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Two years ago, Wayoshi tried to set up a contest to guess the results of the awards. However, he didn't allow enough time for people to vote and it was a bit too complicated. The contest was put in action last year, though there were only three competitors (Tucky, Stoob, and me). I ended up winning, and we all had a blast discussing who would win both on the chatroom and here on the forums. This year, we're opening up the contest with nearly two months to get your votes in.


-You do not have to have voted to participate. You can also participate if you are presenting award(s), see farther down. You also don't have to attend the ceremonies, as I will calculate all of the results of this beforehand, although it will be more exciting to keep tally of your score as we go along - your choice if it's worth it in that case.

-You can do Mario, Fail, 'Shroom and/or Userpedia, any single one, combo of two, three, or all four. There will be four achievements - highest score in each one, and highest combined total (must do all four to qualify for this one, of course).


-You will have a chance to gain up to 15 points per award by guessing the Top 3 (gold, silver, bronze) nominees. Therefore, the max score is 450 for Mario, 150 for Fail, 75 for Userpedia and 30 for 'Shroom. and 750 total (the chances of acing any set is very low). You can get full credit for getting a nominee in the right spot, partial credit for getting a nominee that is in the Top 3 but in the wrong spot, or no credit for picking a nominee not in the Top 3 at all:
--Gold Exacta: 5 points
--Silver Exacta: 3 points
--Bronze Exacta: 2 points
--Any Spot: 1 point
--Miss: 0 points
--Trifecta (triple exacta): +5 points, therefore 5 + 3 + 2 + 5 = 15.

-I'll post an example so the meaning is clear, as well as show some intricacies so you can strategize. If the Top 3 of award A9001 is A, B, and C, then:
--C, B, D: C is in the top 3, but it is put as gold instead of bronze: 1 point. B is an exacta 3 points, D is nowhere to be found, 0 points. Total: 4
--C, D, A: Two spots are mixed up, but they still only count as 1 point each. Total: 2
--A, E, F: Salvaging gold can make a mess a decent amount. Total: 5
--C, E, F: You don't want to do this. Total: 1
--D, B, C: As close to a trifecta as this is, that miss is 0 instead of what would have been 5+5 points. Total: 5
--C, A, B: Getting the right three nominees isn't enough if they're all mixed up. Total: 3
--B, A, C: Again, this is pretty close to a trifecta, but... Total: 4
--As you should see, putting a gold in the wrong spot costs you more points (4) than a bronze (1), and that a trifecta is appropriately hard to earn and fairly easy to give up.

Here is the full list. If you submit a red nominee, you didn't read the document.

-For any award you are presenting, you will receive a free 5 points. This contest is opening before sign-ups (which will open July 1st), so any votes for an award you are presenting are cast before you sign up, they will be removed and replaced by 5 free points. Do not guess the results of an award after you have signed up for it. We know you are cheating.


-Submit your entries here - you are free to edit them until right before the ceremonies begin UNLESS YOU ARE IN AC.. Look at other people's submissions if you want, but second-guessing has just as great a chance to add to your points as much as subtracting them! Keeping each award to one line would be appreciated, just putting "A#: A, B, C" will be read as gold, silver, bronze across the line.

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I'll type in the nominees and guess the results in a few days.

EDIT:FIXED, thanks Ralph.

A1 - SMG, SMG2, SM64
A2 - N64, SNES, Wii
A3 - MKWii, MKDD, MK64
A4 - SMG, SM64, SMG2
A5 - Flutter Jump, Triple Jump, Wall Jump
A6 - DKC, DK64, DKC2
A7 - WL, WLSI, WL2
A11 - Luigi, Mario, Bowser
A12 - Waluigi, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr
A13 - Ludwig, Larry, Lemmy
A14 - Boos, Shy Guys, Koopas
A15 - Bonetail, Shadow Queen, Elder Shroob
A17 - Blue Shell, Bullet Bill, Golden Shroom
A18 - TTYD, Superstar Saga, SMRPG
A19 - Yoshi, Shy Guy, Boo
A20 - Luigi, Sonic, Samus
A21 - SM64, SMB, SMB3
A22 - SM64DS, Advance series, All Stars
A23 - Baseball, Strikers Charged, Power Tennis
A24 - Bros attack, gravity, Yoshi
A25 - LM, WL, SPP
A26 - Yoshi Kid, Vivian, Kooper
A27 - Mario, DK, Yoshi
A28 - Fawful, B. Jr, Mr L
A29 - Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi's Island, Bowser Castle
A30 - SM64, TTYD, SMG

F1 - Daisy, Birdo, Bowser Jr.
F3 - Blue Shell, Lightning, Poison Shroom
F4 - Piccolo, Ms. Mowz, Goombario
F8 - B Daisy, B Wario, B Yoshi
F9 - SMB Movie, Comics, Adventure of SMB3
F10 - HM, MTT, MIM

I have no idea what the hell I'm voting for in the next 5...

