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WEEEEEELCOME FOR THE 2ND TIME TO THE USERPEDIA AWARDS CEREMONY!!!! We managed to more than double the votes, which is pretty good considering the ScribbleWiki disaster.

Starting in: 3 hours

You can leave general comments here while we wait to begin. If you want to guess the results, go to its own thread and submit soon!

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Woohoo! I only had to wait a WHOLE EXTRA YEAR to take part in this. :D

Ralph: Too late for that, buddy. F)


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There are better, I think
But you're great as well ;D

Hope I'm the best artist.


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Stooben Rooben said:
Uniju said:
I bet I'm gonna be best spriter :cool:
Hey, look who's here. :p And yeah, you probably will be.

I bet I'm gonna be best asshole. :cool:
wait is best asshole the best at being an asshole or the least of an asshole of an asshole?

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I made a comic this year. Took frigging days. I've got two Userpedia awards and they might even be back to back so stay tuned.


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Well guys, as I rush around hurriedly for the 3rd time...

let's begin!!!!!!! We are looking at a maximum of only 1-2 emergency back-ups this year, which is great! I will be posting a lot for the presenters as well.



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*SIGH* Well that's too bad. Anyways...U1 is acutally by Spirit in the Sky:


Gupdoo3: Welcome, everybody, to the Userpedia awards where, I, Superstar Daisy/Jesus Freak/Gupdoo3, will be presenting Award U1- Favorite Fad!
Gupdoo3: First, let’s start with the honorable mentions. These are:
(Appearing on screen)
Landmaster - 24 (14%)
Jackie X – 8 (4.8%)
Snufit Ball – 7 (4.2%)
D-Key - 4 (2%)
O. Shroobmaster2 – 1
Audience: Oooo!
Gupdoo3: Now it’s time for the top three!
Gupdoo3: *whistles*
(Percy flies in)

Neuario: Who’s that?
Gupdoo3 (snuggling Percy):This is Percy. He’s my pet cursor, and I love him.
(Percy drags in bomb)
(Percy clicks alot)
Gupdoo3: Oh, visual aid. I see.
Which brings me to my point! In 3rd place, HEAD ASPLOSION! This fad was started by Smiddle and Xzelion on the fourms. Smiddle posted “HEAD ASPOSION” in refrence to the homestar runner. Xzelion’s response was “what?” The two of them went back and forth like that for a while.
Gupdoo3: Cheese is in 2nd place! Yeaaaah, I don’t have much to say about this oneother that it involves a cheee obsession.
Gupdoo3: And, finally, in 1st place- Uh, what was in first again?
(Percy clicks a lot)

Gupdoo3: Oh, yeah! Percy, bring ‘em on in!

(Percy leaves)

Jorge: Who, exactly, is Percy going off to get?
Wayoshi: Don’t worry, Jorge. Me and Spirit in the Sky have everything figured out.

(Percy comes back with Captian Goomba)
Gupdoo3: In first place is “Pirate Goomba is a Pirate Goomba!” This one started before the release of Mario Party 8, when the only contents of Captian Goomba’s article was “Pirate Gomba is a pirtae Goomba.”

Captian Goomba: Ahoy there, lass! Ye’ve done an excelent job with the awards!

Gupdoo3: Thanks, Captian.

Gupdoo3: Well, that wraps up U1! I’m Superstar Daisy, singing out!



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UNIJU'S REALM WINS WITH 254 VOTES, 51% OF ALL VOTERS VOTED FOR IT. Second place was the most popular write in, LEET TOWN which recieved 49% of votes. Now that that's out of the way, please enjoy not anticipating it at all for the rest of a crappy story that you really don't want to read anyway, but you know that those aren't actually the real voting results, so you're going to read through it anyway.

'Twas a dark and stormy night. A creepy Uniju was sleeping peacefully in bed, when an even creepier old Spanish dude broke down his door, and he woke up in terror. Not Uniju of course, I meant the old Spanish dude. He's terrified because he has no idea where the hell he is or why he was sleeping there, or more... sleep breaking down doors there. Uniju was still sound asleep. Despite the fact that he had no idea why he was there, the Spanish dude was still pissed that Uniju didn't wake up when he broke the door down, so he went over and tried to wake Uniju up ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT IT WASN'T ACTUALLY UNIJU SLEEPING IN THE BED. Uniju realized that his cover was broke, and jumped down from the ceiling attacking the old Spanish dude. After a long fight, the Spanish dude turned out to be El Wayoshius, the famous rich spanish businessman who runs the Super Mario Wiki awards!

