Which Mario headline from the Direct are you most excited about? (June 2024 edition)

Which Mario headline from the Direct are you most excited about?

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns HD

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The ninth month of the year!
Let's do another one of these, shall we? I might be able to guess where this one's going.
Definitely M&L brothership.
Mostly because it's the first M&L game I can buy as i never had a gba ds or 3ds
Mario & Luigi: Brothership, and it's not even close. I am a huge fan of the Mario & Luigi series, with the first four games being some of my favourite games of all time, so to see the series brought back whilst avoiding the sterility of Paper Jam is a dream come true. After AlphaDream filed for bankruptcy, I honestly wasn't sure if M&L would EVER get revived, and especially not after we literally just had the TTYD and SMRPG remakes, as well as several other Mario games recently like Showtime, so I really was NOT expecting this to happen today but oh my gosh today is actually the day that M&L is offically alive again!!!!!!! This is potentially an even greater sign that the future of Mario RPGs is bright than the remakes, as one could argue that the remakes aren't bound by the same restrictions as a totally new game and that future Mario RPGs that weren't remakes would go back to restricted characters and gimmicky gameplay styles that aren't as fun as the classic gameplay, but Brothership looks like it returns both the original characters and the classic M&L gameplay (not that the M&L series ever did deviate from its classic gameplay style, unlike Paper Mario), so I'm now more optimistic that my favourite area of the Mario franchise might be returning to its former glory for good.
I would say the Mario and Luigi game. I was expecting either a remake/3DS port of Superstar Saga or remake of N64 Paper Mario. It's nice to know that the series will still go on.

New Mario Party looks cool and I'll definitely try it out, but I would liked extra characters and boards for Mario Party Superstars and Super. (Mostly for Superstars).
Super Mario Party Jamboree for me (only because it's Mario Party and Mario Party is generally a big deal for me), but it's not like Brothership didn't put up a fight.
I liked when they announced Mario would be coming to Ace Attorney Investigations 2

(My actual fav was Mario Party let's go Western Land)
Mario & Luigi because it shows they're still making games for the series! After AlphaDream closed and TTYD HD, it seemed the M&L series was dead so it's nice to see them making a new one, not even a remake, but a brand new game.

The DKC remaster really should've been called Donkey Kong Country Returns Returns! I've played it a lot so I'm not so excited but it is fantastic, and Super Mario Party Jamboree of course looks good, a lot better than some of the other ones.
Origami King wasn't far tho.

Yeah I agree we need a new one this year, but with Nintendo Switch closing in years, I don't think two new titles on this platform is enough.
I think Origami King was a good game in its own right and a step in the right direction, but it was not nearly the return form that the rumors at the time were hyping it up to be. It's still heavily impacted by character restrictions even if tries to circumvent them via loopholes. It doesn't return any of the original characters, species, or enemies from the original trilogy (such as the Merlon Clan, Whacka, and Clubbas and Clefts) and sticks largely to mainline species especially as regards regular enemies and NPCs. It doesn't use classic sprite designs e.g. for Koopas. I really wasn't a fan of the bosses being literal pieces of stationary and it made it hard for me to take them seriously. Origami King maintains the fixation on the paper aspect which it treats as a canon property in-universe which the characters are self-aware of, unlike the first three games which focus on "organic" storytelling about wishes, demons, and love and tragedy, where the paper isn't really a part of the story but just how the game is presented to the player and the characters are not self-aware of it. The fact that everything looks like papercraft with some "real" objects mixed in feels really off to me, and I'm also not a fan of the white outlines. Origami King also does not return the 8-chapter format of the first three games. The general tone and humour of the game is much more akin to the lighthearted tone of the modern games than the more serious tone of the original trilogy. Finally, the gameplay and battle system is more distant from the classic formula than even Super Paper Mario (that game at least kept the inventory and cooking system and had Mario's HP and Attack tied to a level up system, as well as unlockable switchable partners with unique abilities used to solve puzzles), and frankly I found the battle system possibly even less enjoyable than Colour Splash. There is also no proper tattle system, just Olivia can give you hints on the field, but no enemy tattles, NPC tattles, etc. All in all, Origami King is the best modern Paper Mario game by far, but it still absolutely fits in with modern Paper Mario rather than classic Paper Mario. Back in 2020, that meant to me that the Mario RPGs were getting better - especially due to Origami King having an original villain - but had long way to go until a true return to form.

When the SMRPG and TTYD remakes were announced, that gave me more hope for the future of the franchise but as they were only remakes, I was still concerned that future RPG installments might not return to form either in terms of gameplay or in terms of character restrictions, but based on what we've seen in Brothership it looks like it's a full return to form in terms of both, which makes it the first non-remake Mario RPG that features great RPG gameplay and is unaffected by character restrictions in over a decade, since Dream Team, and even that almost felt like a 2000s Mario RPG that got stuck in a time capsule as it came after several Mario games, including one Mario RPG, had already been harmed by the restrictions. The sole thing that I'm not quite convinced on is the Toads, since I don't think we've seen any original Toads in Brothership yet, and the sole original Toad in the TTYD remake - the Battle Master - does fit with the Toad restrictions. In particular, Toadsworth still hasn't been seen in a major role that wasn't a remake since Dream Team. He was in every M&L other than Paper Jam so I was hoping Brothership would be the perfect opportunity to bring him back.
I can't wait to finally play a Mario and Luigi game! I honestly can't wait! I loved the way previous titles looked but Brothership took that and actually blew away expectations, i honestly never thought I'd see another one and now we actually get another one!
The one with Mario and Luigi in it.
I like how the poll has 23 votes and not a single solitary one of them is for DKC Returns HD. It makes sense why lol considering how accessible the game is on any other Nintendo system aside from the Switch.
The one with Mario and Luigi in it.
I can feel your diehard fanboy Mario Party enthusiasm for Super Mario Party Jamboree

The general tone and humour of the game is much more akin to the lighthearted tone of the modern games than the more serious tone of the original trilogy.
Gonna have to remind you that one of the trailers for the Thousand Year Door remake involved a chaotic fiddle that invokes a bar fight between cowboys and Snakey Chantey.