Super Mario Party Jamboree

Might be similar to last game where he kind of replaces Bowser as the "don't land on my space or you'll look like me as your eyes fall out at seeing the amount of coins you'll have to pay me"

For the record I do think Dry Bowser would've made a fantastic replacement character for that role that Bowser used to have.
I wonder if Kamek will return as host and if Bad Luck Spaces return as well? It was funny to see his reaction if Bowser and Bowser Jr. landed on them.
I loved the original Super Mario Party, it being my first one, and it really taught me the game. I'm down for this game, and the ROSTER. 21 *announced* characters and who knows how many more. We are missing 4 for the original SMP roster, that being Diddy Kong, Hammer Bro, Dry Bones, and Pom Pom. Three are unlockables, but I digress. I think I saw the character-specific Dice Blocks return, so I wonder how they'll expand on that. Double Bowser dilemma, though. We have the playable Bowser, then the enchanted looking one, which I believe is the statue seen in the trailer. Finally, the boards we saw were phenomenal. The Rainbow Galleria having three distinct floors, all of which have different paths, and a Flash Sale mechanic is pretty cool too. Roll 'em Raceway is interesting, because theres a Quad Dice, allowing 40 SPACES of movement. And Goomba Lagoon has neat premises, such as the tide and Golden Goomba volcano. Moving away from boards, who'll be giving our stars if Toadette is playable? Perhaps Kamek. Thank you for reading my rant.

TL; DR, SMPJ is gonna be one of the best Mario Parties to me.
Outside of the roster, they've actually been very experimental of the gameplay loop for the past generation or so, since Party 9 (gcn and n64 parties were the ones cutting corners). You may or may not like it (never liked the car thing but I liked Star Rush) but you can't fault them for the lack of trying.
I agree that while Mario Party 9 might be treated harshly by fans of the series, I still admired the NDcube entries of Mario Party because I feel like they might have a reason to try something new, like how the older Mario Party games got too many games in a short time so they probably wanted to do something new. It's not like the game is outclassed, because I think the minigames are more well thought out compared to Mario Party 8's, and I guess it doesn't hurt that it's practically the first Mario Party with a mod-able base.

In general I have a soft spot for NDcube because they seem like a capable studio, where they created a lot of solid party video games that aren't just Mario Party, and they also saw a lot of success with each of them. Even a more prestigious studio like Intelligent Systems have less overall sales in their games, despite developing the more fan-loved titles like Fire Emblem, WarioWare, and certainly Paper Mario. Given this, they must be doing something right. I kind of wonder if they are also capable of something outside of their wheelwork (party video games), but maybe they are not there yet, unlike the Mario Kart team who got to do a fighting game (ARMS).

What I can say though is that it's about time that Mario Party goes online at long last back in 2021 (or was it 2020?). It's a series that has a very clear interest in online implementation if the amount of members in that netplay Discord is of any indication. Previous Mario series have online way before this series save for a few (RPGs notably don't have it), which really makes Mario Party late in this regard. Heck, Super Mario platformers even got online multiplayer before Mario Party! (Super Mario 3D World for 3D, Super Mario Maker 2 for 2D)

Thank you for reading.
Why am I barely excited for this
Like this is less of "omg new Mario party!!!"
And more "Please don't be like the original Super Mario Party"

Then again I've never personally owned a Mario party game and I've only played like

2-3 games of Mario party?