MW Werewolf: Take II

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The game has started. I'm going to ask that users don't post in this thread unless they're playing in the game. Dead players shouldn't post here either; they can post in the lounge thread, located here. If you would like to sign up for this game, it's not too late. Just say you want to be signed up in the topic I just linked to.

1. Turboo (Blue Toad) -- Vaporized, Night 2; Vigilante.
2. Marioguy1 -- Mauled, Night 1; Alien Scout.
3. MST3K (Crystal Man) -- Vaporized, Night 5; Drunk.
4. Nerdy Guy -- Executed, Day 4; Peeping Werewolf.
5. Jesus Freak
6. Superchao -- Modkilled, Night 1; Normal Alien.
7. Ralphfan (Oaktown Mojo)
8. SMB (McDonalds Bros.) -- Executed, Day 2; Head Werewolf.
9. Walkazo -- Vaporized, Night 1; Doctor
10. Uniju -- Mauled, Night 3; Infected Innocent.
11. Shyguy27 (Mr. Doctor Professor Assistant-Governor General Shyguy) -- Executed, Day 1; Normal Werewolf.
12. Tucayo
13. Mijzelffan -- Vaporized, Night 3; Pitiful Werewolf.
14. Edofenrir -- Mauled, Night 2; Public Speaker.
15. X (Xzealio) -- Mauled, Night 4; Sheriff.
16. Ninji (The Engineer)
17. Xpike
18. 2257 -- Executed, Day 6; Plain Innocent.
19. StreetFalcon -- Vaporized, Night 4; Normal Werewolf.
20. Gamefreak75 (Fassad)
21. Killer Axe -- Executed, Day 5; Inspired Innocent - Sheriff.

Rules: (in spoiler tags)

1. This game takes place over periods of time known as "day cycles". One day cycle is composed of two phases: The day phase, in which people vote to have a player killed; and the night phase, in which the werewolves and aliens initiate their attack(s). The next day cycle will start when the night phase ends.

2. Each phase will end at 10 P.M. Eastern unless stated otherwise. If you're an innocent, vote to kill someone and send me your lists before 10 P.M. of that day phase. If you're a werewolf, send in your lists to me before 10 P.M. of that night phase. If you're an alien, send in your lists to me before 10 P.M. of that eclipse phase.

3. Every player is expected to vote on a player to execute at the end of that day. Post your votes on the game thread in the following format:

Vote: Player

If you want to undo your vote, post:

Unvote: Player

Once your vote is retracted, you may vote for another person, or you may revote the person you had originally. If you vote for someone else without first retracting your original vote, the second one will not count. Whoever has the most vote against him/her will be lynched by the host at the end of that day phase. Once the time reaches 10 P.M. Eastern, votes are locked and may not be altered in any way.

4. Some players have special powers that are detailed on their role sheet. In order to use a special power, a PM must be sent to me before the end of the phase in which your powers are activated (innocents' powers activate during the day phase, werewolves' powers activate during the night phase, and aliens' powers activate during the eclipse phase) that fulfills the conditions detailed in your role. Special powers do not disappear over time unless stated, and do not have a limit of use unless stated.

5. A player may not, under any circumstances, directly quote any private conversation about this game in any way; this is extremely important when it comes to keeping the game interesting. I am fine if you guys talk to each other on chat, via PM, on MSN, or wherever else; just don't quote what was said during those conversations. Roleclaiming is allowed, but don't quote your role PM. So, beware that by talking to other players, you risk getting yourself killed, as well as ending the game for your team. Someone can say "I'm the doctor", but it's very possible that that person is actually a werewolf. So, be careful when roleclaiming.

6. Once a player is dead, they may not reveal any information about the game that was not known publicly before their death. No exceptions. Dead players must also keep their posts in the Lounge thread. Likewise, living players are not allowed to post in the Lounge thread until the end of the game. I'm serious about this.

7. Players may not impersonate the host in any way.

8. When sending in a list, have it in the following format:

1. Player A
2. Player B
3. Player C
4. Player D

9. This game is based on lies and deceit. Please don’t take it personally if someone lies to or tricks you in regards to the game. Remember that it’s all in good fun. In the same way, please be a good sport, and follow the rules.

10. Players are expected to participate in the game. If a player has not shown any activity for a couple of days, I may end up replacing or modkilling them. Inactive players can make the game less fun for everyone. So, please be active in this game.

11. Failure to follow these rules may result in penalties or complete disqualification. Cheating will result in immediate removal from the game and a blacklisting for my future games.

12. A team loses when they are all dead, or clearly outnumbered (in the case that there is one ally vs. two enemies from the same team, it's obvious that the the ally is outnumbered and will be killed).

Terminology: (in spoiler tags)


Host - The host of the Werewolf game. In this case, that would be me, Stooben. This person is the one who keeps track of all special powers, votes, and the like, and administers executions and kills among other things. Their word pertaining to the game is final.

Players - Anyone who is currently participating in the game. Dead players are players who have been killed by one way or another.

Innocents - The good team of the game. Their goal is to destroy all the evil forces.

Werewolves - One of the "bad guy" teams. Their goal is the destroy the aliens and innocents.

Aliens - The other "bad guy" team. Their goal is to destroy the innocents and the werewolves.

Alignment - The morality assigned to players. This determines their teammates, if any, their winning conditions, and their opponents.

