Mario cartoon.

in My Honest Opion i hate it
Here a list that the following new characters should appear:
:?: Appear where?
Oh, okay, sorry about that... I'm a little slow when it comes to picking up on the obvious, ya know?
I forget where it was exactly that I first heard Cartoon Network was thinking about putting the show on the air... I doubt if it was here, cause you guys probably would have heard it, so maybe on Wikipedia??? :nervous: I can't remember... Anyone hear about this?
I think we're all forgetting an important item, what about the voice actors for the New Super Mario Bros. series? I mean, the old actors did the voices pretty well, in my opinion, but what do you guys think?
I heard something about Boomerang airing the old Mario cartoons, but that was a while ago, so I think these plans never pulled through.
Keep all the voice actors, I really don't like Toad's game voice, its kind of, annoying. Harvey Atkin did an awesome job with Bowser, I never really liked Bowser Cookie Monster-esque voice in Super Mario Sunshine.
I liked Ludwig's(Kooky's) voice... He sounded like he'd inhaled helium for every episode he was featured in... (Which, if you think about it, was most of them... His other siblings didn't get too much air-time... Specially Roy(Bully)...) I always thought he'd talk more with a German accent though, seeing as how the composer he was named after (and somewhat modeled after) , Ludwig van Beethoven, (A fav of mine...) was from Germany...
Can't help it really, I find this subject rather fun to talk about...
Yeah, I think Kooky/Ludwig (who did have a slight German accent, somewhat similar to Mouser's) and Larry/Cheatsy got the most screen time out of all the Koopalings, except in Super Mario World, Morton/Big Mouth seemed to get the spotlight a lot there.

They should have other, game villains in the cartoon if they make another Mario one, Wart and heck, even Tatanga could've been in the old Mario cartoons, but weren't; which is weird, since Wart's minions showed-up a lot in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
I didn't think he had much of a German accent on the show... I just thought he was made to sound more like a crazy person... ("Koopa", actually... I still say it sounded like he inhaled helium...)
I found it weird how in the second box set of The Super Mario Super Show! several live-action segments are removed. Was any explanation given for this? The missing live-action segments are still on the Yahooligans episodes, except "The Unzappables / George Washington Slept Here", they have Club Mario *shudder* instead of a live-action segment for it.
So, they took all the The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episodes off YouTube, all I can find are Spanish, or something, versions of them. They might have taken Super Mario World episodes off YouTube too. All in all, that sucks entirely.
I can't, I've typed in the names of episodes, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario cartoons, etc. I can barely find any of the The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episodes.
Why do you think they took off the mario cartoons off youtube?And besides that I'm exasperated that they took it off. :x