Uniju, still angered at the fact that El Wayoshius had broken into his house, threatened to press charges against him. Fearing for his reputation, El Wayoshius said he would do anything to avoid going to court. El Unijius thought or a few moments, until coming up with a plan, a devious and evil plan. El Unijius told El Wayoshius that he must allow him to present awards for the Super Mario Wiki anniversery, despite having been banned from the Awards Committee last year. Distraught and desperate, El Wayoshius allowed Uniju to present four awards. Insert evil laugh smiley here.

And so, the day of the awards...

Everyone across the wiki had already heard that Uniju had been brought back to present U8, and so the stadium has mostly emptied out after someone's brilliant presentation of something. Man, who would have guessed the results on that one? Huge twist, didn't see it coming at all. Anyway, Uniju was late. As usual. And I don't say that because he's usually late, I say that because I don't really have anything else to say. Those security cameras look new... "Yeah, we are. Wayoshi just got us installed the day before yesterday." Oh, neat. So I guess you're the sentient kind? "Yeah, it's pretty cool." Yeah.

Oh look! There's Uniju! Thank god, the smell of this rotten tomato I've been holding since Xpike left was making me sick. AND THAN YOU FIND OUT THAT IT WASN'T ACTUALLY UNIJU WALKING ONTO THE STAGE, it was a fat man covered in expensive jewelry and wearing a shiny golden suit that only I mistook for Uniju. Embarassed and scared for my life looking at the new sentient security cameras, I ran out of the stadium crying like a little girl. "Ha ha!".

"*cough*, anyway..." the man said, as three butlers wiped the tomato off his suit. "Hello Super Mario Wiki, my name is Mark Acheson. I'm sure you remember me from last years awards presentation, and as the voice of Boris from the hit anime serious Black Lagoon. I'm here today to present the same award I presented last year, U8, or the Favorite Wikiverse Location award!". The crowd went crazy, making Boris Mark unable to continue for a few moments. And in that short period of noise, an even louder sound came from the opposite wall of the stadium. A gun shot, straight through Mark's forehead. Terrified, many of the people who had come back into the room after hearing that Uniju was not to be there all ran out of the room again, afraid for their lives. "Calm down!" a voice shouted from the ceiling, "It's just me!". Uniju jumped down from the ceiling onto the stage, which Mark ahd only just been dragged away from. "Now that we've got rid of that obnoxious character, let's start the REAL presentation of U8." As soon as he said "real", there was a storm of lasers and fireworks going off behind him, which set the entire stadium on fire. As everything in the stadium was engulfed, Uniju laughed. And than, a steel ladder dropped down from the sky. "Climb up here!" not able to see where it had fallen from, the people climbed it quickly thinking it to be from a rescue helicopter. Once they had climbed out of the smoke however, they saw differently...

It was the REAL first place award winner of U8, Smash Bros. Kingdom, which happens to float over this stadium every 376 years! El Unijius went tsk tsk as El DPius saved the general populous from his evil trap of fire, but he knew he had three more tries over the course of the rest of the day, so he quickly fled before the firemans came and discovered his very illegal contract with El Wayoshius, and left us with only the rest of the awards results:

Second place! Toy Town – 18 (14%)
Third place! New Wikisburg – 14 (11%)
Fourth Place! Cookie Island - 10 (8%)
Fifth Place! MWiki Subway - 10 (8%)
Sixth Place!RAP's Mansion - 10 (8%)
Seventh Place!Pwnz Place - 9 (7%)
Really God Damn Lame! Trollston - 3 (2.3%)
Awful! MC Factory - 2 (1.6%)
Still doing really bad!Uniju's Realm - 2 (1.6%)
Didn't even matter! Shroob Space - 1
HA HA! Shy Guy Island - 1
This place sucked even when people liked it! Leet Town - 1


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It seems I spoiled F1 and A23 early. Geez, this never ever happened before... :(


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Wayoshi said:

It seems I spoiled F1 and A23 early. Geez, this never ever happened before... :(
Can happen. You actually need to argue to Plums. HE made the comic.
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