What Movies Have You Seen Recently?


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Also watched the new Rescue Rangers movie.

Was really fun and reminded me of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Space Jam: A New Legacy.

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Yesterday my roomie and I watched The Bad Guys. Going in I was afraid it would glorify abuse like what I assume Suicide Squad has done.
But I was delighted that it did not, it was a fun watch with some good social critique. In a way similar to Zootopia. My favorite character is the spider.
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The Isle of Dogs

What I knew about the film beforehand is that it has some brilliant use of puppetry or stop-motion, similar to The Fantastic Mr. Fox adaptation, which makes it a very visually pleasing film. The film itself is rather suspenseful even though I don't understand Japanese, and the dogs are really nice. By the end, I'm surprised that despite the ongoing cat imagery among the antagonists, the cats themselves weren't the secret mastermind for the dog eradication..

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I watched Lightyear last friday, and I was very disappointed. In the beggining, Buzz and the Space Rangers are exploring an alien planet when suddenly, Buzz has to get the ship out of there in an emergency, but fails, crashes the ship and leaves them trapped on that planet. Then, they start building a hyperspeed crystal to get them out of there, and they choose Buzz to do a test flight with the new crystal. I thought it was about Buzz going to a different planet using test ship's hyperspeed and defeat a massive Zorg invasion, but they had to make Buzz return to the planet and meet three useless characters which bring the movie to a halt and follow him EVERYWHERE. They're annoying, and their only character trait is that they cannot do anything correctly. You can predict that whatever these three do, they're going to mess it up. There's also no sense of tension, a recent movie that does that better is the new Top Gun (that movie was incredible), it had me at the edge of my seat quite a few times. Then, that thing with the Zorg leader sucks because
instead of being Buzz's father, he's a Buzz from an alternate timeline who traveled to the past to prevent this from happening, but then Buzz suddenly wants the crew to stay on that planet, even though he dedicated his life to testing the hyperspeed crystal, so much so that he missed his best friend's WHOLE life, but now, for the plot's sake, he decides to stop the future Buzz, so they fight in a good action scene, I liked that battle. But still, there are a million better ways to write a Buzz Lightyear movie.
The only good thing that came out of this movie is Sox. He is perfect. I thought he was going to be annoying, but he's funny and doesn't speak every two seconds. He speaks when he needs to speak, and he's funny at the right times. The rest of the movie sucks though.


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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (finally)