The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

I will be away till the 29th, something just came up and sorry for any inconvenience, adios
I'm going on a two week break which I was planning to do anyway but now I'm depressed because my basketball team lost from being in the top 2 so I consider that especially important now

(EDIT: That's an exaggeration for effect but it still makes me sad)
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Going to have spotty availability for about the next week. I've tried to dot as many i's and cross as many t's as possible, and I'll do what I can to attend meetings, but you won't see much activity from me until next Wednesday.
You'll be back before the next 'Shroom issue at least!
Logging off for a while cause I realized I'm not into Mario like I used to be. I realized my disinterest in playing Wonder wasn't just about that game, but about the series as a whole. I just don't feel any urge to play the games at all, and as such I feel disconnected from this forum and the discussions. So I'll be offline until my interest in Mario gets rekindled. Farewell!
I am once again going to have very spotty availability for a week!

Should be the last big stretch I won't be around for the year. Starting tomorrow and going until Saturday, I'll only be around in a limited capacity.

I will check in and might respond to urgent questions or matters I can clarify/address quickly, but more extensive work will have to wait. I'll resume 'Shroom work, etc. when I return!
I'm not sure if I'm back back, but it's been years since I last done anything in MarioWiki or this boards. In fact, I'm quite fond of the "new" look this board has received.

Let's just say that over these years, my life has changed so much that I barely recognize who I was anymore, I'm megadardery, hit me with a DM if we used to talk!
No one here remembers me but I finally remembered this site existed so hey everyone
Technically not "going away" but it'll affect my activity:

Starting tomorrow I will be playing through Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions in its entirety, hoping to 100% the game. This'll take all week and I won't be very active in that timeframe. I will still check in from time to time though.