Winning Conditions - The conditions that must be fulfilled in order for the player that’s been assigned them to win.

Power - A special ability is a power that players can possess. Powers can differ greatly in effect, whether they’re defensive, offensive, or something else altogether.

Vote - Votes decide who is executed. Players vote for a player who they believe to be a baddie, and if a majority is reached on that player, they are killed.

Day cycle - A period of time in the game composed of one day phase, one night phase, and one eclipse phase.

Day phase - The period of time in which innocents can use powers and all players vote.

Night phase - The period of time in which werewolves and aliens can use powers.

Only I know which roles there are, and how many of them there are. Do not ask me to tell you what the roles are -- it's annoying and ruins the fun.

Role PMs have been sent out via the use of random generation. If anyone has any questions about the game or didn't get a role message, they can PM me. Day Phase 1 will end tomorrow at 10 PM Eastern time.

This game may or may not be themed.

The skies were very cloudy these days. Most civilizations were in ruins due to alien invasions around the world. They had taken over some of the biggest cities in the world: Moscow, Chicago, New York City, Tokyo, and London were just a few among the many now-ruined locations across the world. The government had had enough of this type of lifestyle by this point. It wasn't right for civilizations -- large and small -- to live in fear every day. So, the government formed a small group of protectors. These protectors would go out to various towns across the world and try to prevent aliens from taking them over. Sometimes they succeeded; sometimes they failed.

Me? I had never failed before, and had no plans of failing in the future. I was perhaps one of the best protectors of the agency -- I had saved exactly 599 towns over the years, and now, I was heading off to save my 600th. This would be perhaps one of the smallest towns I had protected (a population of less than 20, from what I remember), but it was in one of the most dangerous regions of the country.

I traveled through various portals created by the government. They were a fast and safe way of transportation, which is why I so commonly used them. I opened up my 600th portal and stepped through...

...I stepped out the other side. I looked behind me briefly and found that my portal had already closed -- good. I looked into the sky; there was an eclipse! I arrived much earlier that I expected. ...Or was I later? I looked around at the small midwestern town and noticed that there were only a few houses left standing, as well as a doctor's office and the local police building. As I made my way across the small town, I was greeted by a tall man in scraggly clothes.

"Welcome to Sliderville." He said in a stressed tone of voice. "Please, follow me behind this house. It's not safe yet... The aliens are still roaming about." He ran behind a run-down house and pulled me behind him. "Are you the government protector?"

"Yes," I replied. "What is your name?"

"MST3K." He said. "I don't remember why I'm out here. I woke up on the street about 10 minutes ago."

"Don't you have a better place to hide than here?"

"No. My house was destroyed by aliens about a week ago. It's nothing but a small crater now." He pointed to an empty lot across the street. Sure enough, there WAS a crater there. These aliens had been here for a while! I couldn't believe how late I had arrived!

"How much longer until day?" I asked, somewhat panicked.

MST3K looked at his watch. "Well, it's just ending now. How about that."

MST3K walked out from behind the house and asked me to follow him. "Follow me; I'll introduce you to all the people in town."

I quickly followed the man. I knew I had an important job to do.

Day 1 has begun.


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Now that you've thrown aliens into the mix there'd better be a Serious Sam role.


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The alien invasion was totally my idea (but not aliens and werewolves - that's all Stooben, as far as I know).

One question:
This game may or may not be themed.
What does this mean?

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Remember Ninji's Phoenix-Wright-themed game? That's what that's referring to.

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I sure am glad I'm wearing my Anti-Alien-Pants at the mom... Waaaaait a minute!
*has a flashback*

[quote author=Edofenrir]I sure am glad I'm wearing my Anti-Werewolf-Pants at the moment. Otherwise this game would scare me to death. oO[/quote]

[quote author= President Iwata]Edo, your Anti-Werewolf-Pants comment bothers me.

Vote: Edofenrir[/quote]




*leaves silently and watches from the shadows*


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It is quite the day today. For the most part.


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Oh, me! me!

Vote: Ninji

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And I still haven't found, what I'm looking for.
Vote: Shyguy

The reasoning for the first game was go after the first one to suggest someone, so I will follow that.


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Stop it, X. You want to kill Ninji like the rest of us and you know it.

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And I still haven't found, what I'm looking for.
Actually, I would much rather kill Shyguy at the moment.

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Something has happened.

Off in the distance, some of the townsfolk could see an old U-Haul truck coming down the main road of Sliderville. The truck came to a screeching halt outside of the local police building. The driver's side door flung open, and out came two men.

"Hi. We're new to town." Said the older of the two men.

Xpike and 2257 have moved into town and are now a part of the game.


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Newbies! I must prepare housewarming gifts...

Devils Advocate

And I still haven't found, what I'm looking for.
I wish people would join me in killing Shyguy....


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@X: I both agree and disagree. Voting first could mean he's on to something. Then again, he may just be trying to get the ball rolling.

@Xpike and @2257: Ciao e buon giorno!


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Wonderful idea, but I would be more than happy to kill you instead once Ninji is gone.


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Marioguy1 said:
Why would anyone wanna move into this town?
It's cheap? To live near relatives?


Thank you based god
But if there are aliens and werewolves...they wouldn't move here unless they were aliens or werewolves! Then again, this is a game, and roles are assigned randomly.
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