3D Mario games

Would you like to see more of the main characters in the 3D Mario Games

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When I mean if you want to see characters in the 3D Mario games I mean games like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, or Super Mario Galaxy. Not the spin offs. Characters like Wario, Waluigi, Luigi, and Yoshi not the species.
A lot of the surprisingly main cast has been neglected in non-spinoffs, so I voted yes.
Seeing Waluigi and the Koopalings in a "main series" game, a term that I have come to somewhat despise, would be cool; especially a three dimensional game.
ultimatetoad said:

Doesn't Toad appear as a character that gives advice in the 3D main series?

and Sir Grodus the Koopalings appear in Super Mario Bros.3 and Super Mario World as bosses. Aren't those games part of the main series
Most of the time it appears to just be generic, unnamed Toads, instead of the actual Toad. Super Mario 64 and Luigi's Mansion could be debated though, I suppose.
Is there a "no opinion" option?

I think Nintendo should just do what they think is best. Whether or not that involves 3D characters is not pertinent to how good a game is.
Good point...but most people would like to see more characters out there.