U1 - Uniju, Edofenrir, Beanbean
U2 - PIT, MBV, Marcelagus
U3 - Wayoshi, Plumber, 3Dejong
U4 - Userpedia,, UnMariowiki
U5 - 132 REDUX, Spirit Lies, User Soup

S1 - Stooben, Tucayo, Wayoshi
S3 - FN, FS, A&M


Thank you based god
Ack, evil double post.

GF75: Easier to do A1, A2, etc.

I am going to do A23 and 3 Fail Awards (unsure which). When I choose, I will remove my predictions for those three.

Without further ado, here are my guesses:

A2 - Wii, DS, Gamecube
A4 - SMG 2, SMG, NSMB Wii
A5 - Ground Pound, Triple Jump, Long Jump
A6 - DK 64, DKC, Diddy Kong Racing
A7 - D.I.Y., Shake It, Smooth Moves
A8 - YI DS, YI, Yoshi's Story
A9 - SSB, MK, MP
A10 - PM3DS, MK3DS, Mario Sports Mix
A11 - Mario, Luigi, Yoshi
A12 - Bowser Jr., Petey, Waluigi
A13 - Ludwig, Iggy, Larry
A14 - Koopas, Boos, Shy Guys
A15 - Shadow Queen, Giga Bowser, Elder Princess Shroob
A16 - Mega Mushroom, Propeller Mushroom, Penguin Suit
A17 - Bullet Bill, Star, Golden Mushroom
A18 - BiS, TTYD, PiT
A19 - Yoshi, Toad, Koopa
A20 - Mario, Kirby, Yoshi
A21 - SM 64, SMB, SMW
A22 - SM 64 DS, All-Stars, SM Advance
A24 - Gravity, SM 64, Dimension Flip
A25 - Luigi's Mansion, Super Princess Peach, Mario is Missing
A26 - Yoshi Kid, Kooper, Goombella
A27 - Mario, SSB, Yoshi
A28 - Bowser Jr., Mr. L, Fawful
A29 - MK, Isle Delfino, Bowser's Castle
A30 - SMG 2, SMG, TTYD

F2 - Topsy-Turvy, Lost Levels, SMB 2
F3 - Poison Mushroom, Mistake, Dried Shroom
F5 - Wendy, Roy, Lemmy
F6 - Pinball Land, Dr. Mario 64, Mario Golf
F7 - Bandit, Lakitu, Cursya
F9 - Movie, Super Show, Comics

U1 - Edo, Uniju, Walkazo
U2 - MBV, PIB, Marcelagus
U3 - BHS, Plumber, SoS
U4 - Userpedia, Xephyr, Fantendo
U5 - User Soup, Spirit Lies, FNL

S1 - Stoob, Tucky, Wayoshi
S3 - FN, FS, M&A

Super Mario Bros.

Oh boy! Haha!
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Okay, so I was told to combine my posts. Here's my final list.
Mario Awards IV:
A1.) Favorite Game Soundtrack - Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
A2.) Favorite Mario Generation - Wii, Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube
A3.) Favorite Mario Kart Game - Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Mario Kart DS
A4.) Favorite Mario Platformer - Presenting.
A5.) Favorite Move - Triple Jump, Ground-Pound, Backflip
A6.) Favorite Game - Donkey Kong Country 2, Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Country 3
A7.) Favorite Wario Game - D.I.Y., Touched, Smooth Moves
A8.) Favorite Yoshi Game - Yoshi’s Island, Yoshi’s Story, Yoshi’s Island DS
A9.) Series with Best Multiplayer Experience - Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, Mario Kart
A10.) Most Anticipated Upcoming Game - Paper Mario 3DS, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mario Kart 3DS
A11.) Favorite Major Character - Luigi, Donkey Kong, Bowser
A12.) Favorite Supporting Character - Waluigi, Daisy, Birdo
A13.) Favorite Koopaling - Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy
A14.) Favorite Enemy - Shy Guys, Boos, Goombas
A15.) Hardest Boss - Shadow Queen, Bowser X, Giga Bowser
A16.) Favorite Power-Up - Kuribo’s Shoe, Metal Cap, Ice Flower
A17.) Favorite Mario Kart Item - Blue Shell, Star, Red Shell
A18.) Favorite Mario RPG - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Paper Mario
A19.) Favorite Species - Yoshi, Luma, Shy Guy
A20.) Favorite Super Smash Bros. Character - Link, Sonic, Snake
A21.) Favorite Retro Game - Super Mario 64, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World
A22.) Best Remake - Super Mario 64 DS, Super Mario All-Stars, Diddy Kong Racing DS
A23.) Favorite Sports Game - Mario Strikers Charged, Mario Tennis (N64), Mario Superstar Baseball
A24.) Most Innovative Concept/Game - Gravity (SMG), Yoshi (SMW), Flying (SMB3)
A25.) Favorite Spin-Off Game - Luigi’s Mansion, Wario Land, Super Princess Peach
A26.) Favorite Paper Mario Partner - Lady Bow, Yoshi Kid, Vivian
A27.) Favorite Series - Mario, Super Smash Bros., Donkey Kong
A28.) Favorite Mini-Boss - Fawful, Jr. Troopa, Mr. L
A29.) Favorite Place - Rogueport, Outer Space, Bowser’s Castle
A30.) Favorite Game - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Userpedia Awards III:
U1.) Favorite User Design - Edofenrir, Uniju, Walkazo
U2.) Favorite Rename of a User - D, My Bloody Valentine, Paint it Black
U3.) Favorite Retired User - 3Dejong, My Bloody Valentine, Scarecrow
U4.) Favorite User-Created Site - The Xephyr Board, Fantendo,
U5.) Favorite User Creation - Presenting.

