimi!

In second place, with 32 votes, for 15 percent...Daisy!

And in first place, with 34 votes, for 16 percent...

Dramatic pause...


The crowd cheers as Birdo shakes Yoshi's hand, then walks down the aisle and climbs the steps to the stage. She then shakes Ralph's hand and does some sort of half-man, half-woman bow-curtsy. After being given her trophy, she leaves the stage.

F1. Worst Character [210 votes]
Birdo – 34 (16%)

Daisy– 32 (15%)
Mimi– 29 (14%)

Wario - 24 (11.4%)
Starlow - 23 (11%)
Waluigi - 23 (11%)
Petey Piranha - 20 (9.5%)
Mario - 9 (4.3%)
Bowser Jr. - 8 (3.8%)
Peach - 7 (3.3%)
Yoshi - 3 (1.4%)
O. Flurrie - 2
O. Toad - 2
Luigi - 1
O. Baby Daisy - 1
O. Baby Peach - 1
O. Bowser - 1
O. Cackletta - 1
O. Cheep Cheep - 1
O. Goombella - 1
O. Hammer Bro. - 1
O. Mr. Game & Watch - 1
O. Lubba - 1
O. Stuffwell - 1
O. Toadsworth - 1

All right, I'll be back with a few more awards later tonight.

I'm up again with F8 in five minutes!


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Oaktown Mojo said:
Waluigi - 23 (11%)
O. Mr. Game & Watch - 1
O. Stuffwell - 1
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