What Zone do you live in?

What zone do you live in?

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I don't know if this counts as necrobumbing, but I genuinely want do discuss this so

Technically I live in a city. But its population is under 10,000 and there are trees and fields and pickup trucks everywhere. So I actually live in a rural area. It's not like a bleak wasteland of fields though, we have Walmarts (everyday low prices) and McDonalds (bada bah bah bah) and stuff like that.
I'm a California Bay Area burb dweller. Rent is high but you're a multi-millionaire if you manage to own a very, very modest home in that area. I don't think I'll like cities, too noisy and congested and expensive. Even IF there are tons of pigeons (there are still plenty of pigeons in the suburbs though).

Our place is in a developing suburb. One side of the road is a dirt patch and the other is McMansions.