Mario cartoon.

Sir Grodus said:
Sonic doesn't have a show anymore, Sonic X is over, so are all his other animated series. The Pokemon anime is slowly dying in North America, though its still popular in Japan.

I'm pretty sure there are still vague rumors of Sonic X still being in production...
I have to agree Sonic X may have a fourth season but is on hiatus because Season 3 is not yet aired in Japan which is probably the reason why they started a new Sonic X run last month
There's a site, Lemmy's Land where they got sumaries and scripts of every episode from the three Mario-related cartoons (Super Mario Brothers Super Show, The Adventures of Super Mario Brothers 3, The Super Mario World Show). They even got a list of various animation errors spotted in the Mario cartoons.
You can watch most all the episodes themselves on Youtube... although Sir Grodus claims that they took TAoSMB3 and SMW off...
Actually, I found a few on there the other day, guess some uploaded more. Check for "Life's Ruff", "Mind Your Mummy Mommy, Mario" and "Tag Team Trouble".
Looks like they're back on it; I looked up Recycled Koopa and instead of previews and YouTube Poop, I actually found it.
Anybody hear the live-action segments that aired with The Legend of Zelda cartoon? They're pretty obscure, but I think there's a few of them on YouTube. They sound good, Inspector Gadget and Ghost Busters are in 'em.

Which live-action segments from Zelda are on YouTube? I've only found Magic's Magic and The Ghoul of My Dreams. Is the Inspector Gadget one there?
I'm not sure, I thought I found some, but that was a while ago, so I may be wrong; they might still be there or not.
May not fit here, but, just to point out, somebody has been generous enough to upload a boatload of Donkey Kong Country episodes onto YouTube, which is great, I'm working on article for an episode of it right now.
Im sad that they deleted all the episodes of TAoSMB3 and SMW but anyway I'm planning on getting the TAoSMB3 dvd set today! :D
Fg said:
Im sad that they deleted all the episodes of TAoSMB3 and SMW but anyway I'm planning on getting the TAoSMB3 dvd set today! :D

I'm pretty sure Sir Grodus said the deleted episodes were coming back... and I'm also pretty sure they never even left for me... But congratulations nonetheless. :)
"Slime Busters" is on the Mario Mania DVD.

BTW, I've ordered that TAoSMB3 set off of Amazon, but it won't arrive for like two weeks. :(
Once I get it I can upload pics for the wiki.
I doubt I'll get it, I was lucky enough to just find the first The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! box set.
I should get one of these insane box set thingies. I just watch all the episodes/upload pics for the wiki from Youtube...
Sir Grodus said:
I always kinda liked the Super Show song, the others... not so much. By the way anybody ever see that Super Mario Bros. 3 episode about racism, that was very unexpected.

What episode was it?
"True Colors".

BTW Grodus, you should just order the other sets off of Amazon or something. I've never seen any Shout! Factory cartoon DVDs in stores. If you buy both, Super Saver Shipping will eliminate any shipping charges.
Well, I did it, I managed to get the second volume box set of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!... the Mario Brothers Plumbing interactive tour wasn't as cool as I thought it would be... kind of disappointing actually. Anyways, now to focus on getting The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3.

Oh yeah, I spent a while watching Donkey Kong Country cartoon episodes on YouTube and their awesome, I advise you watch them, except if your prone to seizures, then don't watch "The Day the Island Stood Still", more specifically the beggining, lots of rapidly flashing blue, green, etc. lights.