The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

Don't make one word posts, UM. I already went down that road.
Super WaluigiWare said:
Pinkie Pie said:
Thanks Smasher. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the 3DS Internet Browser, I can't open multiple tabs nor go on chat. :[.
Why are you still using it?
I think he said in another thread that he's still in the hospital.
Hi, UltraMario!
That's a long time ago!
Hey forum,

You may not remember me, but I was active on the wiki in late 2008, early 2009 and early 2010. This time around, I'll try to be active on both.

I write a blog on Nintendo news and discussion if you are interested at all.

See you round!
Hi The Strikester!
Your blog looks great!
I love the simple look of it.
(Could you also rate mine, by clicking the globe on the left?)
I also thought he/she was Nabber.
But you actually have a "link", not a "Link", lol.
Tip: Make a picture of Link, holding a link.
Then your sentence would be right, and it'll look funny as well.
And your picture has been removed.