Fail Awards II:
F1.) Worst Character - Bowser Jr., Daisy, Waluigi
F2.) Worst Platformer - Yoshi Topsy-Turvy, Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Bros. 2
F3.) Worst Item - Dried Shroom, Mistake, Trial Stew
F4.) Worst PM Sidekick - Piccolo, Dashell, Ms. Mowz
F5.) Worst Koopaling - Morton Jr., Wendy O., Iggy
F6.) Worst Spin-off - Mario Party 8, Mario Pinball Land, Mario Kart Super Circuit
F7.) Worst Enemy - Cursyas, Lakitu, Bandit
F8.) Worst Baby - Baby Daisy, Baby DK, Baby Wario
F9.) Worst Other Medium - Presenting.
F10.) Worst Game - Mario is Missing!, Hotel Mario, Super Paper Mario

The 'Shroom Awards I:
S1.) Favorite Director - Presenting.
S3.) Favorite Sub-Team - Fake News, Fun Stuff, Art & Music


Thank you based god
Glad to see an increase in participation this year.

SMB, will you also do Mario?


Thank you based god
That's gonna be determined by the AC.

BTW, this should be in a different thread. Probably General Discussion.


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2- SNES, 64, NES
3- 64, Wii, DS
4- SMW, SMG, 64
5- Triple, backflip, somersault
6- 64, DKC2, DKC
7- WL4, SI!, WL2
9- Kart, Smash, Party
10- Presenting
11. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi
12. Bowser Jr., Toad, Poochy
13. Larry, Lemmy, Ludwig
14. Koopas, Shy Guys, Boos
15. Elder Princess Shroob, Shadow Queen, Bonetail
16. Kuribo’s Shoe, Wing Cap, Ice Flower
17. Red Shell, Star, Bullet Bill
18. Paper Mario:The Thousand-Year Door, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
19. Koopa, Yoshi, Shy Guy
20. Fox McCloud, Link, Pit
21. SMW, SM64, SMB3
22. Super Mario Advance series, Super Mario 64 DS, Diddy Kong Racing DS)
23. Golf 64, Golf TT, GBA Tennis
24. Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 64, Yoshi (SMW)
25. LM, WW, SPP
26. Kooper, Yoshi Kid, Lakilester
27. mario, SSB, Yoshi
28. Jr Troopa, Popple, Kamek
29. MK, BBK, BC
30.SMW, PM, SM64

1- Daisy, Birdo, Starlow
2- LL, TT, SMB2
3- Stew, Mistake, Cloud
4- Goombario, Sushie, Piccolo
5- Morton, Roy, Wendy
6- MK:SC, MPL, MP8
7- Bandit, Blooper, Dry Bones
8- DK, Wario, Daisy, but I hate them all
9- Film, Comics, SMB3
10- Olympics, MiM, MTT

1- Edo, Uni, Walka
2- MBV, Crane, PiB
3- Knife, Plumber, SoS
4- Xephyr, Uniju, AC
5- Spirit Lies, User Soup, REDUX

1- Stooby, me, Plumber
3- Fun Stuff, FN, MA


Thank you based god
No. Results of the awards you are presenting will be sent to you over the next few days. DO NOT GUESS RESULTS FOR AN AWARD YOU ARE PRESENTING.


You are doing A9, A16, F5 and F7. You will receive the results for those awards so they can go in your presentation.


Thank you based god
Be sure to delete your guesses for any award you are presenting.

Please take note:
-If you present an award, you are automatically given five points for that award.
-Hotel Mario was listed as a nominee for F2, but was left out of the poll. A similar event occurred last year with a different award. Change your vote if you guessed Hotel Mario for F2.

Jesus Freak

King Bowser
2. Favorite Mario Generation: Wii, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS
3. Favorite Mario Kart Game: Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Mario Kart 64
4. Favorite Mario Platformer: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario Bros.
10. Most Anticipated Upcoming Game: Paper Mario 3DS, Mario Kart 3DS, Donkey Kong Country Returns
16. Favorite Power-Up: Starman, Mega Mushroom, Propeller Mushroom
17. Favorite Mario Kart Item: Bullet Bill, Star, Mega Mushroom

More later. Maybe.
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